Have a loving relationship with yourself.

So you’ll have the relationship, work, and life you want.

You’ve got this.

What does your life look like when you’re a happy soul?

You have a morning ritual you enjoy.

You feel calm throughout the day.

You’re patient with your husband and kids.

You say how you feel without fear.

You go after what you want.

You live with a sense of purpose.

You sleep well.

You feel proud that you’re taking GREAT care of yourself.

You’re NOT carrying the past with you.

You stand in your POWER.

You feel happy.


How do you get there?

The Happy Soul Solution.™

Have a loving relationship with yourself, for the relationship, work and life you want.


It is Jeanne’s passion and mission to teach people how to have a loving relationship with themselves, so that they’ll be happy.

What are people saying?

“Jeanne is a great coach! She helped me understand my own insecurities and barriers. This allowed me to think about things differently and truly increased my self confidence.”

Shelley J.

“After working with Jeanne, I’m caring for the part of me I used to neglect. I didn’t know it was there!  Now, I’m patient with my two sons, and loving with myself.”

Anna Maria P.

“Thank you Jeanne. Your lessons about positivity and self love are really inspiring for me.  Since last year , I am regularly following your techniques and it is really working.  I am seeing the marvelous positive changes in my thought process.  You made it possible for me.” 

Ajay B.

“Jeanne Nangle’s message is powerful beyond words. She delivers an entirely new take on an essential truth. Her clients continue to express gratitude for the life changing information she shares from a lens of great experience. I highly recommend Jeanne Nangle.”

Desi A.

“The best way I can describe it is like getting your new prescription for glasses….you were seeing fine before, but all of a sudden things get so much clearer when you put on the new pair and realize what you had been missing. Thank you Jeanne.”

Niki P.

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