A really crazy story.

In Part One I mentioned my childhood poem about a caterpillar finding her place in the world.
And I mentioned writing a book about it decades later called: The Butterfly Silhouette.
What I didn’t mention is my really crazy story about this.
So, many years ago, during the time I wrote that poem, I had a friend in my neighborhood named Victoria. We played, swam in her pool, and ran around the block playing tag.
Then, around the age of 11, I moved away and lost touch with ALL of the neighborhood kids, including Victoria.
Fast forward many decades (who’s counting?) and my friend runs into Victoria at their high school reunion.
Remember, I moved away.
She knows my poem verbatim!
Victoria sees my friend and mentions that she remembers my Butterfly poem VERBATIM!
Decades later … how can this be?
I mean, after many decades!  VERBATIM!
My wise and tuned in friend whips out her phone and videos Victoria reciting the poem for ME!
What in the world?
How in the world did my childhood friend remember another kid’s poem, written decades ago, whom she hasn’t seen or talked to since?
I mean I wasn’t Mary Oliver or Robert Frost!
Why in the world did Victoria log it in her brain?
I Needed to Hear it on that Day.
And here’s the other really cool part: I needed to hear it on that day.
It was a day I needed to hear those words … to remind me of MY own destiny, my mission, my NEED for authentic expression.
I needed it.
My son and I were in San Francisco when I received the video of my poem being recited back to me.
He was in total disbelief that this unknown woman (to him) could recite a poem that’s been on our refrigerator forever!
We both knew in that moment that something bigger had intervened.
On that day, I needed to hear the words in the poem.
My poem.
I needed to be reminded of my own purpose. 
This kind of magic happens more and more … when we are in the flow of our lives.
The universe steps in and sends us what we need. 
Just when we need it, the forces that exist send us precisely what we need.
It guides us, coaxes us, nudges us, and holds us.
However, we have to show up.  
It is up to us to show up for our lives.
Showing up is self-love.
And no one else can tell us what we’re supposed to do.  It’s something we discover on our own.
Then, in those special moments, we’re shown the truth about ourselves.
And we’re reminded how incredibly powerful we are.
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