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21 Big Positive Affirmations that Work… for Work-Life Balance

You want positive affirmations that work… so you’ll be happy in your personal life and at work.


I’ve been writing about the power of thought for almost 20 years, and affirmations work because they re-program your brain.

Here are positive affirmations to help you achieve success at work and in your home life.

Because you can be successful at both.

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Positive affirmations for balancing work with personal life.

The following affirmations for balance are positive statements, usually made in the first person, that will support you in your life.

Practicing positive affirmations in the morning and at night works very well.

  • I am a whole person with many sides to me.
  • I enjoy expressing different sides of myself.
  • I measure success based on how fulfilling my work and personal life are to me.
  • I am not on earth to please others.
  • I am committed to giving my best, then letting go.
  • I do not overthink each conversation I have with co-workers.
  • I am happier when I give myself time to retreat and rest.
  • I am focused on being great at what I do by being a constant learner.
  • I work smart.
  • I am learning and growing in my work and I don’t expect myself to know it all at once.
  • I welcome constructive feedback.
  • My self-talk is positive and supportive of me.
  • When I’m feeling overwhelmed, I step away and breathe.
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Spiritual affirmations for more balance in your life

Incorporating positive affirmations into your daily life will keep your mind focused on what matters.

  • I believe in myself.
  • I trust that I’ve been put here for a reason.
  • I am brave enough to make changes when I’m unhappy.
  • When I’m unhappy, I step back and reflect.
  • I am a work in progress.
  • My job is NOT all that I am, it’s one aspect of me that I am building upon.
  • I am growing self-love each day by remaining in my heart.
  • I depend solely on myself and a higher power for my happiness and peace of mind.
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Work-life balance is key to being a well-rounded person

If you work all of the time, and give all of your energy to that, you get out of balance.

Practice positive affirmations that remind you to be a whole person. You’re not just one thing!

Soulful human beings are complex and multi-dimensional.

And finding that balance is always a challenge.

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Your thoughts directly affect your life

Your thoughts affect every area of your life.

They really do.

As you think it… your attention goes to it. But, you probably already knew that!

And you’re wondering, how do I get control of my 24/7 constantly running monkey mind?

Excellent question!

How to change thinking habits

I’ve created 8 Exercises for Positive Thinking in my book, The Thoughts Store: 8 Simple Thinking Habits for Work and Life!

Any habit can be relearned.

According to Charles Duhigg, author of The Power of Habit, the key to changing any old habit is replacing it with a new habit.

You don’t get rid of the habit! Instead, you replace it.

If you used to go smoke a cigarette each day after lunch… to break that habit, choose a healthier habit to replace it, like eating an apple.

Or, even eating a cookie, that kind of thing.

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Do daily affirmations work?

Do positive affirmations, repeated daily, work??

100% positive affirmations work! No, 1000%!

Except that 1000% is not feasible.

As you think about something, your attention goes to that thought pattern, or that series of thoughts.

So, as you use positive affirmations to create more balance in your life, that’s what you’ll create.

Because energy flows where attention goes.

This is a physical law of the universe that David Hawkins discusses in Power vs. Force: Hidden Determinants of Human Behavior.

The act of paying attention to something is extremely powerful.

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Pay attention to your thoughts

So, pay attention to the quality of your thoughts.

I know, I know…. you’re having so many thoughts each day, you can’t possibly notice all of them.

You’re absolutely right!

So instead, notice about 5% of them! That 5% will represent most of your thoughts anyway.

I suggest keeping a journal and writing down what you think about each day. Write a few things that you remember. You’ll begin to see a thought pattern.

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Positive emotions

Be aware of how you feel. Positive affirmations are not about ignoring how you feel!

So ask yourself: How do I feel? Pay attention to your body. Notice if you feel warm, light, and peaceful. Or, do you feel contented, excited, or happy?

There are many aspects of you!

When you have positive emotions like these, notice which thoughts you were thinking at the time.

Because the thoughts you have directly result in how you will feel!

Negative thoughts and self-talk

High-quality thoughts feel good in the body.

While low-quality thoughts, or what I call low-vibes make you feel tired, afraid, and anxious… those kinds of heavy emotions.

Thoughts that tell you that you aren’t enough like: I’m not smart enough, or I always mess things up, or, I’m afraid of what they’ll think…. will zap your energy.

And how can you go to work and get your job done when your energy is TIRED? You can’t!

And if you struggle in the area of body positivity, here are affirmations for being body positive.

Quick technique for negative self-talk

When negative thoughts and self-talk arise, try this:

When you notice your energy drop, catch yourself.

Then ask yourself: What was I just thinking about? If it was negative energy, say:

Cancel! Cancel! Cancel!

Or, delete!

Think of your mind like a computer… and you can cancel or delete the thoughts that don’t serve you.

At least some percentage of them to give you a fighting chance in life!

Positive affirmations for work will prepare you for the day… in the best way:)

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Practicing positive affirmations for work

Positive affirmations for work aren’t just nice to have…. you need them!

Work has challenging situations almost daily.

For most people I know, much of their stress comes from work or their social life.

So, injecting positive affirmations into your day is a necessity.

How to practice affirmations

When a difficult colleagues is in your face, take a deep breath and think: I am more than this conversation! I don’t need their approval! I am doing the best I can!

Say these thoughts to yourself.

Positive affirmations can help you lift your confidence, just long enough for you to get your footing.

Typically, state positive affirmations in the morning and at night before you go to bed. I say them all day long, but that’s just me.

Remember, doing personal work is always the foundation of personal and spiritual growth. Affirmations are tools you use to reprogram your brain. But they’re not a substitute for doing the emotional work.

focus on the good

Don’t underestimate the beauty of a positive attitude!

While positive affirmations will lift your energy, positive affirmations are not enough!

Work on owning a positive attitude. That’s part of the personal work.

A positive attitude will help with work-life balance as well as improve overall well-being.

Here are suggestions for your daily routine, so that you’ll improve your mental health as well as your attitude about your life.

Being more confident in life comes from the daily habits you create.

Focus on the good things in your life 

To help with your work life balance and overall attitude, take time to appreciate the positive aspects of your life. You’ve heard the saying: Enjoy the simple things in life!

For instance, I look forward to that first sip of coffee in the morning. Then, my morning walk through nature is the next simple thing I look forward to.

Texting my sons, eating pizza, or writing these blog posts… are all ways things I enjoy the day and I remind myself of that.

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Practice gratitude 

Gratitude needs to be as natural as breathing.

As you practice gratitude throughout the day, you’ll see your life dramatically change.

You don’t want to use gratitude as a way to avoid your feelings… like, I shouldn’t feel that way because I have so much to be grateful for.

Please don’t do that.

Instead, feel the emotion. Feel it and breathe. Then, think of something you’re grateful for.

I give many tips for feeling emotions and positive self-talk on my blog because part of the spiritual path is emotional intelligence… in my humble opinion!

Spend time with positive people 

Surrounding yourself with good people is important because who you spend time with will largely determine who you become. I love the popular saying: “If you lie with dogs, you’ll get fleas.”  

So choose your fellow dogs wisely! 

Spend your time doing things that make you happy

What do you enjoy?  What makes you feel excited?  What makes you calm and relaxed?  

Spending time in nature is always good for well-being and happiness.  When you’re in nature it connects you to your spiritual side as well. There’s something about noticing the miracle of nature that is very good for the soul

Set goals and work towards them 

Human beings are naturally goal-oriented. Possibly, it’s wired into our DNA to strive.

There’s nothing more validating than envisioning a goal, a bigger vision for your life, and who you can be. 

As you’re working towards something, you feel like a work in progress. It’s reassuring to know that you have a plan in life.

Yep, most humans love a plan. 

Focus on emotional well-being 

I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to take care of your emotional self. 

I recommend to my clients that they use emotional release techniques as part of their self-care routine so that emotions, like anger, don’t pile up too high. 

Think of your emotions in a teapot… and when the emotions are not allowed to leave… they eventually blow the top off! 

Address your spiritual side

If you’re a spiritual being having a human experience, then focus on spiritual growth! 

Conversely, if you’re a human being having a spiritual experience… do the same!

Either way, spirituality is such a crucial part of life because we need answers! My spiritual blog has 4 pillars to help people address different aspects of their spirit. 

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Final thoughts

Daily affirmations keep your mind centered on what you want to create. If you want more balance in your life between work, family, home, spiritual, personal, etc, then it takes awareness.

Awareness that you’re off balance because you’re spending too much time with your professional life…. or too much time with your personal life is key to be aware of.

Once you’re aware, use affirmations to shift your perspective and focus your mind. Then, put a plan in place to make necessary changes.

Remember, it’s your life and you get to create it.

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