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Are Souls Real? How To Know It’s Totally Real


You have a soul.

But, maybe on some level you’re thinking… Seriously?? I don’t buy it.

As a soul coach, I am passionate about the individuality of each soul, and I’ve been studying it for over 20 years.

You’re curious about the soul and would like to know more about this unseen part of human life.

I’ll do my best to offer enough evidence to satisfy your thinking brain… and patient soul.

Ways to know… are souls real?

Do souls exist?

Yes, all human beings have a soul. Here are 7 ways to believe it.

  • You have this sense that something more has called you into life
  • You have prior knowledge
  • You sense you’ve known some people before
  • When someone dies, something more has left
  • The soul travels during sleep
  • You have this strong drive that’s not of the ego
  • Respected spiritual leaders and psychologists believe it’s real

Whether you’re looking for scientific evidence or a practical way to understand if the soul is real… well, it is!

The soul is an expansive and unlimited aspect of you.

So, to subject soul existence to scientific theories misses the very heart of this vital life force.

Here are seven ways to know that the soul is real.

1. You feel something more called you into this life

If you have this sense that something more has called you into this life, don’t dismiss that thought.

It’s your soul trying to get your attention.

There’s more to you than flesh, bones and an overactive brain. Trust your own intuition about this.

People think too much.

You’ll recognize the soul as an inner urge, a longing for something more, a deep feeling that there’s more to you

That’s the soul.

Check out my article, What Does Soul Mean? 11 Simple Ways To Define Soul to give you a tangible way to understand the soul.

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2. You know things you haven’t learned before

There’s a part of you that seems to know things you haven’t learned yet.

Do you feel like you have knowledge about a subject or deep curiosity about something and you’ve no idea why you are so curious?

Your life experience cannot explain the deeper knowing.

For example, when I wrote The Thought Store, I had a strong sense that the universe is energy and that thoughts have a vibration frequency.

Yet, I had never heard those ideas before.

I’d not been around people who talked like that! Ever!

The term “vibration frequency” was so foreign to me that I was almost embarrassed to use it in my book or with people I talked to.

I feared they’d think I was too new age, too out there, and I’d have no credibility as a coach and writer.

But, I trusted myself and wrote it anyway. Now I teach these concepts in healthcare.

high-vibe thinking™

And the soul has things to learn too, often called soul lessons.

3. Some people seem very familiar to you

Some people will be familiar to you though you haven’t met them before. 

We think of them as soulmates or soul connections, or kindred spirits.

You know that feeling?

That someone gets you!

A brother from a different mother…

You’ll wonder, why do I feel like I know them already?

Don’t dismiss that idea with your logical mind! Soulmates and soul connections have met before and are meant to travel this life together.

The soul must exist if we know other people we haven’t met before!

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4. When someone dies, something more has left

When someone dies, something more has happened than the heart stopping.

The person’s soul or essence has left the physical body.

Their “animating principle” is gone.

There are many accounts of this.

People who’ve been at the bedside of loved ones who’ve passed describe that something more is gone, something more than human life.

Well, what’s gone?

Even though man’s definition of life is tied to a beating heart and lungs that breathe, do those functions really capture the totality of who you are? 

Not even close… in this writer’s humble opinion.

5. The soul travels during sleep

Sometimes when you’re dreaming, you have this sense of your soul. 

It’ll feel like it’s more than a dream.

There’s a term for this called astral travel where the soul leaves the body and connects with other soul connections or soul mates

We have this feeling that we aren’t dreaming, but we’re experiencing ourselves on a soul level during our sleeping state.  

Spiritual medium Rebecca Rosen talks about astral travel with Rob Lowe on his podcast, Literally with Rob Lowe. 

The experience Rob Lowe describes during his “dream” is remarkably familiar to dream experiences or dream visitations I’ve had with my husband who’s passed.

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6. A strong drive that’s not of the ego

You’ll have this very strong drive to be something more and it’s not coming from the ego

Ego… is not anywhere in the vicinity of the soul.

So, don’t confuse soulful desires with ego driven desires.  

Here’s my article on How to know the difference between soul and ego with more information. 

Basically, the ego is about us vs. them: I know best, I know everything… I’m the center of the universe. 

While the soul is connected to oneness, and a divine power.

7. Respected spiritual leaders and psychologists say it’s real

Talk about social proof… some of the greatest minds who study the spiritual dimension believe in the existence of the soul.

Here are just a few…

The Soul’s Code by James Hillman

There are other great spiritual teachers, but James Hillman is at the top of my list.

I absolutely love this beautiful book and the body of work he’s brought into the world.

James Hillman is a scholar, psychologist, and international lecturer, who studied under the great psychologist Carl Jung in the 1950’s. 

Acorn Theory is that we are called into this life to fill an image that already exists

I write more about Acorn Theory and James Hillman in my post, Soul Guidance, 6 Big Reasons Your Soul Is The Best Guide.

Care of the Soul by Thomas Moore

This book changed my life when I was in my late 30’s. It showed me that I’m so much more than my limited imagination and self-judgment. 

Scientists speak about the soul, but it is perfunctory compared to how eloquently Thomas Moore writes about the soul.

His book, Care of the Soul: A Guide For Cultivating Depth and Sacredness in Everyday Life, is a must-read for anyone curious about the soul and soulfulness.

Journey of Souls by Michael Newton

If you’re interested in the most out there book I’ve ever read about the soul, then you may like Journey of Souls: Case Studies of Life Between Lives by Michael Newton, Ph.D. 

Dr. Newton is a counseling psychologist, master hypnotherapist, and teacher. 

During hypnosis, he’s able to speak to the subject’s soul. It’s a mind-bending exploration of what happens in between lives.

If you believe in reincarnation or you’re curious about it, you will find this book interesting.

If you don’t believe in reincarnation and you’re not curious about it, this book may not be for you! 

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Plato and the soul

According to the Wikipedia page:  Plato’s Theory of Soul, it says, “Plato said that even after death, the soul exists and is able to think. He believed that as bodies die, the soul is continually reborn (metempsychosis) in subsequent bodies.

Plato, one of the greatest philosophers of our time, believed in the existence of the soul, and not only that, he believed that the soul continues to be reborn. 

“Plato believes that the soul is what gives life to the body.”

The soul is what gives life to the body.

And, after our biological death the soul lives on.

According to, “Plato was born in 428/427 BCE to a noble family and died in 348/347 BCE. He lived primarily in Athens, Greece.”

Plato, animating principle,

Does the soul exist and can we see?

Well, we’ve established that the soul exists, but can we see it?

Most of us cannot, while some people believe they can.

Personally, I cannot, but I’m imaginative and I often picture it!

When I’m in meditation or just being quiet, I picture a few balls of light. I imagine being bathed in a loving, safe presence.

You may picture souls differently… I share this picture in case you’re wondering if the soul looks like a giant light orb resembling Michelangelo’s David!

And maybe yours does!

Do real experiments suggest otherwise? Just the opposite!

The soul is personal.

The soul has a vibration you’ll want to connect with.

Instead, let your imagination and human belief about the soul exist.

The miracle of nature suggests we live in an intelligent universe where the soul exists.

The world is both miraculous and terrifying

We have the beauty of nature, kindness, and human empathy.

And, at the same time we have violence, insensitivity, narrow mindedness, and the list goes on.

How do we reconcile both aspects of human life?

Here’s a suggestion…

Being human means accepting that opposing energies are within ALL OF US… beauty and terror, and love and hate.

The soul is here to learn, grow and evolve… which evolves the planet.

As we heal, we help the world heal.

As you accept your own imperfections and greatness, you are leaning into the soul.

The soul is not meant to be perfect.

high-vibe thinking™

Does the soul outlive the human body?

The soul is eternal, so yes it does.

Reincarnation is the belief that after the body dies, the soul returns in another body.

I was shocked to find the National Library of Medicine (NLM) write about the mystery of reincarnation.

While the article was retracted, it shows other scientific theories about the soul.

The article explores many religions and their view of reincarnation of the soul. “Ian Stevenson reported that belief in reincarnation is held (with variations in details) by adherents of almost all major religions except Christianity and Islam.”

The article does not prove reincarnation to be true. Like many spiritual concepts, it’s not about making scientific study relevant, it’s having belief that transcends modern science.

Part of a high-vibe life is leaning into your spiritual nature, so that you’re not so upended by life’s constant ebbs.

Final thoughts

This spiritual dimension of life cannot be ignored.

While scientific experiments help answer certain questions about life, scientific theories diminish a concept as expansive as the soul.

In the observable natural world we see a material existence: trees, sky, people, buildings, houses, and all that the eye can label, but we can’t see the soul.

Yet, souls exist.

The spiritual dimension exists independent of science and is needed in our all too materialistic world.

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