Jeanne Nangle Soul Coach

A powerful poem for toxic positivity

As an ode to Dr. Seuss, I wrote this poem about the battle between head and heart, and how toxic positivity is NOT the way to go.

Toxic positivity is basically shoving positive thoughts down your throat and ignoring how you feel.

That’s toxic.

That’s NOT being a soulful person who has depth and substance!

And a recipe for disaster.

We must feel what is true. That’s the way we humans work. AND also, we need to watch the quality of our thinking.

Bye Bye Toxic positivity!

There was a fine day.
A beautiful day.
So glad to be in it
and feeling this way.

Then right out of nowhere
I feel a bit blue.
It doesn’t belong here!
Which feeling is true?

I suddenly feel sadder, not gladder,
just madder.
I’m left feeling something
SOME say doesn’t matter.

Some say it won’t stay.

Some say it won’t stay,
just focus on the day.
They say I should make
my sad heart go away.

So I turn my attention
to a bold and bright story,
so I can move on
from the sad and the gory.

I like this idea.

I like this idea
and it works for a minute.
But then later on
my heart’s right back in it.

What is the answer?
I yell when I’m mad.
Which should I do
Be sad or think glad?

I hear in a whisper
a very loud voice.
It’s right in my head
so I don’t have a choice!

Be sad AND think glad!
Not just for a minute!
You need to feel sad,
while your heart is still in it!

But there’s a mistake!

But there’s a mistake
many sad folks might make.
They hold to their sadness,
And plant a deep stake.

This kind of sad thinking
will end in your ruin.
You’ll never escape
from the sadness you’re brewin.

What do you mean?
You said to be sad!
You said it’s OK!
You said I’d be glad.

Go there, yes go there!
But keep in your thoughts:
The best of ideas,
the highest of watts!

While you are sad,
and listening to your heart,
Think of what’s good,
That’s a really good start.

Your head needs to help.

Your heart must be felt,
there can be little doubt.
While your head needs to help,
your heart find its way out.

Be sad till you’re finished,
even though it’s not fun.
Your sadness won’t leave,
if you’re tempted to run.

Your heart is your heart,
it has all the clout!
Your heart doesn’t care
what your head is about.

So feel what is real
and trust in the day.
And keep your thoughts bright
till the clouds move away.

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