27 Affirmations For Creativity: Be An Amazing Creator Now!

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Imagine harnessing the power to unleash your full creative potential with just a few powerful words each day. That’s the magic of affirmations for creativity.

In the hustle of daily life, our creative spark often gets dimmed. Plus, we may lack confidence in ourselves as creators.

Through my personal journey, I’ve used affirmations every step of the way.

I’ve written two unusual books that have received critical awards, and I’ve discovered the transformative impact of affirmations to help me get unstuck.

You’re here because you seek that spark to jumpstart your creativity.

Good for you!

Here are 27 powerful affirmations designed specifically for creativity. These aren’t just words; they’re your daily keys to becoming an amazing creator now.

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Affirmations for creativity

Here are 27 creativity affirmations to help you feel confident, stimulate artistic ideas, find new ideas, and find creative solutions.

Affirmations can be the fertilizer of creative genius and brilliant ideas.

  • I am a creative being.
  • This day is mine to create something good.
  • I am here to give my best.
  • I have patience with myself through the creative process.
  • I am confident I can do this.
  • This day is here for me now.
  • I’m living a high-vibe life.
  • I am creating loving relationships.
  • I am creating without fear.
  • I am creating service and impact.
  • I am creating what is in my heart.
  • I am creating what I’m designed to give.
  • I love that I get to do this.
  • When I’m overwhelmed, I remind myself that I get to do this.
  • I have new ideas all the time.
  • I am creating new ideas for how to solve problems.
  • I am creating new ways to look at a situation.
  • I am letting go.
  • As I let go, I am free to create.
  • I am creating inner peace.
  • I am OK.
  • My life is not an accident.
  • I am in the flow of this work.
  • I create from deep within the soul.
  • I am in the flow of all of it and creating peace.
  • I know that I am a creative being.
  • I am a co-creator in my life

Audio: Creativity affirmations by Jeanne Nangle

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The creative process

This process is different for each creator.

However, there are stages, each fueled by a blend of imagination, skill, and passion. Emphasis on passion!

Even if you’re not overflowing with passion in the moment, somewhere underneath is a burning fire.


It all starts with a spark.

This could be anything that strikes a chord in your mind – a vision, a feeling, a problem, or an idea.

It’s often unexpected and can come from various sources like nature, art, personal experiences, or dreams.

Noodling it

This is the stage where the initial idea is quietly waiting in the background of your mind.

I love this phase because there’s no pressure.

When I was writing both of my books, I had an idea that I didn’t know how to execute. So, I let the idea noodle around in my brain while I went about my day.

My ideas were pretty original, so I wanted to do them justice.

I’d jot down notes throughout the day to capture ideas that came in, to let the idea grow on it’s on volition!

Even if you don’t have a fantastic imagination, a basic idea can blossom into something extraordinary.


Here, the creator actively explores the idea with creative thinking.

This could involve research, experimenting with different methods, or trying out new techniques. It’s a phase of trial and error, learning, and refining skills.

Again, for my books, while they were fictional, I needed background science to back up my claims. I wanted the books story to have substance and integrity.

affirmations for creativity

Just do it

Now, you bring the idea to life.

It could be writing a story, painting a blank canvas, composing a piece of music, or any other form of creative expression. Creation requires significant focus and dedication.

I am convinced that self-love is part of the creative journey. If you don’t love yourself enough to show up for what your soul yearns to express, then there’s a problem!

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Finally, sharing your work with the world.

I mean, let’s be honest. If others don’t see it, what’s the point?

Actually, this becomes a philosophical question.

Do you create for you or others??

The answer is, both.

This could mean publishing, performing, exhibiting, or simply presenting your book to peers. Now, thanks to the internet, we have so many ways to get our creative work out into the world.

It’s a vulnerable stage, where the creative opens up their work to interpretation, critique, and appreciation. Ugh.

Remember the Meryl Streep movie where she plays Julia Child?

Julia Child’s quote is.. “The measure of achievement is not winning awards. It’s doing something that you appreciate, something you believe is worthwhile.

affirmations for creativity,

Innovative ideas

Where do innovative ideas and creative energy come from?

Innovative ideas come from many different places, and they’re a mix of what we see, feel, and think about. Here’s where they often come from…

Your Own Life

The things you’ve been through, your feelings, and memories can give you lots of creative ideas.

Where You Live

Your neighborhood, the people around you, and your cultural background can shape your creative thoughts.

Observing the world

Paying close attention to what’s happening around you can spark new ideas. You might notice something special or interesting that gives you an idea.

Blending different ideas

Sometimes, when you think about two different things at the same time, you can come up with a really new and interesting idea.

Input from others

Chatting with people and working together can lead to great ideas because everyone sees things differently

Instinct or gut feelings

Sometimes, ideas just pop into your head, out of nowhere. Dreams can also be a cool place to find creative ideas.


The great outdoors, the stars in the sky, majestic mountain, birds flying from tree to tree are all examples of how nature can inspire us since it’s full of wonder.

Everyone’s different, so where you get your creative ideas from can be really unique to you.

affirmations for creativity

Creative energy

Creative energy, in the simplest terms, is like this electric current that runs through you when you’re in the zone.

Nothing’s better.

It’s not just about having a bunch of ideas, it’s more about this feeling that you’re onto something exciting, something meaningful.

Honestly, for me it’s the feeling of being completely alive.

Time seems to stand still, and everything else fades away.

In the amazing book Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience, by Mihaly Csikszentmihaly, (long name!) he talks bout this idea at length.

flow book, creativity flows, creative energy flows

It’s not always smooth sailing.

Sometimes, creative energy can feel like a rollercoaster.

One minute you’re up, filled with ideas and motivation, and the next, you might hit a wall.

This is what it is. You have to be comfortable with uncertainty and enjoy the journey of creating something truly unique.

Here are motivation vibes or strategies to help you!

Which is saying a lot in this world of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Step into your destiny

Final thoughts

Creative ideas are a unique blend of an individual’s experiences, environment, knowledge, and imagination.

This is why creativity is so diverse and personal, varying greatly from person to person.

Positive affirmations for creativity can be instrumental in getting you in the zone, in a creative flow.

Lack of confidence can be an issue, so use affirmations for creativity to remind yourself that you are a creative being!!!

Enjoying a creative life means accepting that you are the one creating.

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