Why I do this work…

I’m Jeanne and for over 20 years, I’ve been helping people all over the world nourish their soul. 

So they’ll love their life. 

It began with my being a very sensitive, afraid little kid.

Who was also a clear leader and very strong.

Out of college, I got a great job selling computers, but I knew that something else was calling me.

But, it wasn’t just about my career…


I felt confused about what I wanted.

I felt hungry for deeper meaning and connection.

I honestly didn’t know what I was searching for, but I was searching.

Then sadly, over twelve years ago, my husband passed away at a young age, leaving me and our two young sons.

Then something bizarre happened soon after…

So basically, my husband visited me in a dream.

Yes, he did.

And it wasn’t just a dream. It was a visit.

He told me there was more to my life. 

He showed me that each person has work to do in their life that helps them learn and grow. 

And we have the help we need every step of the way. 

After this happened I read everything I could find on the soul, spirituality, and personal empowerment.

So… I wrote two books about it all.

First, The Butterfly Silhouette, about personal transformation and destiny.  And second, The Thought Store, about the magnificent, undeniable power of thought.

Clearly, and I mean clearly … our limited thinking kills our spirit and I’ll own that all the way to MY grave.


As I followed my soul… my confusion and dissatisfaction and hunger went away, and I was able be fully, completely myself.

Accepting and expressing ALL that I am. 

Doing ALL that is within me to do. 

It’s a phenomenal way to live. 

Now I help others nourish their soul, so they’ll show up in this world with ALL that they are… and all they’re meant to be.  

Your soul is counting on you to for that.

Who is Jeanne Nangle?

Jeanne Nangle, MA. OD. is a deeply passionate and successful soul coach, an award winning author,  teacher,  seminar leader, executive coach, and entrepreneur.  Jeanne has established herself as a thought leader across the globe. 

She has empowered thousands of people from around the world and is respected for her extensive contribution to the personal empowerment, self-love, and spirituality fields.

Jeanne has won multiple awards for her innovative and inspiring books on personal transformation: The Butterfly Silhouette, A Parable in Verse and The Thought Store, 8 Simple Thinking Habits for Work and Life. 

Jeanne Nangle Soul Coach

It is Jeanne’s passion and mission to help people discover who they really are and express themselves  in the world. 

 The Butterfly Silhouette by Jeanne Nangle.

“It’s full of awe and wonder and a child’s sensibility mixed with that of a sage.”

 ~ Phil Cousineau ~  

Author of The Hero’s Journey: Joseph Campbell on his life and work;  Screenwriter, award winning poet. 

 The Thought Store: 8 Simple Thinking Habits for Work and Life by Jeanne Nangle.

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