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7 Journal Prompts for Self Love to Love Yourself More

Do you have an inner voice that’s critical, judgmental and not too loving to YOU?

You know you can be more self-loving, and it bothers you that you’re not showing up fully for yourself in this way.

As a soul coach, helping people grow self-love is a passion of mine and I’ve created journal prompts for self-love for hundreds of people.

You want to grow in self-love and you’re hoping to use journaling as a way to love yourself more.

Journal prompts are a fantastic way to practice self-love, organize your thoughts, and express what’s happening with you on a deeper, soul level. 

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7 Journal Prompts for Self Love

Use self love journal prompts to practice self love, self-honesty, and self-compassion for your struggles, without being a victim.

Also, use your journal to write self-love affirmations and practice exercises for self love.

According to the Brain and Behavior Research Foundation, “Self-love is a state of appreciation for oneself that grows from actions that support our physical, psychological and spiritual growth.”

journal prompts for self love, self care

Here are 7 journal prompts for self love.

1. Write about a time you were self loving

Think about a time when you were loving towards yourself with these journaling prompts.

  • Write about a time you stood up for yourself. When someone did something that hurt you and you spoke up! You were true to yourself.
  • Or, a time when you left a toxic relationship. You were brave!
  • Or, think of a time when you overcame a challenge. Write about what hardships you overcame and the qualities you possess that helped you. Were you persistent, patient, or extremely focused?

These qualities increase self love because when you stick with something that matters to you, you’re patient with the process, and you focus to get something done, you’re supporting yourself.

That’s loving yourself no matter what!

2. Ask: What do I need in this situation?

Ask yourself what you need… on a soul level, need. This is part of spiritual self care.

This is part of being a soulful person.

Self love and self care is getting rest when you need rest.

Getting nourishment when you’re depleted.

Being heard when something matters a lot to you.

Are you doing work that’s fulfilling to you?

Remember to ask your spirit guides for more information about what you need in any situation.

3. Ask: How do I feel?

Honoring your feelings is a huge part of self love and no self-rejection.

No self-rejection means allowing all emotions.

So, ask yourself how you feel throughout the day and write about it in your journal.

For example, I feel angry…. and just dump onto the page how it feels without the negative beliefs and story about it.

Writing the story is less helpful than you might think.

Instead, focus on the feelings.

Focus on the feelings.

Lean into the emotion directly and write about that.

I feel angry. I feel a pit in my stomach, a lump in my throat. I want to cry. I want to scream… Writing about the emotions will serve you far more than writing about WHY.

4. What do I need to know about myself?

Self discovery is part of self-love too. So, journaling prompts that invite you to go deeper in life are one thing to add.

Weekly or daily journaling that explores self discovery, self knowledge, and self worth is important.

This post on self discovery suggests that you ask yourself these three things:

Am I a spiritual being?

What am I most challenged by in my life?

What 3 things do I need to live fully?

5. When was I able to forgive myself?

Write about a time you forgave yourself for something you’ve done that you regret.

Use these journaling prompts to bring up those past situations.

What do I regret?

How could I have done it differently?

How can I be more self loving to myself in this situation?

self love, self care

6. What are my limiting beliefs?

Journaling about your limiting beliefs can be a valuable exercise for self love because you’ll challenge those beliefs that no longer serve you and catch your negative self-talk.

First, create a safe space fro yourself by finding a quiet and comfortable place where you can focus without being interrupted. 

I used to write in my closet!

Then, identify beliefs that are holding you back.

Begin by making a list of the beliefs about your abilities, self worth, and relationships you suspect are holding you back. Be honest with yourself!

Remember, this is safe space! 

Next, go down your list and challenge each of those beliefs. It can be surface stuff to deeper self worth issues. 

Am I really bad at science and analytical subjects? 

Do I really believe that I don’t deserve love? 

Am I really that bad with people? Am I that unfriendly? 

7. Write to your younger self

Write to your younger self. Now that you’re older and wiser, what would you say to your past self who was small and innocent?

Think of the lessons you’ve learned and what you’d say to yourself in a non-judgmental, kind way?

The sweet thing about speaking to ourselves when we were young is that we tend to be kinder and speak with genuine self love.

younger self

Find a journal you enjoy

Obviously, a journal is personal.  But, it’s more than that.  So, be sure you have a journal that you like!

It’s not necessary to spend money on a fancy journal unless you want to. If you want a journal with a handwoven textile cover, go for it!  However, there are a few options for your journal.

  1. Buy a traditional journal. They’re available at all price points. 
  2. Go to an art store and buy an artist’s journal.  Because there are no lines in it, you can write in whatever form you want. Doodling, scribbling, mindmaps, lists, whatever feels right for you. Plus, there are many sizes to choose from. 
  3. Find an empty notebook that your kids didn’t use and repurpose it into a journal. This is a great way to save money and save the planet at the same time.
gratitude journal, self love journal, self esteem, more self love practices

What’s a synchronicity journal?

Another option for your journal is to keep a synchronicity journal.

As a soul coach, this is one of my favorite journals.

Synchronicity is defined as a meaningful coincidence.  So, you would list or write in the journal all of the things that happen in your day that feel like synchronicity. Here is a list of examples: 

  • Guidance from a higher power.
  • Guidance from your spirit guides.
  • The right book shows up at the right time.
  • The person you wanted to talk to calls you first. 
  • The money you need shows up as a gift, a new opportunity, or good luck. 
  • The problem you’ve been confused about is suddenly resolved.
  • You feel nudged to do something you wouldn’t ordinarily do. 

There is a lot of support and guidance in our lives, and a synchronicity journal reminds us of that. 

Final thoughts

On your self love journey, use self love journal prompts to help you anchor self love, self compassion, self honesty, patience, and forgiveness.

An important part of self care and mental health is being honest with yourself without self rejection.

And it’s important to stop the negative self-talk because the brain believes what you tell it!

Self-honesty without criticism can be practiced beautifully with journal prompts for self love.

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