Are You Pursuing Dreams That Are Meant For You? 5 Secrets Ways To Know For Sure

pursuing dreams

My husband called me his redheaded dreamer…

Nothing could be more true.

However, pursuing dreams isn’t always a cakewalk. Doubts, fears, and obstacles cloud our vision, making us question ourselves every step of the way.

We wonder, is this dream possible... for me?

As a soul coach, I have navigated the world of dream chasing for both myself and others. So, I can help you anticipate what’s ahead.

You’re here because you’re hungry for something more… and you don’t know if it’s possible.

As you deepen your relationship with yourself, you’ll know which dreams to hold onto forever. 

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5 secret ways to know which dreams are meant for you

The right dreams are dreams that are meant for your soul’s fullest expression and deep satisfaction.

  • Look at your ‘must haves’
  • Break your dream down into steps
  • Listen to your higher self
  • Stay inspired about your own life
  • Ask: Am I big enough for this dream?

Start chasing the right dreams

How do we know which dreams are meant for us?

The right dreams are dreams that are meant for your soul’s fullest expression and deep satisfaction.

This is key…

Your soul has specific things to do in your own life. For the dreams that are meant for you, you’ll feel guided and supported in the fulfillment of this dream.

While dreams that are of the ego, are not typically coming from your soul.

Dreams from the ego come from your desire to impress friends, prove something, and make yourself feel important, this kind of superficial bull.

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Which dreams are meant for you?

Determining which dreams are meant for you involves soul searching, self-knowledge, and understanding your passions and values.

Here are 5 steps to help you figure it out if your dream is meant for you… so that you’ll transform into who you’re meant to be.

1. Look at your ‘must haves’

While this may not be a secret… there’s a secret million dollar question that cuts through to your truth.

Ask this soulful question… and give yourself some time to answer:

What thing, that if you didn’t do it… you’d feel like you didn’t live fully?

You’d feel like you lived the wrong life, like Leo Tolstoy’s Ivan Ilyich

Meaning… What are the must haves in your life?

These are the non-negotiables… what you’re not willing to sacrifice. 

For example, if you want a family, to raise children and be around them, then having the dream of being a professional basketball player or tour with a band will not align with your “must haves”.

Your dreams need to align with the structure you see for your life

This may sound counterintuitive, because the very word DREAM brings with it this sense of living large, transcending the mundane, and going for it. 

But, maybe going for it is more paired down for you.

Or not! 

Look at which activities or pursuits bring you joy, deep fulfillment, and a sense of purpose?  

Reflect on what you really see for yourself… begin there. 

2. Break your dream down into steps 

Break down your dreams into parts… so you can look closer at them

For me 15 years ago, my dream was to be an author of inspirational self-help books.  

I broke that down into…

Write a great book that people want to tell their friends about.

Find a mentor.

Find a book agent who is passionate about my book. 

Build a platform to sell it. 

Get it on Amazon

Sell the cr*p out of it. 

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3. Listen to your higher self 

Pay attention to your intuition, that feeling that inner knowing is coming from a very true place.

Get to know yourself on a soul level.

Be true to yourself. (This article will help you!)

Often, your higher self can guide you toward the dreams that are most authentic and meaningful for you.

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4. Stay inspired about your life

You’ll be better equipped to see which dream is meant for you as you keep your vibration up!  Up! 

It’s your job to keep yourself inspired.

Sorry, tough love here!

Read, watch videos, take courses that keep your juices flowing! 

Avoid negative people who think your dreams suck. 

Actually, avoid negative people, period!

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5. Ask: Am I big enough for this dream?

So often we get overwhelmed by our dreams.

They seem bigger than we are.

If a dream is constantly overwhelming you… it could be a sign that it’s not right for you.

Or not!

Some dreams are big… but that doesn’t mean we aren’t big enough!

Ask yourself… If I face my cataclysmic fear, can I see myself doing this?

Then, see how your body responds.

Is there some part of you deep down that says… yes!

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Don’t do this when pursuing dreams

Don’t give up because you’ve failed…

Don’t give up because you’re discouraged.

Don’t give up because you don’t have confidence.

However, when should you chuck the dream?

When after searching your soul, you decide from a place of power and alignment with something bigger, that you need to transform in some way.

This is when you can say without regret… I tried, I did the best I could, and I believe that dream the wrong one for me.

I realize this is not an easy thing to conclude.

It’s why I call it soul searching… because you spend some time in a deep place that tells you: Next.

Other signs a dream isn’t right for you

  1. It’s not coming together after a long time working at it, where you’ve exhausted multiple ways of doing it.
  2. The resources are not there and you can’t find them after consistently trying and it’s sucking the joy from your life to be constantly pushing this wrong rock up a hill.
  3. You’ve examined yourself, your talents, your energy level, and your time, and you conclude that this dream is draining you.
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How to pursue your dreams

How to pursue your dreams, the ones that originate in the soul… requires courage and knowing your own soul!!!!!!!

Not everyone does that, or is interested in that, or makes the effort to do that!

Here are some suggestions to help you pursue your dreams…

Stay focused and don’t lose sight

Stay focused on long term goals and don’t lose sight of them.

While that seems cliche… it’s just plain true.

Focus on what it’ll feel like when you achieve it.

Focus on taking manageable steps each day.

Pursue your dreams over the long haul… while forging your own path.

Pursue your dreams from a deeper place

Dreams that come from the truth within you, from what your soul is made for, will ultimately produce the reality you want.

The key is… how do you accomplish that?

Stay positive about your dreams

We need to stay in the right headspace.

So, it takes reminding yourself: I can do this. I will figure this out.

Even if you haven’t done this ONE THING before… you’ve most likely done things like it and it all worked out!

So, you will figure it out this time too!

For example…

In my life… I’ll begin the day with my dream.

I begin what I need to do to move one step closer.

I go brush my teeth.

I see that the sink has stopped up.

I think: Oh, another thing to do! I’ll never get all of this done!

I catch myself and pause.

I realize, that there’s always a stopped sink somewhere in my day and I always get to it eventually.

Now, I’m calmed down and can continue with my next steps toward pursuing my dream.

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Final thoughts

My career path began with selling computers for IBM…

Success to me back then was having a great job, a great car, an amazing husband, a family that was my team for life, and friends.

My dream was exactly that.

And then, I had a new dream as my life changed.

That’s the beauty of the soul’s journey, we evolve over time into new dreams.

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