Questions to Ask Spirit Guides: 3 Simple Ways

questions to ask spirit guides

Your spirit guides are here 24/7 to help you be who you’re meant to be.

Are you wondering which questions to ask spirit guides?

That’s how I felt…

You’re here because you want answers about your life.

Just bear in mind, this is not a science! Talking to spirit guides is a spiritual practice that grows stronger over time.

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Go here, for a deeper dive into spirit guides… 5 Things You Need to Know About Your Spirit Guides.

How To Talk To Spirit Guides

First, the baseline for communication with your spirit guides is meditation.

And a good dose of self-honesty.

Jon Kabat Zinn is my go to resource for anyone starting fresh or way down the road with meditation.

I’m not a stellar meditator by any means and I struggle with quieting my mind for very long, but I meditate regularly, about 5 times a week, to put myself in a position to receive guidance.

Intuitive gifts increase as you practice meditation.

And, while we all have access to our intuition, we grow our intuitive gifts as we practice meditation on a regular basis.

I meditate about 10 to 15 minutes each time, and sometimes less, sometimes more. I’m not saying this is the optimal amount of time at all, it’s just honestly what I do.

I ask for soul guidance either during mediation or at the end… OR I simply throw my question out to the universe as I’m going about my day.

In Spirited by Rebecca Rosen she writes on page 137, “The key to asking effectively is putting your heart into your request. You have to mean it.”

Here are three ways that I ask for help from my spirit guides and/or spirit team. Included are some of the ways that your spirit guides are talking to you.

The universe is communicating with you.

1. Specific

You can ask your spirit guides something specific.

Make the request to your spirit guides about something that isn’t a problem, you just want to know what to do!

For example: Please help me decide whether or not I should go to Paris in September.

Now, that’s VERY specific.

Ask the question and then, let go.

Go about your day. Finish meditating.

Whatever… but you don’t need to sit there waiting for an answer. Because you might be sitting there for a very long time!

Make your request clear and then it’s up to your spirit guides when and if they answer specifically or if they give you partial direction.

From what I understand, spirit guides work differently with each person, depending on where the person is along their spiritual path.

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2. General

For spiritual development or general life questions, you can ask for more information in some are of your life.

You’re not looking for a specific answer. Instead, you’re looking for… tell me what I don’t know!

I might ask: I’m inviting in my Spirit Guides: Please give me more information about which direction to take my business.

I would like to receive more information about how to get my book out into the world.

What do I need to do for a healthier relationship with myself?

I would like more information about my future life partner.

I would like more information about how I can best serve this world with my talents and gifts.

Please tell me what I need to learn here.

Then, again, let go.

You’ll ask again, or the question may change, but keep your intention clear: You are open to learning more about this area of your life.

You’ll be given what you need to know in divine time and order.

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3. Situational

Ask for clarity and guidance about a situation you’re struggling with.

Let’s say your teen daughter or son is having a hard time at school.

Ask your spirit guides: Can you please give me clarity about how I can support my son, NAME, at school?

Or, if you’re having problems at work: Can you please give me clarity on how to handle [state the challenge]?

Show gratitude for help

When you get clarity or even a smidgen of clarity say, Thank you.

Say it all day if you want. It’s a way to show your spirit guides that you see how they’re helping you.

It makes sense that spirit guides need to know you’re taking their advice!

Showing gratitude is a way of creating more guidance too.

Free Will

Because of free will in life, we can act on guidance or not, and your spirit guides like when you act on their very valuable guidance.

Can regular people connect with their spirit guides?

I’m a regular person and I connect with my spirit guides a few times each day.

Although I have a gift for understanding and feeling my own soul (here I explain more about my relationship with the soul) I’m not that interested in most new-age topics.

I’m not psychic. I don’t see ghosts or hear ghost communication. And, I Googled tarot cards to know what they are.

However, in regard to spirit, I am interested in…

  • Our energy-based universe and how that works
  • Raising my vibration
  • How the human body manages energy
  • How humans can mobilize energy to be healthier and emotionally free in this life.

So, everyday people like you and I can 100% work closely with our spirit team.

You can ask your spirit guides about your soul purpose, your current life, etc.

Also, look for soul vibes, which are vibrations that bring you closer to your spiritual nature.

Lean into the spiritual direction that fits you

The beauty of having your own relationship with God, Source, Universe, is that you get to lean in the direction that calls your soul.

And, this is important…

Your soul is called to the highest good and greatest healing of mankind.

Your soul doesn’t exclude people based on the color of their skin, religious preferences, sexual preferences, etc.

As Eckhart Tolle writes in A New Earth, There is only one perpetrator of evil on the planet: human unconsciousness.

God’s creatures, great and small, are loved in this universe.

A co-creative dance

This article focused on questions to ask your spirit guides.

Everything here is based on my personal experience with my spirit team.

I heavily rely on them.

And you can too.

“Be in a co-creative dance with your spirit guides,” says spiritual medium Rebecca Rosen in her interview with Rob Lowe on his podcast, Literally.

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Guardian angels

I understand that we have one guardian angel assigned to us at birth who is with us until our death.

Guardian angels have never been in a human body and are angels assigned to help us learn and grow.

I think of mine as a loving, gentle grandmother who’s with me forever. It’s a very comforting relationship.

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Akashic Records

I discovered the concept of Akashic Records through Lisa Barnett when I was doing some heavy duty emotional healing years ago.

I do an akashic meditation that I learned from listening to Lisa Barnett to help me connect with my akashic record.

For more information on Akashic Records, check out Lisa Barnett’s website: Akashic Knowing.

Final thoughts

When you need help in life, ask your spirit guides, guardian angels, ascended masters, and the rest of your spirit team for guidance.

Your intuition will improve as you ask more questions.

Meditate and stay open to receiving signs, information, and ideas from your spirit team.

Openness helps you hear what you need to hear. And listen to your inner voice.

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