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You believe in yourself, then again…

What happens when you believe in yourself, and then again, you don’t?
How do you navigate the rocky road of disbelief?
Especially when you find yourself in a paradox. Paradox is when two conflicting ideas are both true.
Honestly, I’ve found that most people tend to believe in themselves on some level.
Surprising, but I’ve seen it over and over again.
They see it as an adult.
Even as a child they saw it.
In their heart they think: One day, probably….
They doubt it.
And they wonder if they can pull it off.
Mostly, they don’t believe it’ll really happen.
It’s this back and forth game with belief that wears us out!


People believe their anxiety, their disability, their circumstances, etc. will take over.
Both beliefs are true for them.
I believe, then again, I don’t.
If you watch The Office, Michael Scott has this thing he says:  I really trust so and so… Except that I really don’t trust him.
This is what we’re talking about!
So, if you have this deeper feeling that there’s more to your life…
And in the same breath, you doubt it’ll ever happen.
The question is:  How do you stay with the part of you that DOES believe?
Excellent question!
Therefore, join me in the BELIEVE Who You Must Be Challenge starting on Tuesday, April 19th at 10:00 am pacific.
Because belief is BUILT… you’re not born with it.
You LEARN it.
And nurture it.
Because, then you’ll be who this amazing universe intends for you to be.
Anything less is not gonna work, right?
You’re given ALL that you need to fulfill your “reason for being”.

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