About Jeanne Nangle…

Jeanne runs Jeanne Nangle Soul Coach, which offers online education to teach self-love for the mind, body, and soul. In addition, she helps people find themselves again after a change or loss in life. She’s an award-winning self-help author and has written books about empowerment, destiny, and personal transformation. Jeanne has helped thousands of people around the world through her online courses, newsletter, and blog.

She has a Master of Human Resources and Organizational Development degree from the University of San Francisco and is a certified executive coach with an emphasis in industrial psychology from the William James Institute in San Francisco.

For years, Jeanne taught positive thinking habits in hospitals to help clinicians and staff think in ways that empower and encourage them, and reduce stress and burnout.

Furthermore, Jeanne has won multiple awards for her innovative and inspiring books on personal transformation, The Butterfly Silhouette: 12 Principles of Metamorphosis and The Thought Store: 8 Simple Thinking Habits. Both of Jeanne’s books wish to inspire and educate people to fulfill their potential.

Jeanne is passionate about healing this planet by helping people on the journey to loving and finding themselves.

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be true to yourself

About my story…

Thirty-plus years ago I started a journey that changed me forever.

I was working at IBM as a sales rep and I left to open my own business as an executive coach. 

However, how do I describe that gnawing feeling of: I’m not turned on by this.  If I have to do this one more day, I may as well sell hamburgers. 

Now, I see that my longing was about something much bigger.

It was my soul sayingYou’re not doing your thing.  You’re not caring for your deeper needs.  You’re disconnected from yourself.

Soon after, I stumbled upon Thomas Moore’s Care of the Soul, and something inside me came alive. 

In his beautiful words I found solace, self-acceptance, wholeness, and the best use for my life.

About this work…

A decade later, much too young, my husband passed away, leaving me and our two young sons. Six months later, my husband visited my in a dream.

Except that it wasn’t a dream. If this has happened to you, you know what I mean.

He told me that I had more to do with my life.

Well, it took a few years to figure the next part out, but I realized that I was drawn to the soul because I wanted a more loving relationship with myself, self-acceptance, and a strong connection to the universe.

Until then, while I thought I was fairly good to myself, I wasn’t. Instead, I carried around a black bag of guilt, shame, and self-judgment.

After years of soul work, emotional healing, and committing to my soul’s path, I found joy and comfort within myself.

Now, I help people have a whole and loving relationship with themselves, so that they’ll be true to their soul.

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