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3 Important Reasons Why Feeling Lost Leads to Being Found

If you’re feeling lost, you must be wondering…. why do I feel so lost?

You feel unsteady and afraid… and you wonder what’s at the heart of your fear and confusion.

Take heart… losing yourself can be a prelude to finding yourself.

Why do I feel so lost?

So you can be found.

Being lost is the beginning to finding yourself.

You don’t have all of the answers and that’s OK!

Part of life is asking the right questions.

You’re temporarily lost so that you’ll dig deeper.

You won’t go deeper unless you’re really motivated.

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1. Once you feel lost, you can be found.

Whether you’re feeling lost in one area of your life or everywhere, you can be found. 

The ancient Chinese philosopher, Lao Tzu says in the Tao Te Ching #22:  

“Bent over, you’ll be preserved whole;  When twisted, you’ll be upright;  When hollowed out, you’ll be full;  When worn out, you’ll be renewed;  When you have little, you’ll attain [much]…”

Lao Tzu reminds us that being lost can lead to wholeness, well being, and renewal. 

So, next time you have the thought:

I’m lost, I’ve got no idea what I’m going to do…

Remind yourself that feeling lost and confused about your life is the first step to finding answers.

And most importantly, finding yourself.  

2. Having all of the answers is way overrated.

It’s kind of beautiful, feeling lost and not knowing all the answers.

Actually, it’s a relief, because you can kick back and say: I don’t know.

I feel lost on this one.

What a great jumping off point!  

And what are people going to do to you?  Nothing, because they know in their heart that they don’t have the answers either.  

If you feel a deeper longing in your soul, and a drive for something you don’t understand out of life, or a genuine desire for expression and leadership, then lean into the confusion. 

Lean into those feelings.

You might walk on coals with Tony Robbins, if he does that anymore.

Or consider a drumming circle.

And read everything you can find to shed some light on what’s true for you.

Feel lost if you’re lost! So what.

Don’t you have to wonder about people who think they have all of the answers? I certainly do.

How will you learn anything new if you’re don’t admit that you feel lost?

Stay open to what’s best for you, enjoy the search, be OK with being stuck for a time, and dream of what great future you’re creating. It’s all part of the process.

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3. Feeling lost is temporary

While you feel lost and confused, there’s a deeper part of you that’s not. 

Yes, you’ve probably heard this before and you’re tired of hearing it.

What’s the good of a “deeper part” of you if don’t know what it’s telling you?

If the answers to feeling lost are within you, but you still feel lost, then you feel stupid!  

Nobody wants to feel stupid. 

And you’re absolutely not. You’re a brave soul who’s got the guts to admit that you’re human, fallible, and feeling lost. 

The part of you that knows best will surface eventually.  Feeling lost is the beginning point of searching, which leads you to finding something new.

As you stay open, keep asking questions, continue to heal your life, and commit to self-love, you’ll find what you’re looking for.

A good life feeds your inner hunger.

If you feel an inner hunger, you’re not the only one. 

As a soul coach, I’ve talked to thousands of people for over 25 years and most of us are pretty confused about life at some point! 

The world has become increasingly complicated and feeling lost isn’t acceptable to some. We want more control, not less!

So, if you feel judged for feeling lost, deeper self awareness is key here. Remember that you don’t live your life for others, you live it to fulfill the needs of your soul. Yet, self doubt creeps in because we feel judged for questioning, searching, and wondering.

Thankfully, being lost and confused can be a prelude to something new, better, and exciting. Here are three soulful reasons why feeling lost can be the beginning of something better. 

If you’ve ever felt lost in life…

Often, we hate feeling lost because we need certainty.  We want an answer. We want one thing to grasp onto.

Plus, we don’t like the idea of being lost.  The word lost has a negative connotation because it insinuates that we’ve failed, or we’re not quite good enough at life, or we fear we won’t find motivation in life.

However, if you’re in your late 20’s to early 40’s and you don’t know where you’re going, you’re in good company. 

“Millennials seek psychotherapy more often than members of Generation X or earlier generations,” says Psychology Today. 

And while therapy is routine for many of us, millennials in particular feel lost in life, confused, and doubtful at times. 

An Atlantic article that begins, “Hello, lost generation,” goes on to say, “There’s no good news in a recession, and no good news in a pandemic.  For millennials, it feels like there is never any good news at all.”

When you feel lost, there’s a lot of pressure to be found. We’re all supposed to have a life path, so they say. We have a longing to know which direction we’re headed.

However, we’ve lost sight of the importance of searching. Searching can be an important first step to begin a life path that’s meant for you.

Some strategies for when you feel lost.

Here is a list of tools, tips, and techniques to help ease the struggle of feeling lost. These tips and many more are listed in Your Self love Journey: 75 Tremendous Tips to get you started.

Meditation Apps

There are apps to help you meditate in a melodious way. These apps help you improve sleep, reduce anxiety, improve focus, and people claim a number of other benefits. Meditation will help you when you’re feeling lost.

Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping)

I’ve personally used tapping or the Emotional Freedom Technique in my own life and I recommend it to clients as well as my own sons! It’s a proven technique for moving emotional energy out of the body.

Tapping can be useful for alleviating any stress around feeling lost.


When you feel lost in life, it’s helpful to breathe because it calms the mind. Use the breath to relax the body and calm the limbic brain (fight or flight).  Again, there are countless breath techniques.  Here’s an easy one that I like:  Inhale 4 counts, exhale for 8 counts. 

Think high vibration

How you are thinking about feeling lost will have a direct affect you. Your thoughts are powerful. Profound thoughts are part of the journey! Your thoughts create more than usual emotion.

For further reading, the power of thought and how negative thinking is literally killing people is this the main theme in my futuristic, self-help book, The Thought Store.

Self love habits

To help people have the habit of self-love, I’ve created 307 affirmations for self love.

In addition, here’s the self love plan I’ve created that my clients use. Read these 3 self-love habits each day and watch yourself create the habit of self-love.

Prayers and Mantras

Prayers and mantras are extremely important for calming the mind and connecting within. You can recite calming prayers and mantras as a regular way of calming your mind, body, and soul throughout the day. Find mantras that resonate with YOU or take you to a place you aspire to. Mantras are a great way to fill your brain with positive energy.

Soul Journal

First, go to a bookstore or art store and buy yourself a journal. Or grab an old notebook from home. This will be your Soul Journal. A SOUL JOURNAL helps you connect with the part of you that is eternal, clear, and unique. Use the journal as a mind dump: ask yourself what you need, how you feel, what you’re thinking about. Just get it out.

Final thoughts

When you’re lost in the present moment, you’re wondering if life will ever be clear to you.

But, it will.

Feeling lost is uncomfortable for most of us. However, take comfort in knowing that there’s a path that’s meant for you. You’ve been called into this life to use your talents and gifts in a way that’s unique to you. There’s nothing random about your life.

Take feeling lost as a sign post that you’ve got more to do and trust that you’ll uncover what that is. Hopefully, these 3 soulful reasons have increased your understanding of what it means to feel lost in life.

Feeling lost can be a prelude to finding yourself.

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