Are you wondering … is self-love selfish?

Is self-love selfish?

No … of course not!
Because wanting to be a better person is not selfish.
Self-love comes from three areas … and it is not selfish to think about them:
1. Living with purpose.
2. Growing our self-esteem and sense of security.
3. Believing in ourselves.
Living with purpose is pursuing OUR WAY of making the world better.
This way we share our gifts with the world … which we are meant to do. 
It’s a win, win this way ….
Living with purpose is saying to yourself:
I’m good at this … now go do it and don’t doubt it!
Second, self-esteem is respecting and no longer rejecting ourselves.
Instead, we become secure in who we are.
We feel secure in our own skin a goal worth fighting for.
And third, belief is honoring our spiritual nature.
The part of us that is connected to something sacred and eternal that wants our highest good.
When we keep this in mind, we realize we are far more than our limiting beliefs.
Self-love comes in many forms … and it’s certainly a journey to arrive there.
However, it’s an extremely worthwhile journey … one that positively impacts everyone around you.
When we love ourselves, we have more love to give.
Wishing you a happy and healthy new year!


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