5 Amazing Ways to Be True To Yourself And Soul

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You must be true to yourself… or you’ll never feel quite comfortable in your own skin.

In a world where external influences and expectations often drown out our inner voice, many of us lose touch with our true selves.

This disconnection can lead to a life lived on the surface, missing the depth and fulfillment that comes from genuine soulfulness.

I am an experienced life coach and soul coach, dedicated to helping individuals like you reconnect with their true selves.

You’re reading this because you crave a deeper connection with your true self.

Let’s begin this adventure of soulful self-discovery and look at how to be your true self, from the soul’s standpoint.

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5 Ways To Be True To Yourself And Soul

To be true to yourself, be true to the soul and do the following.

  • Respect yourself and how you feel.
  • Express yourself.
  • Love yourself.
  • Believe in yourself.
  • Trust there is a plan for you.
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True self meaning

Your true self refers to the essence of a person.

Who you are without external influences, fears, and expectations placed by others.

The true self embodies your core values, beliefs, passions, and innate potential.

The potential that’s in the soul.

Discovering and embracing your true self involves an inner journey of introspection, self-awareness, and uncovering your personal truths.

It’s about living genuinely, without pretense or conformity, and honoring YOUR unique individuality.

Honoring who you are in the soul.

Don’t you just exhale when reading that sentence?

I do just writing it.

This is why I am drawn to the soul… because it allows me to honor what’s going on inside of me with the external pressures of life.

It’s a journey of self-discovery and acceptance.

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Be true to your innermost self

You have this place inner knowing within you. You can think of it as the soul, your higher self, or your inner voice.

As you listen to the soul and follow what it needs, you’re being true to yourself.

Picture the soul as a seed within you.

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The seed is there, planted and eager to grow. But the seed needs water, fertilizer, and sunlight. 

And you must listen to soul guidance, so that at the end of your life, or midway through, you don’t feel like you lived without full expression.

1. Respect yourself and how you feel

Part of self-respect is allowing your emotions, including the ones you’re not proud and you don’t understand.

For example, if you’re afraid, acknowledge it. If you’re feeling insecure, feel insecure instead of ignoring or judging it.

Even if you’re filled with rage, breathe and feel the anger, even when it’s intense emotion. This way you’re less likely to do or say something you regret.

Work on not judging how you feel. Instead, lean into the energy of the emotion directly.

And, you don’t have to feel your emotions in front of people if you don’t want to!

Part of respecting yourself is feeling emotions in a way that is safe for you.

So, feel what you feel, even though it’s uncomfortable or painful. However, if you’re not ready, then respect that and wait until you are ready.

Because we feel it to heal it. That’s how the body is made.

And, emotions have an energy vibration.

And, while they can be uncomfortable, there are many effective ways to release emotional energy from the body, so you can be free and stay true to yourself.

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2. Express yourself

Expressing yourself is KEY to being your true self.

One of your purposes is to express what’s within you.

You can express yourself in many ways. However, and one of the most problematic is when people feel uncomfortable expressing their true selves because they fear they’ll be criticized or rejected.

Have you ever been in a conversation where you were upset and didn’t say anything? Maybe you didn’t stick up for yourself, take a stand, or you weren’t honest?

If you choose conflict carefully, as I do, then maybe you’ve held back at times. That’s totally fine! You don’t have to take a stand just to prove something.

But, when something is important to you, you might feel better if you say what’s in your heart and mind.

The soul needs you to express what matters to you.

There are some subjects, issues, and ideas that you’ll be compelled to share, and driven to talk about. In those times, say who you are.

Part of being authentic is choosing to speak up or act when something is important to you.

And if it’s not that important to you and you want to keep your thoughts to yourself, then that’s your truthful choice!

As long as you’re not allowing fear to drive all of your choices.

The medical intuitive, Carolyn Myss, says, that we’re usually acting from love or fear. So, I check in with myself before I say something that’s emotionally charged for me, to see if I’m in a safe place.

Self-expression is essential for the soul. It’s non-negotiable.

So, whatever you must express, creatively or emotionally, find a way to do so.

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3. Heal and love yourself

One of our main purposes is to heal the past. The recent or distant past.

It’s soulful to heal your life and love yourself.

Louise Hay coined it with her tagline, Heal Your Life. Because as you heal, you leave the past behind you and you’re able to be honest with yourself.

Instead of reacting to the past, we love ourselves and create the life that is meant for us.

Figuring out what you need to heal takes some time. To uncover this, look at what gets you the most upset and bothered. What makes you angry? What are you most afraid of?

So, commit to having a close, honest, loving relationship with yourself.

Here are self love exercises to get you started.

And over 200 affirmations of self love to help you reprogram your brain.

As a way to get your thoughts and feelings down, keep a journal and write about yourself, your day, relationships, dreams, goals, fears, etc.

You can also ground yourself daily to keep you calm and connected to the earth. These are all practices that are important for soulful self-care.

And according to Carolyn Myss, a key way to heal your life is through self-forgiveness.

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How to be real with yourself

Being real with yourself involves self-honesty and allowing your emotions.

As you bring uncomfortable emotions to the surface, you are able to feel the energy of the emotions and let the emotions go.

Not quickly… it takes time and patience, but you can do it. If you feel you can’t do it alone, get the help of a good therapist or ask a trusted friend or family member.

You can also rely on your spiritual team to help you. In Rebecca Rosen’s book Spirited, she talks about your spiritual team.

Use them!

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4. Believe in yourself

Being your true self means you must find a way to believe in yourself and grow self-confidence.

So, consider this…

Your soul has a reason for being here…. grow belief in that.

This vantage point will help you overcome any confusion you have over what’s on your path.

As your relationship with yourself deepens over time, you will figure this out.

Ask yourself this question: What do I feel I must do? And if I don’t do it, give it, share it, or express it, my life will feel incomplete?

Each of us has something to give. We really do. And it’s a joy in life to give it.

5. Trust there’s a plan for you

There’s a plan for your life… an outline of what is possible for you. The emphasis is on what’s possible.

It’s not automatically going to happen.

Fulfillment of your destiny is decided by the choices you make along the way.

And while being true to yourself is vitally important, once you’re there much of the time, practice staying true to yourself.

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True self example

An example of being true to oneself is someone choosing to pursue a career in art despite familial pressure to pursue a more traditional path.

My son is an artist… and I encouraged it! But, I’ve had friends make comments that tell me they disapprove.

Why the hell do they care?

But, people have opinions about everything.

Despite the risk of uncertainty, when a person embraces their passion, and dedicates themselves to their inner calling wholeheartedly, they’re being true to themselves.

They express their unique perspective and creativity freely, refusing to compromise their creative integrity for acceptance by others.

In doing so, they find fulfillment and purpose, inspiring others with their authenticity and courage.

It’s true… when you have the courage to be yourself, it gives those around you some piece of courage.

By honoring their true self, they create a life in sync with their deepest values, contributing positively to the world while staying true to their inner calling.

Even if they’re not gonna be rich… yet:)

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Final Thoughts

Your true self gets covered up with fear and confusion.

We’ve all been there.

The road back to yourself is not an overnight one, it takes awhile.

However, enjoy the journey to yourself, because it’s the most important journey you’ll take.

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