Hello!  I’m Jeanne and I help wives and moms be calm, patient, and less reactive with their husband, partner, or kids …
So, they’ll write you sweet little notes to show you how much you mean to them.
And why will they do this?
Because they feel SAFE with you. 
They know you’re there for them, calm and patient when the bag of trash you asked them to take out is still sitting there.
Their imperfections don’t unravel you.
Just like you’re OK with you own imperfections.
And they see that your calm and patience comes from this DEEP well within you.
Kids love being around that.  Men love being around that.
We love being around that …
So, why does a soul coach help women be calm and patient with their family … and themselves?
And why do I teach the technique: 5 Steps to a calm, patient response in the download you have below?
Because, while I was a loving wife and mother …
I used to be stressed out, anxious, and easily upset.
This was NOT a good look on me.
On my tombstone my sons might have written: We loved her, but wish she would have taken a deep breath and a very long vacation.
Thankfully, I breathe easily now.
And here’s the good news …
As we become more patient with ourselves, and we forgive the things we’ve said and done …
We have more patience to give