9 Wonderful Ways to Send Healing Vibes Today

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Sending healing vibes isn’t just an idea, it’s taking deliberate action to help someone.

It’s challenging to stay positive and relay healing messages in our often negative world.

With my extensive background in the field of positive energy, I’ve developed practical ways around this.

You’re looking for tangible steps to promote healing and positivity for someone you care about.

Or maybe, for yourself!

Here are 9 wonderful ways to send healing vibes to those around you.

9 Things You Can Do to Send Healing Vibes

Do you want to send healing vibes and positive energy to someone?

You wish there was something you could do!

Well, there IS something you can do.

  • Be clear about sending positive energy
  • Remember to breathe
  • Hold the space
  • Affirm healing
  • Affirm something positive
  • Use positive self-talk
  • Use your imagination
  • Practice gratitude
  • Always Be Connected (ABC)

If you’re visiting someone in the hospital or at home who is sick, here’s how to have good vibes in your visit with them.

And here are ways to cheer up someone you care about.

Harness positive energy effectively and send healing energy with the 9 techniques below! Good vibes are real!

1. Be clear about sending positive energy

When sending energy at a distance, focus your attention on sending positive energy.

You can even smile while you’re doing this.

Your intention is to help them heal, at least energetically.

In my post on sending positive thoughts, I explain that thoughts are energy and energy travels.

In this care, you’re sending healing vibes to someone you care about by thinking positively about them and the situation.

Being intentional is part of having a high-vibe life.

Thoughts are energy!

Positive energy in a work environment

These principles apply at work as well.

Workplace fatigue is a serious problem, and to help you manage fatigue at work, you can practice the energy techniques listed in this article while you’re at work.

So that you’re vibing at work and with your associates, make it your clear intention to do so.

Send positive energy because the energy you carry in your body, largely driven by your thoughts and emotions, is felt by others.

2. Remember to breathe

When we are afraid, we forget to breathe. Plus, our breath is shallow.

Breathing helps because it calms your energy and eases negative emotions!

But, all emotions must be felt.

Focus on taking gentle, deep breaths to calm the mind and body. The most effective sequence is to inhale for 4 counts and exhale for 8 counts.

Reiki Energy

Reiki energy is known to be effective in energy healing. You can find a Reiki master in your town if you’re interested.

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3. Affirm healing

Distance healing has been around for eons.

Before sending healing energy, repeat affirmations that affirm that nature is designed to heal.

This is empowering, is it not??

Just as plants lean toward the sun in life, the body wants to heal.

But, health is complicated as you know, so there are no simple answers here.

Affirm: I am designed to heal. I am healing my life. I am healing each day. With each breath, I am healing.

Then, name the person you’re visiting and say the same thing as a mantra, over and over. You are literally planting higher energy as you’re doing so.

Whether it’s mental health struggles or physical health problems, affirm healing!

4. Affirm something positive

Positive affirmations work. The key practice is to say them regularly. This is not a one-and-done situation. Affirmations must be planted, fertilized, and watered daily.

Here’s a blog post I wrote of 307 Best Affirmations for Self-love and these affirmations also apply to healing or stressful situations.

Thoughts are the quickest way to shift your energy.

Your thoughts have an energy frequency. This fact is why your thoughts are so powerful, in both a positive and negative way, and can attract healing energy.

Have confidence in the body’s ability to heal.

5. Positive self-talk

What you say when you talk to yourself is very important, since thoughts ARE energy.

For optimal healing energy, you’ll want to check yourself first!

As you carry your energy into a stressful situation, talk to yourself in a way that lowers YOUR stress. Here are examples of positive self-talk that will calm you and reduce stress.

Although I’m nervous, I can handle this.

I am calm and at ease.

I am creating calm and ease.

I am doing the best I can.

I am sending you calm and ease.

I am sending you healing and good health.

I am not buying into any doubt about your body’s ability to heal.

As you’re affirming calm and ease, again, think of the person.

Think relax and repeat

When you relax in the presence of fear, stress, and anxiety, you move the energy, even if only slightly.

Michael Singer, the author of The Untethered Soul, recommends that when something causes you to want to back away or shut down, instead relax and repeat. As you do so, you release this energy.

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6. Hold the space

For sending healing energy, it helps to hold the space for others.

And, energy healing is not that woo woo and you don’t have to be right next to the person… because the universe is energy.

To do this, you don’t need to be a shaman! Simply raise your own vibration!

When you enter a room, you’ll want to bring calm, centered energy.

Holding the space is when you clear YOUR OWN ENERGY so that others can be themselves. Plus, your calm, centered energy helps others to be calm.

This isn’t easy to do in life if you’re emotionally involved right?

So, to hold the space, use one or all of the techniques listed in this article and remind yourself: I am holding the space for others. This thought centers YOU, creates healing energy, and has a clear intention.

7. Have an imagination

Sending healing energy requires that you have an imagination.

It’s easy to be negative or pessimistic in life because we’ve been hurt and disappointed and we’ve failed repeatedly.

So, we tend to protect ourselves in life.

Because no one knows exactly what’s going to happen right? Haven’t you heard stories of someone being given 3 months to live and they live a long life? We never know.

So, use your imagination to create healing energy in a healing or stressful situation.

Overall, practicing optimism while taking all precautions and doing your best is certainly a positive approach.

And if you want help with your imagination, since sometimes it’s a bit tired, use a guided meditation to help you raise your own vibration.

8. Practice Gratitude: it shifts energy

Gratitude shifts low energy faster than you can say, Thank you. So to attract positive energy, practice gratitude.

Try it all day long. Throughout the day say: thank you. Say it anytime something slightly happy, pleasurable, or nice happens.

As you’re entering the room, feel gratitude for this time with the person. Feel gratitude for the relationship.

Also, start each day with a gratitude prayer. Do this every day if you want, but especially when someone you love or care about is healing.

Creating healing energy comes naturally from an attitude of gratitude.

9. Always Be Connected (ABC)

Whether you connect with a higher power, a philosophy, your soul, or your purpose, connect each day. Always be connected (ABC) so that you’re not overwhelmed by the challenges of life.

As you stay connected to a higher power, your ability to be high vibration and send healing vibes to others will increase.

Life’s challenging, right? The good news is that we don’t have to do life alone. This connecting time can be in meditation, prayer, or sitting and staring out a window.

Final Thoughts

In stressful situations, it’s helpful and kind to bring in positive energy and healing energy. It’s not easy to do when you’re afraid, but it helps you and those that are struggling.

However, you don’t want to add to the person’s self-doubt about their healing power.

Because you’re sending the energy of love and healing.

The energy you carry in your body, largely driven by your thoughts, affects everyone around you.

We are big balls of walking energy. And, we create the frequency with our thoughts, emotions, and the situations we place ourselves in.

And, a spiritual life helps us navigate life’s challenges.

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