9 Helpful Motivation Vibes To Make Your Day More Inspiring

motivation vibes

Do rainy days and Mondays always get you down?

It’s not just The Carpenter’s famous song… it’s the way a lot of us feel.

Life’s daily grind can drain your energy and enthusiasm, leaving you needing motivation vibes.

As a good vibes expert, I’ve coined the term High-vibe thinking™ and I’ve made it my mission in life to help people create more good vibes in their lives.

You’re looking for fresh ideas and a motivational boost to help you enjoy the day.

Good vibes for you! (instead of good for you…)

This article delivers a variety of ideas and strategies for motivational vibes to recharge your get-up-and-go attitude and propel you through the day.

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9 Motivation Vibes To Make The Day Better

Self-motivation is an essential skill for life and for creating good vibes.

  • Mix up your routine
  • Set daily micro-goals
  • Stay off social media
  • Find your motivation mantra
  • Celebrate tiny victories
  • Smile
  • Visualize success
  • Spark new interests
  • Positive vibes quotes

1. Mix Up Your Routine

A predictable schedule can breed boredom and complacency. Switch things up and be more positive by...

Trying a new cafe or restaurant for your lunch break

Exploring nature or a different neighborhood or trail for your daily walk

Listening to an inspirational podcast during your commute

Little tweaks disrupt habits, stimulating your brain and creating good vibes that make your life a bit more interesting.

I love alternating positive activities to help me feel positive vibes throughout the day.

2. Set Daily Micro-Goals

Daunting long-term goals often backfire, leaving you frustrated. Instead, pursue bite-sized daily wins to build momentum.

Some examples are..

1. Write 500 words before noon

2. Exercise for 30 minutes

3. Finish one work project

Checking off small goals delivers quick satisfaction – fueling your motivation.

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3. Stay off of social media

You may think there’s lots of motivational vibes on social media… but are there really?

Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok or whatever account is your choice for relaxing… may be a temptation, but it can de-incentivize you rather than create motivational vibes.

Social media is a time suck, can be a bad vibes and creates FOMO… the fear of missing out.

So, try giving it up one day a week to inspire you to do something else that you love like meditate, read a book, or talk to people you haven’t seen in a while.

4. Find Your Motivation Mantra

Create a personal mantra – a simple phrase capturing your reason for creating good vibes. Some examples are…

I’ve got this!

One step at a time.

I believe in myself.

I deeply and completely love and accept myself.

A motivating phrase boosts positivity during difficult moments and creates a positive vibe.

Affirmations in general are an effective and proven way to feel good vibes.

Simple phrases that lift your energy can help cheer you up and motivate you.

5. Celebrate Tiny Victories

Don’t underestimate small accomplishments! Victories, however minor, activate your brain’s reward center.

You can celebrate by…

Treating yourself to a favorite snack or drink

Inscribing a motivational quote on your mirror

Hitting a gong (seriously!)

Acknowledging your progress, no matter how slight, reinforces perseverance.

6. Smile

Studies show that smiling secretes endorphins!

So, while toxic positivity isn’t good for well-being, smiling can be good for you.

This isn’t to say that you should fake positivity… but in the comfort of your own space, use tools that create motivational vibes.

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7. Visualize Success

Imagination is a powerful tool. Visualize daily activities unfolding smoothly to create good vibes

Conquering that presentation

Writing effortlessly

Cooking a delicious meal

Positive visualization primes your mindset for success.

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8. Spark New Interests

Pursuing an interesting new hobby channels good vibes into your life and will inspire you.

Some possibilities for vibing include…

• Learning a musical instrument

• Joining a sports league

• Mastering photography

An exciting interest reenergizes your curiosity and passion.

9. Positive vibes quotes

As a last resort, you can always google positive vibes quotes and see what comes up!

But, you knew that:)

Final thoughts

Human energy naturally ebbs and flows.

There’s science to good vibes!

When you’re running low on drive, reconnect with your inner motivation by using the strategies and techniques listed above.

You are a co-creator.

The day is yours to create… even if you have to do things you don’t like at all, find a way to bring some motivation into the day.

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