Good Vibes Meaning: How To Bring Positive Energy Into Your Life

good vibes meaning, positive vibes

Do you wonder what ‘good vibes’ truly means? Let’s demystify this trendy phrase together and better understand how to bring good vibes into your life.

Because the cycle of negativity can drag you down and leave you feeling unfulfilled.

In my book, The Thought Store, I illustrate how good vibes and low vibes physically affect the body and every aspect of life.

Whether you’re feeling overwhelmed by life’s pressures or simply looking for ways to enhance your well-being, this blog post is tailored for you.

By the end of this, you’ll understand what good vibes means and how to bring more of them into your life.

What does good vibes mean?

Good vibes it’s a slang term for positive energy vibrations felt in the body that create a good mood and warm feeling.

These higher vibrations affect those around you and lift your energy and mood, help you fulfill your potential, and attract positive energy into your life.

Good vibes feel warm, happy, and comforting.

3 Steps To Bring Good Vibes Into Your Life

Here are 3 steps to help you bring good vibes into your life.

  • Commit to self-love. As you grow in self-love, you have more love to give.
  • Protect your energy and avoid people who drain your energy.
  • Lessen the negative thinking, it brings in low vibes.

Are vibes contagious?

Yes, vibes are contagious.

Think about it for a minute.

You walk into a room and you instantly feel happy, warm and comfortable. OR… you instantly feel strange, unwanted, and uncomfortable.

You’re feeling vibes or vibrations.

Because we live in an energetic universe.

You’re feeling vibes from people, topics, furniture placement, colors, light, etc.

Since energy travels, vibes travel from person to person.

Vibes versus energy

Vibes and energy are basically the same thing.

We use the term vibes to describe what we feel around people and in places.

For example, They have good vibes. I feel good vibes when I’m around them.

We might also say… I like their energy. They have good energy.

1. Commit to self-love

As you grow in self-love, you have more love to give and you raise your vibration.

Does this surprise you that self-love brings in good vibes? Well, it does.

I have an entire amazing post dedicated to self-love affirmations that I’ve curated specifically to help you bring in good vibes that are also self-loving.

Since thoughts have an energy vibration, you can create good vibes with good thinking.

High-vibe thinking™ supports you emotionally and mentally.

Actually, I coined the term high vibe thinking™ and teach it in hospitals and schools to help people lower stress and increase well being.

Your thinking can have the biggest impact on whether you feel good vibes or bad vibes throughout the day.

And actions speak louder than words.

So, in addition to affirming self-love, show yourself… with regular self-care. Nothing tells your mind I love you more than doing things that ARE self-loving.

Vibes Meaning

Vibes is a slang term for positive or negative energy vibrations felt in the body.

The term vibes has become so popular that it’s being used on TV, Movies, and social media…. A LOT.

In a recent season of Bachelor in Paradise the producers started a “vibe count” to count the number of times members of the cast used the word: Vibes... Was it over 40 times in one episode?

For many years, I’ve been teaching about good vibes and the connection to how we think to physicians and staff in hospitals, as well as high school students.

good vibes meaning

Affirmations for good vibes

Thoughts have energy. To help you bring good vibes into YOUR day, recite these affirmations each morning and night.

I am bringing good energy into my day.

I attract all good vibe people and situations.

I am a magnet for good vibes.

I deeply and completely love and accept myself. (This is an amazing, top shelf, good vibrations thought!)

When I feel stressed or anxious, I breathe and tell myself: I will figure this out.

One thing at a time.


I cancel all negative thoughts.

I am sending you positive vibes.

I love good vibrations.

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2. Protect your energy

Give yourself permission to protect your valuable energy.

One way to do this is to minimize your time around people who drain you.

If it’s your job and you have no choice… minimize your time spent with the energy vampire. Dr. Christiane Northrup’s book on this subject is outstanding and I recommend reading it if this is an issue for you.

You have every right to protect your energy.

If it’s a social situation, then you don’t have to get together with the person in the first place! You are not responsible for other people’s energy.

You’re responsible for your own energy.

Just like other’s must take responsibility for their energy.

Here’s an example where I had to admit that my own energy was affecting others negatively.

I remember back when my husband and I went to small business week-end retreats. My energy was more fear based back then. I was spewing my fears into the air and I noticed the guy next to me slowly back away. I knew what he was doing. And good for him! I got the hint and stopped talking. 

He knew at the time that our energies were incompatible!

I was embarrassed.

But, in hindsight, it was a good wake up call for me.

High-vibe thinking, something more

Raise your vibration

All thoughts and emotions have specific frequencies.

The goal is to bring in higher frequencies!

I’ve written an entire article, How to Raise Your Vibration: 9 Ways to Invite the Good Vibes In to help you choose situations, foods, people, places that create good vibes!

Since vibration = vibe, focus on ways to raise your vibration!

This is very important and my article on how to raise your vibration outlines it beautifully for you.

In general, be around people, places, and things that have soul vibes.

Soul vibes are vibrations that connect you to the deeper aspects of you.

While a soul connection speaks to the soulmates in your life.

Negative vibes from a person

Negative vibes from a person feel… uneasy, uncomfortable, and toxic.

You want to run away.

Negative energy feels heavy, oppressive, and dense.

Like when you walk into a smoke filled room.

You might feel irritable, like you want to escape.

When a person has negative vibes, it doesn’t mean it’s permanent… although it might be.

But in the moment, their energy feels exhausting and you’re repelled from it IF your energy is higher vibration.

Since things are relative to other things, if your energy is negative, you may not feel or notice another person’s low vibes.

However, if you’re energy is more positive, the feeling of another person’s negative energy will hit you like a pungent odor.

It’s all relative.

NOTE: You can 100% send positive thoughts to those you love by focusing your attention on them while thinking high-vibration thoughts.

how to raise your vibration, vibing

3. Think high quality

Sorry, the negative thinking has to go… it’s too low vibration.

Negative thinking is low vibration. So, make it your goal to dial down how much negative thinking you have during each day.

I offer my high-vibe thinking™ course to help you with this!

Pay attention to what you put your valuable energy into.

What do you think about most of the time?

It takes a good dose of mindfulness to keep your thoughts from going negative.

It’s so tempting!

We all think negatively at times…

My passion is energy vibrations and using the power of thought to empower people, and yet, I can go negative all too quickly!

My book, The Thought Store is ALL about vibrations!!

The good news is… with practice you can catch yourself before it’s too late.

According to Charles Duhigg in The Power of Habit, you can change a negative habit by replacing it with a healthy habit.

When you say, Cancel to a negative thought, you’re interrupting the old pattern. It’s a start.

Another great tip, gratitude always creates good vibes!

So say affirmations for gratitude to bring in positive vibes.

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Is there science to vibes?

Is there scientific evidence to support vibes?

Yes, there is!

First, vibes = vibrations.

And, vibrations are energy frequencies that “affect how your body functions.”

According to Healthline, What is vibrational energy? , “These vibrations generate electromagnetic energy waves. Researchers have found that vibrations and the electromagnetic energy associated with them cause changes in your cells, which can then affect how your body functions.”

If you’re interested in the abstract from The National Library of Medicine sited above, here it is: “Spontaneous mechanical oscillations were predicted and experimentally proven on almost every level of cellular structure.

Vibes, vibrations, and/or oscillations affect the body.

So, those “vibes” you feel, you really do.

The energy of persuasion

Yale School of the Environment studied how and why individual’s energy choices are contagious. “In short, personal energy choices can be contagious… But why exactly that occurs is less clear.”

The Yale team didn’t research “vibes” so to speak, but their study explores how individual behavior is contagious to others.

The researchers say that the power of persuasion influences the behavior of others. Persuasive powers is a form of energy.

CNN writes in their article, Can Depressive Thinking Can be Contagious, “We don’t think of emotional states as passing from one person to another, but a new study suggests some depressive thoughts can go viral.”

Again, what makes depressive thoughts go viral?

You got it… energy vibrations or vibes.

High-vibe thinking, something more

‘Good vibes only’ meaning

The phrase “Good Vibes Only” has become a popular saying, symbolizing a push for positivity and optimism in one’s life.

This mantra pretty much aligns with the new age view that everything in the universe is energy, including our thoughts and emotions.

I agree!

While rooted in positivity and optimism, this phrase has its share of negative implications.

One significant criticism is that it can lead to toxic positivity, where there is an overemphasis on maintaining a positive mindset at all times.

This isn’t healthy and disrespects the other side of human life, which has hurt and pain.

Ideologies that tell us to ignore how we feel are dangerous. We don’t heal our lives by plastering on a smile.

We heal our lives by feeling our emotions and ultimately letting go. It’s a process.

The ‘Good Vibes Only’ mantra sometimes creates an unrealistic expectation that life should be devoid of challenges and painful experiences.

This is not only impractical, but dismisses the valuable soul lessons and growth that can arise from facing and overcoming obstacles.

So, I’m not a fan of the mantra because it oversimplifies what it is to be human… but I get it. We all like the feeling of good vibes.

Good vibes, not toxic positivity!

With all of this talk about good vibes…

Remember, real people have feelings that are low vibe, painful, and uncomfortable and THAT’S OK!

We must honor our emotions. Period! Otherwise they fester.

Emotions can pile up and then we explode!

Plus, feeling our emotions is how we heal! And as we heal ourselves, we heal the planet.

Here are emotional release methods to help you feel and heal.

Also, I wrote a Dr. Seuss-like poem to help people avoid toxic positivity. Sometimes a fun approach works well!

Authenticity creates positive vibes

In these times of artificial intelligence and superficiality we’re hungry for authenticity.

Anyone and anything that’s real.

I wrote this. I believe this. This is me.

Authenticity fosters true positive vibes because it’s real.

When we are honest and sharing our authentic selves, that conveys positive vibes.

When we are showing superficial positivity, we’re faking it.

Faking it feels dishonest and is low-vibration.

If you don’t feel safe talking with a person, then you don’t have to disclose your true self! However, those conversations are usually not satisfying.

Good Vibes Make You Feel Good

Good vibes help you…

  • Feel warm, happy and comfortable.
  • Attract more good vibes into your life.
  • Attract quality people into your life.
  • Be soulful and fulfill your potential or destiny.
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Good vibes feel good

When you have good vibes, it means you’re energy is up! Your mood is up!

Positive vibes and good vibes have the same meaning.

Typically, you’ll feel positive emotions like trust, love, and kindness.

You may also feel greater safety and security, because you’re not in fear.

You’re vibing with a person or in a place when you feel happy, in the flow, comfortable, and good energy.

Good vibes attract more

Good vibes attract more good vibes.

Because like attracts like! As your frequency goes up, you’ll attract higher frequencies.

I realize this sounds like a science fiction movie… but think about it for a moment.

When you feel a certain emotion… it changes your energy level right?

For example, happiness feels WAY different than fear. Positive feelings have different energy than negative feelings.

And when you think negative thoughts… it changes your energy level as well!

To find happiness, you’ll want to be true to your emotions while keeping your energy UP!

Thoughts like I can’t, I won’t, I am the worst… have a negative vibe and will certainly drop your energy like a wrecking ball drops a building!

Albert Einstein said, “Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the energy you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy.”

If you want a positive life, pay attention to how you feel while keeping your thoughts high-quality.

High-vibe thinking, something more

Good vibes attract people

Good vibes attract quality people…

As feelings and thoughts have an energy frequency, so do people.

When you are with someone, don’t you FEEL their energy?

If they are negative, you walk away feeling your energy drained.

If they are fake… same thing.

We feel people’s energy!!

So, using the same law: like attracts like… As you raise your frequency, you’ll attract others with that frequency.

vibing, vibing meaning

Bring good vibes into daily life

In a high-vibe life, you’re intentional about bringing good vibes into daily life.

You have good vibes as you go to the store, visit friends, and your job.

Good vibes help you fulfill your potential and create positive emotions.

And, as you choose high-vibe thoughts, you’re attracting positive energy.

As you have a healthy relationship with yourself, you’ll be creating more good vibes.

Good vibes fulfill your potential

Good vibes help you fulfill your potential.

They even help you fulfill your destiny.

As a life coach with expertise in soulfulness, we must raise our vibration to be who we’re meant to be.

Nothing creates higher vibes faster than spiritual energy. Because spirit’s energy is way higher than our dense human energy.

On page 36 in Spirited, medium Rebecca Rosen writes “For communication between the living and the dead to take place, a medium must raise his or her energy and spirit must slow its energy down. When this happens, we meet somewhere in the middle to carry out a conversation between the physical and non-physical worlds.”

As you lean into your spirit, you’re connecting to the part of you that feels unlimited.

Good vibes can help you with soul care when you need to lift yourself up.

Bad vibes

Since the universe is energy, good vibes… and bad vibes spread to those around you.

Energy moves!

You may be wondering… if good vibes are clearly better than the bad ones, why are there so many negative vibes out there?

Good question!

Because humans are flesh and blood and we get hurt… and sadly, hurt people hurt others and spread bad vibes.

Beware that lacking self-confidence is the enemy of your dreams! If you doubt the very thing you’re meant to do with your life, you’ll bring in fear and more doubt.

Bad vibes?

A bad vibe refers to when a person or place causes you to feel afraid, anxious, or tired.

Bad vibes are negative vibes because they lower your potential. Go here for a deep dive into bad vibes and how to respond to them.

It’s not the topic of this article, but the ego can create negative energy.

The moody, self-centered ego doesn’t tend to look at the best in others or ourselves.

Each unique soul feels called to express itself!

I highly recommend A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle to find everything you need to know about the ego. It’s life-changing.

High-vibe thinking, something more

Other uses of the term ‘energy’

Feng shui, “is an ancient Chinese traditional practice which claims to use energy forces to harmonize individuals with their surrounding environment.”

Feng shui is a 3,000 year old practice that uses energy principles to describe how a room’s decor and furniture placement affects our mood.

National Geographic writes, “Feng shui stems from the Taoist belief in chi, or the life force that inhabits everything.”

Life force or chi can also be described as vibes: it’s all energy and energy is contagious.

Furthermore, Harvard Business Review in their article, The Best Leaders Have a Contagious Positive Energy, writes…

“…we found that the greatest predictor of success for leaders is not their charisma, influence, or power. It is not personality, attractiveness, or innovative genius. The one thing that supersedes all these factors is positive relational energy, the energy exchanged between people that helps uplift, enthuse, and renew them.”

“The energy exchanged between people”… what is that? Energy vibrations or vibes!

good vibes, magnets

Is vibe short for vibration?

The short answer is yes.

Vibe is short for energy vibrations or frequency. 

While the term good vibes may sound young and hip, or old and hippyish… it’s a fun, happy term.

However, energy is everywhere – in your body, your thoughts, and your emotions.

So, let go a bit, and let the vibes flow:) 

Shoot, I’m an ex-IBMer who wore a suit every day, and when I watch Survivor and people say: I got bad vibes from Bob… 

I kind of judge them and the word.

It surprises me that I’d have this judgey reaction since I coined the term high-vibe thinking™ and my quick judgments reminds me of my ego’s desire to judge everything.

A new earth by Eckhart Tolle

In A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle he writes, “All things are vibrating energy fields in ceaseless motion.

“What we perceive as physical matter is energy vibrating (moving) at a particular range of frequencies. Thoughts consist of the same energy vibrating at a higher frequency than matter, which is why they cannot be seen or touched.” ~ Eckhart Tolle

Once we can imagine that there’s more to life than what we see and touch, we can accept that energy vibrations are all around us.

Furthermore, my book, The Thought Store, is based on this idea: Thoughts are energy and can lower or raise your energy vibration.

negative emotions, good vibes meaning, good vibe, bad vibe

How do you stay in a positive vibe?

So, how do you stay with good vibes when you’re worried or afraid?

Because when you are worried, your energy drops… into the earth! We often imagine the worst possible outcome.

Instead, we need to feel what’s real, then replace negative thoughts with high-vibe thoughts.

Reprogram your inner critic, because that voice is the voice of your fears and insecurities and will drive the good vibes away!

High-vibe thinking, something more

Feel your feelings

In my work as a life coach, I’m saddened by how many people feel guilty for their emotions. I often hear people say, I shouldn’t feel that way.

You have every right to feel ANY emotion you have. Your work is to keep your thoughts high-vibration. And, that takes some practice:)

As a human being you’ll have positive feelings and negative feelings.

While there are many benefits of positive thinking, feel your feelings.

It’s better to allow all emotion, focusing on the energy directly. The key to this is to turn off the negative thoughts and stop the negative story about the situation.

That’s where the work is. Good vibes flow more easily when we do this inner work.

Good vibes quotes

Good vibes quotes are simply quotes that lift your energy and mood. They’re sayings, popular or not, that motivate us, inspire us, and remind us of how powerful we are as humans.

Because we forget! Here are some of my favorite good vibes quotes:

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.” – Abraham Lincoln

“The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.” – Nelson Mandela

“The only way to do great work is to love what you do.” – Steve Jobs

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

“Happiness is not something ready-made. It comes from your own actions.” – Dalai Lama

When your thoughts go negative, it’s helpful to read good vibes quotes to shift your energy quickly.

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The inner work

To put good vibes into the world… you’ll need to do the work on yourself.

Unfortunately, there’s no magic pill.

You radiate the energy you feel inside.

So, if you’re feeling fear much of the time, you will put fear out there.

This is the way it works.

So, work on your thoughts, growing self-love, optimism, and healing your past… it’s a journey we all must take. As you do this, your vibration will increase.

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Final thoughts

Feeling good vibes is what we all need more of!

Good vibes help us feel better.

This isn’t about something as simple as having a positive attitude, it’s more than that.

It is also important to remember that focusing on the positive does not mean ignoring the negative.

It simply means choosing to focus on the good things in your life and the things you can control. When you focus on the positive, it can help you to feel more optimistic, hopeful, and motivated.

Good vibes can be quickly created by choosing high-vibe thinking™, and by doing the inner work to finding yourself.

See my home page for more information!

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