Author, The Butterfly Silhouette and The Thought Store.

Love Your Self.

Live Your purpose.


Is an educational membership program for people interested in walking the path of self-love, empowerment, and purpose.



I empower you toward greater self-love, personal power, and purpose, so you will step fully into your potential. 

The ultimate journey is the journey to oneself.

The part of us that knows EXACTLY who we are. 

Accept your unique path.

Live with purpose.

Love yourself.

Express your soul.

Fulfilling Career

And most importantly, doing what we love, what we are gifted at, and what we are designed to do!


Connected Relationships

When we share our lives with the right person, life is better because we expand the bliss!

Spiritual Growth

Trusting in the bigness of life, the unlimitedness of this experience, is part of loving your soul because it connects us to something bigger than ourselves.

Life Balance

For instance, paying attention to the many sides of us, so that no part is ignored!

What is Soul Coaching?
Who is it For?

Soul Coaching is taking a closer look at who you are at the core of your being, and showing up for yourself.  Therefore, soul coaching is for anyone who desires a deeper, more honest, more enriching relationship with themselves. 

Loving yourself enough to feel this way.

Our feelings ALWAYS needs our attention because repressed emotion stays in the body and causes all kinds of problems. Remember the body and mind are connected!

Our thoughts affect us and everyone around us.

Because thoughts are energy, meaning our thoughts have an energy vibration that can be felt in the body and in the world around us.  When we are feeling low energy, stressed, worried, etc. our thoughts can quickly shift our energy.

What we focus on expands.

Those things we think about … get bigger in our minds. For example, if we focus on who is here for us, we feel loved. If we focus on what we HAVE, we feel abundant.


There is a balance of thinking positively and feeling what is real.

The secret sauce of self-love is: Balance feeling your emotions while using the power of thought. This is tremendously powerful because it allows us to heal the past while moving us through it and on to something better! 

Meet Me

I am an author and coach for over 25 years. My mission is to empower people to love and care for their soul, their innermost self, so they will step into their power.  Most importantly, as we show up in this way, we make the world better. 


I am seeing the marvelous positive changes in my thought process. I’ve started to love myself. And there is no more guilt within me. You made it possible for me. ” ~ A. B.

There is no price you can put on what you’ve done for me. People haven’t wanted to know how I feel all of my life. Thanks to you I now pay attention to myself, how I feel, and loving myself. This is a priceless gift to me.” ~ J. M.

Thank you Jeanne for helping me put time into self care, loving and accepting my feelings, and loving myself. I feel a huge difference in my life.” ~ A. P.

Think high-quality.

Feel what is real.

Learn to let go. 

You decide if you will think this way or that.  You decide if you will allow yourself to feel something.  You decide if you will let go.  This is about honoring where YOU ARE IN ANY GIVEN MOMENT.  This is self-love.   Honoring how you feel.  Respecting yourself. Being honest with yourself about both your strengths and limitations AND these things are both changing all the time.

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