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Online training and coaching for how to care for your soul and stay calm and cool.

There’s your soul and then, there’s your life …

Sometimes …. no often, our sense of spirit DOES NOT line up with day to day life.  When we’re anxious, angry or worried it’s hard to think of your better parts!  However, we can lean into our SOUL when we need to. And as we do this more often, it becomes more natural.  


Go from I’M DONE … to being calm, cool, and comfortable.

If I had a dollar for everytime I’ve said:  I’m done!

We wish we were calm and cool all the time and didn’t overact and everyone would look at us and say:  She’s always so calm and cool! The world can be falling down around her and she’s a rock.  Wow, look at her …

However, human beings have EMOTIONS … So, with our anger or anxiety, even though we may NOT find it attractive and we’re even embarrassed by how angry or anxious we get, I know I do, there is nothing wrong with emotion! 

personal power via the soul.

About Jeanne Nangle Soul Coach

It is my passion and mission to help people care for their soul and feel calm and cool in the midst of chaos.

Jeanne Nangle, MA. OD. is a deeply passionate and successful soul coach, an award winning author,  teacher,  seminar leader, executive coach, and entrepreneur.  She has established herself as a thought leader across the globe. 

A non religious love of the soul.

Through a non-religious love of the soul and the individual, Jeanne comes at the soul from a personal place. 

In addition, her inspiring and innovative books on personal transformation: The Butterfly Silhouette, A Parable in Verse and The Thought Store, 8 Simple Thinking Habits for Work and Life have won multiple awards.

Passion and mission.

It is Jeanne’s passion and mission to help people care for their soul and stay calm and cool in the midst of chaos.  

Because, then the soul can breathe. 

What are people saying?

“After working with Jeanne I am learning how to trust myself on a much deeper level.”

Anna Maria P.

“Jeanne is a great coach! She helped me deep dive into my own insecurities and barriers. This allowed me to think about things differently and truly increased my self confidence.”

Shelley J.

“Thank you Jeanne. Your lessons about positivity and self love are really inspiring for me.  Since last year , I am regularly following your techniques and it is really working.  I am seeing the marvelous positive changes in my thought process.  You made it possible for me.” 

Ajay B.

“Jeanne Nangle’s message is powerful beyond words. She delivers an entirely new take on an essential truth. Her clients continue to express gratitude for the life changing information she shares from a lens of great experience. I highly recommend Jeanne Nangle.”

Desi A.

“The best way I can describe it is like getting your new prescription for glasses….you were seeing fine before, but all of a sudden things get so much clearer when you put on the new pair and realize what you had been missing.”

Niki P.

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