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307 Best Affirmations for Self Love in 2023

Affirmations for self love lift you up, empower you, and give you courage in the moment. They help you overcome challenges, radiate confidence, attract love, and tell you that you’re enough.

Because you are.

Self esteem is part of self worth.

Because sometimes we forget that we deserve love. Or, we never built that muscle in the first place. So, we badly need self love affirmations to remind us.

Damn tricky childhood that zapped our self esteem!

Darn the things we had no control over. It ain’t easy.

So, unfortunately, we’re hard on ourselves.

We pick on ourselves, point fingers, and wonder how in the world we got it so wrong.

Then, we drop into the rabbit hole of why we said this to that person, and what were we thinking?

And what the heck am I doing speaking my every thought?

Should I never leave the house?

That’s why we need self love affirmations.

Because we are capable of amazing things.

We need affirmations for self love.

Because our natural thinking might be temporarily sprained. Or badly strained.

It happens to the best of us. It certainly happened to me.

Quite honestly, even though I’ve written a book on positive affirmations and self-love, sometimes my thoughts wouldn’t lift a balloon.

So, we all do it.

What are affirmations for self-love?

But, there’s hope. 

If the story ended here, what’s the point of positive self love affirmations? 

What’s the point of trying, if we try and try and yet, we keep dissing ourselves?

If our self-worth is in the tubes?

Here’s the answer:

Because, while we think negatively at times, act small, and be foolish, we can be our own best friend.

We can find ourselves again.

And we can quiet our inner critic.

Which is VERY helpful because we’re human!

Positive affirmations remind us, since we forget.

Being angry, afraid, ashamed, regretful and guilty are part of self-care. There is no such thing as negative emotions! We must feel it all.

A big part of practicing self love is seeing that some emotions are uncomfortable, not negative!

Then, use positive affirmations to remind you what you’ve forgotten.

307 Affirmations for Self love.

self-love affirmations

After over two decades of this work, I’ve compiled 307 of my BEST self-love affirmations to get you rolling. Yes, oddly, it came out to 307! These beautiful thoughts have been tested and proven, year after year, to increase self-love.

Affirmations for self-love are like tools in your tool kit.

When it comes down to it, you deserve positive affirmations and I’m here to help you. So, let’s get started!

I do not carry their load.

Let’s start with affirmations for self-love that remind you of your self-worth and that you don’t have to rescue other people or solve their problems. As you have a closer relationship with yourself, this becomes easier.

I do not…

Have to fix people.

Fix people. 

Rescue people. 

Carry their burden. 

Have to perform miracles.

Take on their energy. I cannot help anyone that way. 

I guide people to their own answers. 

They have the answers within.

Their problems are not my problems.

I release the weight of their problems. 

While I empathize and support, I do not take it on.

Their soul will take them where they need to go.

I am doing the best I can.

Let’s move to some I AM affirmations of self-love that will hopefully connect you to your soul. Because self-love and self-acceptance live close to the soul. For the sake of this article, think of the soul as the place of knowing and acceptance within you.

I am…

On my divine right path. 

Serving in the most abundant way. 


Creating a strong material base from which to serve. 

Financially secure. 

Nourished now.

Excited to share my life with the right person for me.

Going with the flow. 

Attracting love.

I am that I am.

Remember to B R E A T H E as you’re saying these loving affirmations.

My feelings are valid. 

As I said earlier, we need self-love affirmations that remind us that all of our emotions are completely and totally valid. The emotions are valid and it’s our job to find healthy ways to express them.

replace negative thoughts

I feel my emotions because it’s healthy for my body, mind and spirit.  

I know…

That unexpressed emotion remains in the body.  

There are no wrong emotions. 

My emotions are telling me something.  

I do not ignore, distract, repress, or judge how I feel

Plus, I allow…

Time and space to feel.  

More space and time heal.

Therefore, I am…

Healing my life.

Brave enough to feel my emotions, even though they’re taking a lot out of me right now. 

Expressing my emotions in a way that respects others.  

In a state of forgiveness towards myself.

A feeling human being in a feeling universe. 

NOTE: While affirmations work, they’re helpful, and shift your energy, affirmations are supplemental to doing the personal work.

I am receiving an abundance of love and money.

Most of us consciously want love and money, but it’s the underworld of our subconscious that tells us otherwise. So, here’s some thoughts to armor you against any doubts you carry.

So now, I…

Deserve to be paid abundantly for my dedication, passion, focus, and hard work. 

Release all vows of poverty from past lives or this life.

Expect to be paid for my contribution.

Am proud of the work I am doing. 

Deserve love and money together.

Trust the financial results of my seeding work are on the way. 

Know that many people are benefiting from my work and the numbers are growing exponentially.

Am fortunate to have work I love.

I am…

Thriving both financially and spiritually.


Thriving personally and professionally.

Receiving payment for my hard work and dedication.

I’ve dedicated my life to spiritual growth and that is consistent with material success. 

I am serving from my soul.

It feels good to be doing something that makes the world better. But, you might be confused about how to best use your life? Here are some thoughts to clear the fog…

I am…

Helping others from my place of power, clarity, and alignment.

On my divine right path. 

Walking the path that’s meant for me.

And I…

Believe there’s a plan for my life

Let go of any blocks or vibrations from my past that stand in the way of using my life for the highest good and greatest healing.

Love myself enough to let myself have this. 

Release all shame over the past.

Relinquish my guilt over not doing enough.

I depend solely on myself and God for my happiness, security, and inner peace. 

By creating a solid material base, I AM in a better position to help on a wider scale.

I am receiving what is good into my life.

Some affirmations are asked in the form of a question. Because when you ask yourself a new kind of question, it opens your imagination.

How can I think of this in a more expansive way?  

Can I open up to the possibilities for me? 

Please show me new people and opportunities now! 

I am…

At a higher vibration now and so I understand that I am going to be drawn to different people than before. 

Noticing WHO I am drawn toward. 

In a state of receiving. 

Grateful for my life.

Receiving good into my life. 

Bringing in new opportunities for expression into my life.


Therefore, the universe is always supplying abundance, and I am receiving it. 

I am not a victim.

Victim consciousness is more common than you might realize and it will hold you back from your soul’s full expression. So, here are some affirmations to shift you into the creator role.

Have infinite compassion for yourself and what you've been through.


Communicate my feelings. 

Feel my feelings.

Speak my mind.

And, I am…

A creator, not a victim.

Free in this lifetime.  

No longer a victim. 

Not stuck here.

In this life I am creating something better than before.

As I imagine it, I am creating it.

Things don’t happen to me, I am a creative being.

I no longer need your approval.

Who needs it! Instead of needing approval, here are affirmations to move you to doing a good job and giving what you’ve got… not on who approves of you.

I don’t need my…

Mother to approve of me.   

Father to approve of me.

BLANK to approve of me or get along with me. 

Clients to approve of me.  Instead, I want to do a good job.

Friends to approve of me. 

The internet folks to approve of me. 

I just don’t.

I am letting go.

As I let go…

A little bit, I have a little freedom.

A lot, I have a lot of freedom.

Completely, I have complete freedom.

In this moment, I am letting go of…

Being hurt.

My anger.


I understand that letting go is a process.

And, I live in the space of letting go.

I deserve to have my needs met.

Therefore, I…

Will not apologize for having needs.

Show up for what I need.

Understand that you have needs to meet as well.

Let go of my guilt about needing certain things.  

Deserve mutual, satisfying, secure love. 

Realize that my instincts have been intuitive, while my choices have hurt me. 

My needs come from a pure place within me that I respect. 

Absolutely, I am…

No longer questioning if I am allowed to need certain qualities in a partner.

Embodying trust in myself. 

A sensitive person with acute empathy, I will not dumb this part of me down anymore.

Drawn to people I flow with. 

No longer force things that hurt me.

Things that are meant for me will happen naturally.

What I am looking for is looking for me as well. 

I am healing my heart, so I can be free.

Healing takes time, so be patient with yourself. As you heal, you’re healing the planet.

self esteem, self worth


Believe I can heal my heart.

Am healing my heart.

Feel love and light as I heal.

Am learning to trust.

Know that trust is hard for me …. And I honor that. 

My life is here for me to heal.

Also, as I heal, I trust…



As I grieve, I am healing my heart.

Grieving love, doesn’t always mean the love was right.

I am used to love that feels confusing. I am learning a new way to love. 

Love doesn’t have to be confusing.  

As I heal my heart, the fog lifts.

Definitely, I deserve love.

I deeply and completely love and accept myself.

I am safe and secure.

At this time, I am…

Learning to be comfortable with the unknown. 

Letting go of control and I know I’m being held through that. 

Afraid of the unknown because I haven’t felt safe.  I am safe now.

Safe and secure. 

Not alone. I feel constant support in my life.

Keeping my heart open. 

Willing to open my heart.

When I don’t feel that support, I open my heart to the idea of it.

I am willing to receive all the help and spiritual guidance I need. 

When I’m afraid, I ask for help.

I depend solely on myself and God for my happiness, security and inner peace.

I surrender.

Finally, I surrender my…



Doubts about myself.

Fear that I won’t have the kind of love I desire.

Feelings of unworthiness. 


I am love and loved.

Therefore, I allow myself to feel nostalgic, yearning, sadness, boredom, lack luster, unbalanced. 

Even if it feels like a soulmate relationship, it’s because my life trap keeps the chemistry flowing.  

So, I am…

No longer interested in being loved from a distance. 

Not attracted to being loved from a distance. 

Keenly aware of when I am being loved from a distance.

Aware that being loved from a distance is familiar and comfortable. 

Paying attention to when I am loving another from a distance. 

Not interested in being loved from a distance.

I am able to be close to another.

Therefore, I imagine…

Closeness with my partner and soulmate. EXHALE 

Being loved up close and intimately. 

Closeness that feels secure. 

The person I love desires emotional intimacy with me. 

I surrender any doubt or fears I have about my ability to be close to another.  

Happily, I feel my partner by my side as I walk deeper and deeper into the world. 

I am moving into a state of forgiveness.

After many years of this work, it’s become clear that forgiveness is a very personal process and may not always be what the person wants or needs. No one has the right to tell us to forgive. However, if you feel the want or need to forgive, here’s a prayer that might facilitate that for you.

A forgiveness prayer. Please move me into a state of forgiveness towards…

Anyone or anything that has hurt me, consciously or unconsciously, from the beginning of time to this present moment. I now forgive them and I release the energy of the past.

Myself for any hurt that I have caused others, consciously or unconsciously, from the beginning of time to this present moment. I now forgive myself and I release the energy of the past.

Finally, myself for any hurt that I have caused myself, consciously or unconsciously, from the beginning of time to this present moment. I now forgive myself and release the energy of the past.

I invoke the Grace and power of Forgiveness to transform my body, mind, and heart as I return to a state of Divine Innocence.  And so it is.

Plus, here are some additional forgiveness affirmations:

I forgive you for…

Loving me from a distance, resulting in my being comfortable being loved in this way.

Being on and off with me.

Not being there for me at all.

I forgive myself for allowing you to not be there for me at all.

I don’t have to be perfect.

Nope, you don’t.

I deeply love and accept myself. 

And, I am…

Doing the best I can. 

Not perfect and that’s OK.

No one is perfect.

Perfect is not real.

When I feel regret, I deeply love and accept myself. 

At times, when I feel like a failure, I deeply love and accept myself. 

It’s OK. I’m OK. 

I’ve made mistakes and I deeply love and accept myself. 

And truly, I don’t have to say the right thing all the time.

It’s OK that I said the wrong thing. I am learning.

Honestly, I am no longer trying to be perfect.

There’s a part of me that believes the universe wants to punish me. And it hurts my body to feel this way. I know this isn’t true.  I am opening my heart to healing this because I know it’s not true.

So, I’m letting go of

Having to be perfect. 

Trying to be on all the time.

Avoiding making people angry.

Also, I…

Am lovable as I am.

Accept the parts of me I can’t change.

Am working on the parts of me I want to change.

I’m whole as I am.

I love and accept myself.

As we love ourselves, we’re healing our lives. And a number of the emotional release techniques include loving and how to accept love. Emotional Freedom Technique or Tapping is a very effective and popular technique I’ve personally used for over 20 years. In tapping, we’re honest with the emotion in the moment, and while we hold that emotion, we tell ourselves: I deeply and completely love and accept myself. Here are some additional versions of that important self-love affirmation.

I deeply and completely love and accept myself.

Even when I…

Make a mistake, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.

Really mess up, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.

Fail, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.

Am afraid, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.

Feel anxious, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.

Hurt myself, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.

And others, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.

Am really struggling, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.

Feel totally lost, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.

I am good enough.

Therefore, I am good enough for a…

Secure, loving partner. 

Rewarding career that uses my talent.

Good life which so much to offer. 

Ton of money. 

Right fit person. 

Body confidence.

And, I have so much to offer this world.

I’m excited to give what I’ve got.

Furthermore, I’m bringing in the people who want what I have to offer.

I know my life is guided: Please help me recognize the people who are  right for me.

Plus, I am…

Comfortable in my own skin.

Good enough. 

Showing up.

Healing my heart.  

Committed to growing in love.  

Deserving of love.

Receiving love into my life.

Ready to give it from my heart and soul.

And, I surrender to the part of me that KNOWS how special I am.

I have so much to offer.  

Please help me let go of the part of me that thinks and feels I’m not good enough.

I deeply love and accept myself.

The people in my life are there for me (on abandonment).

I am growing in self-love and I know…

Part of self love is allowing the heartache I feel in this moment.

Self love includes room for old heartache.  

And, self love includes forgiveness. I forgive…

Those who’ve abandoned me.

People who’ve betrayed me. 

All betrayal is in my past.

My heart aches from having people come and go in my life. I am healing my heart. 

Finally, I am…


Showing up for this heartache AND I ask for help and guidance in healing it.

Deeply loved and cared for. 

Not choosing partners who aren’t there for me.

No longer interested in partners who don’t choose me. 

Committed to healing this in my life. 

And furthermore, I as an act of self love I deserve…

Self love.

Self love affirmations.

Peace of mind. 

A safe and secure love.  

Self esteem.

Love that is present and I can count on. 

To be chosen. 

A partner who is there for me, all in 100%. 

I deeply and completely accept myself. 

And, I know that my past feelings of abandonment are coming up to be healed. Please help me heal it ALL. I am freeing myself from  the pain of abandonment.  

I deserve happiness.

Please help me with this. I don’t want to carry it alone. 

And I…

Don’t deserve to carry this negative self talk.

Embrace positive thoughts throughout the day.

Accept that any potential partner who does not choose me, is not for me. 

Repeat affirmations for self love.

Say positive affirmations.

Release my feelings of abandonment. 

Let go of all energy of abandonment from my own life.

Release and transmute my feelings of being abandoned.

Use positive affirmations to move on.

Take responsibility for my life. 

Make self love a priority.

Clear away feeling betrayed from my own life.

Remain in my heart and not my head. 

Feel my heartache and keep my thoughts hopeful.

These affirmations for self love are creating:  love, acceptance, peace, partnership. 

The only approval I need is from myself and God.

It’s OK that I’m sensitive.

If you’re sensitive to the world around you, that’s who you are! There are many gifts that go with sensitivity. AND, you might be hurt more often because of the gift of sensitivity.

It is OK to be sensitive.

And, I respect that it’s not always easy for others to understand.

Sometimes I’m more sensitive than others.

When I overreact, I take responsibility for it.

Therefore, I am…

Working on my overreactions, so that I can communicate better. 

Attracting a relationship where I can be sensitive and feel safe.

Bringing in a relationship where I can embrace my gift of sensitivity. 

Able to experience the world in a profound and deeper way because of my inherent sensitivity.

I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I am healing my life.

As we practice and repeat self-love each day, including self-love affirmations, we are changing the neural pathways in the brain.

positive mindset

So, I am…

Powerful enough to change the program. 

Giving my emotions a voice in my life and I am letting them go when I am ready. 


Building self-confidence.

Repeating daily affirmations.

I have the ability to let go. I believe in my ability to let this go.

And, I know…

I’m healing my past and my commitment to feeling the emotions that hurt me. 

Nature heals.  

We are designed to heal. 

Humans can heal anything.  

I feel protected.

I am…

Watched over and cared for. 

Safe and secure.

I am creating feeling…





Thankfully, I am calm and relaxed…

And able to soothe myself.

When I’m anxious, I can soothe myself.

I remember to breathe throughout the day.

As I breathe, I fill my body with…

Love and light.

Healing energy.

And, I am…

Free of the past.

No longer a victim.

Doing this.

I deeply and completely love and accept myself.

What are self-love affirmations?

Self-love affirmations affirm that you are worthy of love. It’s your thoughts telling you: You are a lovable and loved person… and worthy of love.

What we say when we talk to ourselves matters… a lot.

See, we think about 60,000 thoughts a day. And it’s true, we don’t have control over most of them.

However, since thoughts are contagious, our self-loving affirmations begin to take root over time, provided we’re doing the work on ourselves in conjunction with the affirmations.

Part of personal work is being true to yourself, because what we focus on expands.

For example, if you think about what scares you, you feel more afraid.  

And, when you worry about what can go wrong, you see all that can go wrong. 

If you focus on what you don’t have, you feel like you don’t have enough.

And finally, if you focus on who doesn’t love you, you feel unloved and lonely! 

What you focus on gets bigger.

So, you want to learn thinking habits that support and love you.

And you’ll want to say daily affirmations.

The wish of this article is to help you focus in a self-love direction at least a few minutes a day.

And if it’s more, better yet!

Self love affirmations are part of the personal work.

So, the promise of affirmations is that you’ll create the HABIT of reminding yourself that you’re good enough while also doing the inner work.

Low self esteem can be chipped away as we commit to ourselves.

For each of us, there are things we need to feel and resolve eventually.

We’ve all got them.

You’ve heard you feel it to heal it...

This ONE THOUGHT is pasted on my forehead, because it’s that important.  I avoided my feelings as long as I could!

So yes, affirmations are supplemental to doing the inner work. And here’s a good time to mention this…

Self loving affirmations are key, so that we’ll own your feelings and own your self worth.

It’s self-loving to let yourself feel the range of your emotions.  And it’ll lighten your load at some point, because you’re designed to heal. 

And the great news is, as you heal your life, you heal the planet.