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9 Easy and Best Books on Positive Thinking

Have you ever considered how the right book can open doors to a new way of thinking?

In a world often filled with negativity, finding resources that genuinely uplift and inspire positive thinking quickly and easily can be a challenge.

Drawing from my extensive journey through personal growth and mental wellness literature, I’ve curated a list of positive thinking books that stand out for their impactful messages.

You’re not just looking for any book; you’re seeking transformative reads that can genuinely shift your mindset towards better thinking!

I’ll introduce you to eight exceptional books on positive thinking. Each one has been selected for its ease of understanding and profound ability to create a more optimistic and fulfilling approach to life.

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Life… trauma, and circumstances mess with our thinking. We begin as blessed beautiful children, life happens, it throws us, and our thinking slowly and surely begins goes bonkers.

9 Easy Best Books on Positive Thinking

The positive thinking books listed below come from decades of my personal obsession with the subject of happiness and positive thinking.

There are many benefits of positive thinking.

Frankly, while I knew that thinking positively was a good idea, I was offended by the suggestion that I should think positively when I was hurting inside.

This is why I wrote The Thought Store and coined the term high-vibe thinking™.

I want to help people who, like me, want to be authentic in what we feel because we know our emotions cannot be ignored. However, we don’t want uncomfortable emotions running our lives.

And, we want to stop overthinking every event in our lives.

high-vibe thinking™

1. As a Man Thinketh by James Allen

As A Man Thinketh by James Allen is at the top of the list of positive thinking books because it was written in 1903 when no one else was probably talking about such things!

books on positive thinking, As A Man Thinketh by James Allen

James Allen was a pioneer of that time to be putting his advanced ideas out into the world.

As a Man Thinketh is more of a booklet, than a book. It’s small, short and to the point.

My favorite thing about it: It’s inspirational on steroids. You read it and you truly believe in your ability to transform your entire life. Plus, it’s short and easy to digest in one sitting.

It’s not easy to be that inspirational, but Mr. Allen does it.

While I’m Jewish… this version, sold by a Christian bookseller is my favorite format for this book.

Here’s an easy-to-read, pamphlet-style version of the book from this bookseller. I keep having to order a new copy because I give my copies away.

There are so many benefits of positive mindset books like this one.

You can buy this pamphlet version here: As a Man Thinketh.

2. Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

One of the all time life changing books on positive thinking is Think and Grow Rich which was first published in 1937 by Napoleon Hill. It is one of the best-selling books of ALL time.

book, think and grow rich by Napoleon Hill

In every Thinking Habits Class I teach in hospitals, I reference this magical book and this famous quote: “You have absolute control over but one thing, and that is your thoughts. The most significant and inspiring of all facts known to man!”

Now, since Napoleon Hill wrote this, there’s a lot of evidence that tells us that we don’t actually have control over all of our thoughts. Instead, our thought patterns are highly conditioned by our past and difficult to change.

After working with hundreds of people and their thinking patterns, I know how challenging it is to get control of our thinking. However, we must remind ourselves that we are the thinker behind the thoughts.

My favorite thing about it: Everything. It’s a classic self-help book and everyone will benefit from reading it. I love the old-fashioned way he writes. I love its simplicity. He’s no poser. I love this book.

You can purchase your copy here: Think and Grow Rich.

high-vibe thinking™

3. What to Say When You Talk to Yourself by Shad Helmstetter, Ph.D.

My next must-read positive thinking book is What to Say When You Talk to Yourself by Shad Helmstetter, Ph. D. was originally published in 1982 and is one of my favorite positive thinking books.

It is the go-to book on self-talk.

books on positive thinking, mental health, negative self talk, subconscious mind,

Positve self talk is central for successful people.

Mr. Helmstetter is a fan of keeping a positive, optimistic attitude, and positive mindset and using self-talk to create those states of mind.

My favorite thing about it: He gives literally hundreds of examples of self-talk that is self-loving, self-compassionate, self-respectful, and he talks about the brain being a computer… which makes sense to my brain.

How you program your brain-computer, will determine what comes out! So positive thoughts in, thoughts that honor how you feel (since I’m a stickler for emotions… )will produce good output.

You can find your copy here: What to Say When You Talk to Yourself

4. Money is My Friend: Eliminate Your Financial Fears… by Phil Laut

Another great positive thinking book is Money is My Friend by Phil Laut, published in BLANK.

This book gives dozens of GREAT affirmations for attracting more money back into your life.

Also an inspiring book about self-talk, Money is My Friend tells us that our relationships with money is the basis for having plenty of money. To the title’s point: my money your friend.

My favorite thing about it is: The concept is transformational in that it highlights that our thoughts and self talk about money determine our relationship with money.

When I first read this in my 30’s, it made me stop and think about my self-talk in regard to all things money, abundance, and what we attract into our lives.

You can order Money is My Friend here.

5. The Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale

The international best selling positive thinking book is The Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale. Just about everyone, young and old, has heard of this bestseller on the subject of positivity and building belief in oneself.

The Power of Positive Thinking is another inspirational book by Norman Vincent Peale that motivates the reader about the importance of a more positive outlook.

My favorite thing about it: I believe him. Norman Vincent Peale is a pioneer in the thought revolution and to really understand this subject, you’ll want to read this book.

To build self-esteem, we must be masters of our thinking. To lower stress, we must focus our attention on thoughts that support and empower us.

Purchase The Power of Positive Thinking.

high-vibe thinking™

6. The Greatest Salesman in the World by Og Mandino

Og Mandino is one of my favorite positive thinking authors because he’s able to package gold nuggets into his short, but impactful books.

The Greatest Salesman list ten ancient scrolls that give you the road to achieve success. Within it’s pages is positive thinking advice from the sages.

My favorite thing about it: This book is a parable, it uses a story to illustrate a lesson. In this case, the lesson is: You create success by thinking positively and taking action on those thoughts.

Negative thoughts are meant to be overcome with the positive mindset listed in the scrolls.

Buy The Greatest Salesman in the World.

7. Feel The Fear and Do it Anyway by Susan Jeffers, Ph.D.

Another great recommendation for positive thinking books is Feel The Fear and Do it Anyway: Dynamic techniques for turning fear, indecision, and anger into power, action, and love by Susan Jeffers, Ph. D.

Feel the Fear and do it anyway by Susan Jeffers, positive thinking books, stop worrying, mental health

This book is a classic. Dr. Jeffers is a psychologist who shares the valuable advice she gives her patients to overcome obstacles, mainly fear, anger, and being stuck.

She says that fear is inevitable, so accept it and do the thing you’re afraid to do anyway.

So you’ll have more positive relationships, experiences, and a brighter future.

My favorite thing about it: She gives actionable steps and thoughts that you can apply easily and quickly.

I had a fear of flying, so my therapist recommended this book. I read it, took it on the plane and said the thoughts that she recommends, and my flight was easier.

Not without fear! But, I was able to push through without much stuggle.

Buy Feel The Fear and Do it Anyway.

8. The Thought Store by Jeanne Nangle

I wrote The Thought Store in 2014 about a retail business, 300 years in the future, that sells positive thoughts. The story is about Henry, it’s negative store manager, and is love interest Ella, who is slowly dying from negative thinking.

the thought store, books on positive thinking, negative thoughts, positive psychology
Cover artwork by Alex Hartong

I call the fictional disease (possibly not so fictional?) Solidification since people go into solid form, like a statue, from a lifetime of fear-based, not good enough, thinking.

It’s low-vibe thinking. Meaning, this kind of thinking is so low vibration, that your body stops functioning.

I can safely say that The Thought Store is one of the most unusual stories about positive thinking.

It’s listed here because there’s not another book on positive thinking that is anything like this book.

My favorite thing about it: The Thought Store illustrates the real dangers of a life filled with thinking that basically drains the life out of you! The 8 Simple Thinking Habits give the reader concrete action steps for changing their thinking patterns.

These thinking habits, when practiced with repetition, create better well being, a positive outlook, and help you stay in the present moment.

Purchase The Thought Store: 8 Simple Thinking Habits for Work and Life.

Positive thinking books about feelings?

I’ve read many positive thinking books, truly good books on the subject. 

And I practiced what they said. And they were all great.

But, one thing was missing. 

None of the books talked about FEELINGS in a way that I needed. 

Or, more accurately, none of the books incorporated how to THINK ABOUT FEELINGS. 

And this was my main problem. My emotions were up and down, and my thoughts would follow that roller coaster wherever it went. 

My happy, fearful, emotional self needed help. 

high-vibe thinking™

9. A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle

A New Earth is extra credit because it’s not easy.

However, once you’ve had enough of books that talk about how you should think… you get to the point where you just really want to know how to get to the underlying problem, which is the ego.

This books talks about the unconsciousness of the ego and how our awareness of the ego and that’s not who we really are is how we begin to separate our identity from ego.

The ego is entanglement with form: mainly, thoughts and emotions.

And I’m not referring as much to positive emotions.

My favorite thing about it: This book has been, probably the most transformational for me in terms of relieving myself of the ego. Or, at least, working towards it, so that I can be free of thinking so darn much!

Purchase A New Earth on Amazon.

Negative thinking

Our negative thinking is not an accident. We think negatively because of childhood trauma, life traps, and temperament.

So, while high-vibe thinking™ is important, it’s a good idea to do the inner work necessary to heal the past, so that we don’t carry the emotional energy that’s weighing us down.

Why I wrote a book about positive thoughts

I coined the term high-vibe thinking™ after my husband passed away years ago. High-vibe thinking is a more well-rounded term than positive thinking because it gives people the skills for emotional awareness and emotional wellbeing.

Good vibes can lift you up and lift your mood.

In a nutshell, high-vibe thinking™ supports you emotionally, spiritually, and mentally so that you will fulfill your destiny.

It doesn’t hurt to have a positive attitude

If you’re one of those lucky people who naturally has a positive attitude, it helps you cope with stress and difficult situations.

A positive attitude can boost your energy levels and make you feel more optimistic about the future, it can help you build stronger relationships with others, and lead to better physical and mental health.

However, the road to get there is paved with thinking that raises your vibration:)

high-vibe thinking™

Final thoughts

As you think, you become. We’ve all heard this saying, but we’re left wondering… OK, but how do I change the way I think?

Human beings are deeply conditioned, so it’s takes a bit of work. But, the negative consequences of low-vibe thinking are quite frankly, very worrisome!

Your emotional well being depends on how you think. Because our thoughts shape everyday life, our emotions, and our ability to have lasting success.

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