4 Kinds of Doubt that Deflate the Soul

As a soul coach I’ve empowered thousands of people around the world to love themselves.
And I’ve found that the main issue that comes up for most people is DOUBT.
Four Kinds of Doubt That Come Up
1. In yourself that you’re good enough for … whatever.
2. That the universe has a plan for you.
3. If the world is connected (by more than the internet.)
4. Does a deeper life exist?
Just in case you relate … I used to mastered the art of doubting … doubting just about everything.
I doubted so much over so long … I exhausted myself.
Sometimes I could here whispers above me saying:
“What do we have to do to get this woman on board??”
“And what is it going to take for her to stop doubting and believe in her life?”
Eventually, I wrote about my history with doubt in my book The Butterfly Silhouette.
My sweet doubting caterpillar not only doubts she can be a butterfly … she doubts that she can leave her garden, if she will stop falling down, and that her mentor butterfly is watching over her.
I Get Doubt

When life didn’t go smoothly, I used to be easily discouraged. 

It felt like I was going in circles.
I wanted to move to Palm Springs and sell postcards.
No, then I wanted to make bagels.
Then, I just wanted to meditate and be left alone.
Yet, none of this was ultimately right for me.
Now, I’m relieved to say, doubting is behind me.
Therefore, I don’t know if you’re riding the doubt train
However, there may be ONE thing you doubt that is standing in the way of you loving and expressing what is inside you?
How do YOU move this thing you doubt, whatever it is, out of the way?
So that one day, a long time from now, you’ll go out saying:
I showed up, I was myself, I had fun, I believed in something bigger than myself, I shared who I was, I gave it all I had. I loved myself. 
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