Jeanne Nangle Soul Coach

Why I do this work..

In my late 30’s and onward I was looking for answers.

I was a Jewish woman who didn’t feel at home in the synagogue, but it was the closest I’d found. I was married to a catholic man and we dragged our kids to various churches in search of inspiration.

I wanted a deeper connection to myself and this universe.

I wanted to know where I belonged. 

I wanted to feel like I’d found home. 

While successful in life, I was a seeker in every sense.  I sold computers for IBM, bought my first house at 21, got a masters degree, was happily married, and had two beautiful sons, but my soul was hungry.

The answer for me came from deep within myself. 

I realized that I NEEDED a way of being in the world that was not judgmental, critical, woo woo, or putting me in a box. 


Ultimately, I needed the freedom and personal truth that I found within my own soul. 

For years I felt:  This is between God and me.  No one else. 

And for me, when I said God, I meant a benevolent universe that had a plan for my life and was holding me and guiding me through it.  

My job in all of this was to:

Be true to the plan for my life, uncover who I was by connecting with my own soul, what I was doing here on planet earth… and how I would use my life to make the world better. 

Who is Jeanne Nangle?

Jeanne Nangle, MA. OD. is a deeply passionate and successful life coach, an award winning author,  teacher,  seminar leader, executive coach, and entrepreneur.  Jeanne has established herself as a thought leader across the globe. 

She has empowered thousands of people from around the world and is respected for her extensive contribution to the personal empowerment, self-love, and spirituality fields.

Jeanne has won multiple awards for her innovative and inspiring books on personal transformation: The Butterfly Silhouette, A Parable in Verse and The Thought Store, 8 Simple Thinking Habits for Work and Life. 

Jeanne Nangle Soul Coach

 The Butterfly Silhouette by Jeanne Nangle.

“It’s full of awe and wonder and a child’s sensibility mixed with that of a sage.”

 ~ Phil Cousineau ~  

Author of The Hero’s Journey: Joseph Campbell on his life and work;  Screenwriter, award winning poet. 

 The Thought Store: 8 Simple Thinking Habits for Work and Life by Jeanne Nangle.

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