Are you feeling judged?

Are you feeling judged?

The 1,000 pound gorilla in the room … how we judge ourselves.

Did we say the right thing?

Were we too sensitive?

Did we do enough?

When we judge ourselves … we FEEL judged by others.

Maybe they are. Maybe they aren’t.

But we feel judged.

However, when you begin talking to yourself with less judgment, you will feel less judgement. Period.

As you judge yourself less … you won’t feel or even notice others judging you.

It’s true.

Because your judgment radar gets turned WAY down. The knee jerk reaction of feeling judgment slowly lessens.

We can be self-aware with a TONE and attitude that is NOT judgmental, but self-loving.

Good old fashioned self-love.

And what will you do with all of this extra energy that is NOT being wasted on feeling judged?

I guess you could take up surfing or basket weaving or writing the next great novel or eating a hot fudge sundae.

All of these options sound better to me:)

#self-love, #purpose

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