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I Don’t Believe In Myself! 5 Powerful Reasons You’re Here To Fly, Not Crawl

Not believing in yourself is carrying a heavy black bag every day of your life… and it’s getting heavier each day.

You sense there’s more to you, yet you simply don’t believe you can or will do something.


As a soul coach, this is my area of expertise. I help people be who they’re MEANT to be. This implies fate.

You are here for a reason, specific to YOU and I hope to show you that in this article.

You’re here because you’re thinking… I don’t believe in myself… and you want to.

Belief in yourself is vital to you fulfilling your destiny. You must show up for what you’re meant to do with your unique life.

Let’s get started. Thank you for caring enough to be here:)

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5 Reasons You’re Here to Fly

You or your soul are here to accomplish specific things. Your BELIEF in that is vital… or you won’t go after it.

The soul is here for a reason

Your soul owns the roadmap for your life. There’s no doubt about it. You’re meant to crawl for a time, then FLY.

The universe needs you

Build confidence by doing. Experience helps you build confidence in what you can do.

Your self-talk is stuck crawling

What you say to yourself matters and helps you build belief. Flip the script.

Self-love is your destiny

Self-love and self-belief go hand in hand.

You must raise the vibration of the planet

High-vibe thinking™ raises your vibration which has a ripple effect.

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Nature’s proof… we are here to fly.

1. The soul is here for a reason

Your soul is here for a reason, specific to you. Your life is a carefully orchestrated one.

I write extensively about the soul in my post on: Soul Meaning: 11 Qualities of the Unique Soul.

As a soulful person, the needs of your soul hold a central place in your life.

Your soul holds a blueprint of what is possible in your own life.

Your soul is the place of deep knowing within you that’s eternal, connected to the divine, and knows what you’re capable of doing with your life.

However, because of free will, you are the one who will choose what to do and not do.

As a soul coach, this is what I write about and teach, and it’s where I get my self-confidence and self-belief.

It’s important to have a regular spiritual self care routine to keep you connected to your spiritual nature each day.

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Live with a sense of spirit

This is why a spiritual life will help you with low self-confidence, negative thoughts, negative emotions, self-sabotage, and the many other ways we limit ourselves.

As you have a stronger relationship with your own soul and something bigger, you feel confident because you realize that you’re not doing your life alone.

Since there’s a reason for you to be here, you must connect with this reason.

To begin, find yourself, love yourself, and commit to self-knowledge. For example, know what you’re good at, what you excel at, what you must learn, and your unique special sauce.

Beware of having tunnel vision about how your talents must be used. Instead, ask the universe for soul guidance.

Belief is built over time for most of us. Very few people pop out of the womb with tons of belief in themselves. But, it happens!

You’ve got what it takes to do what your soul is here for! It’s just a matter of finding yourself and sticking to what you find.

2. The universe needs you

The universe needs you! So, build confidence by doing.

To believe in yourself, you must jump in and do it, whatever it is.

You must start somewhere.

And if you love Mary Oliver as I do, you’ll trust the first line of her poem, Wild Geese, which says: You do not have to be good.

When you first start something, you won’t be good at it! And it’s OK!

To believe in yourself, you must keep going! Practice over and over again. Put yourself out there over and over again… and discover what works and what doesn’t.

Success is not build overnight!

If I had quit in the first years of being a life coach and entrepreneur, I’d have failed for sure. It’s taken years to reach the point I’m at now.

But, I believed that this was the universe’s plan for my life. This is God’s plan for my life. So, I kept moving forward, finding the resources, practicing different things, and slowly over time I saw more success.

You will have to dig in deep and ask yourself: Is this how I can serve this world best? Is this how the universe wants to use me?

Then, go out into the world and participate.

Try out the things you’re interested in.

Take a class. Expand your knowledge. Get some experience. All of these actions build self-confidence and help you believe in yourself.

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3. Your self-talk is stuck crawling

You’re meant to fly and your self-talk needs to tell you so.

You will believe what you tell yourself.

Self talk is what you say when you talk to yourself… and it matters.

I read What you Say When You Talk to Yourself by Shad Helmstetter Ph.D. over 25 years ago I realized that negative self-talk is not a good way to believe in yourself.

Not a single bit.

Negative thinking creates negative emotions. I talk about that extensively in my blog post Express my Feelings: How to Do The Best Self-talk.

And negative self-talk creates low self-confidence, low self-esteem, and low everything!

If you think that mildly criticizing yourself is innocent enough, it’s truly not.

Self belief comes from self honesty

Self-honesty is being real with yourself… with a self-loving tone, not self-rejection.

If you’ve ever watched a reality show where people with no talent are convinced they are talented, you’ve witnessed people living in a fantasy world.

They have all of this self confidence when they really shouldn’t!

Fantasy is defined as the faculty or activity of imagining things, especially things that are impossible or improbable.

Here we’re talking about things that are meant to be… as you connect with the soul, you’ll figure all of that out.

So you may wonder about yourself… Is this something I can actually accomplish or am I living in a fantasy?

These kinds of questions are excellent, so you’ll ultimately believe in yourself.

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Ask Questions That Build Confidence and Self-belief

To build self-confidence and self-belief, it’s important to acquire self-knowledge! Be able to see your strengths and weaknesses.

Here are some questions to ask yourself to build self-knowledge. And as they say, Knowledge is power.

KEY questions to ask yourself

What comes naturally to you?

What do others say you’re good at? 

What do you love? What do you enjoy?  What gets you most excited?

What did you have prior knowledge about? No one ever mentioned it to you, you just knew about it on some level.

What are your stengths?

What situations challenge you the most?

The Ultimate Question

What do you feel you must do, and if you don’t your life will feel under lived?

This last question takes some time and thought, so don’t rush to answer it too quickly.

To believe in yourself, have an honest relationship with yourself, not a critical one.

4. Self-love is your destiny

You are meant to love yourself. It’s part of your destiny.

Self-love is such a key ingredient of the soulful person and self-belief. They go hand in hand.

As you grow in self-love, your self doubt doesn’t magically disappear. I know this!

However, because you have more self-compassion, self-tolerance, and self-patience, you don’t criticize yourself for not being a fast learner.

Now, doesn’t that feel better? Does your own behavior shift toward radical self acceptance when you bring your soul into the conversation?

Have some space around your judgment.

5. You must raise the vibe of the planet

Part of your purpose is to help raise the vibration of the planet.

One way to do this is with high-vibe thinking™.

I’m not a fan of the term positive thinking. I prefer positive thinking habits for two reasons.

First, toxic positivity, when people are inauthentic with themselves and ignore their emotions, is not the goal in life and is both hurtful and harmful.

Second, positive thinking habits include the habit of thinking: I feel BLANK… and it’s OK. We must feel our emotions to be able to let go and be in the present.

Positive thinking habits

To believe in yourself, you’ll want to practice positive thinking habits.

In my book, The Thought Store: 8 Simple Thinking Habits for Work and Life, I illustrate thinking habits that will help you believe in yourself.

I don’t believe in myself and it hurts

It’s so painful to know you don’t believe in yourself… I know!

To know on a deeper level that you have so much you want to do… and then to doubt yourself

It’s a horrible feeling.

As a person who’s considered an expert on the power of thoughtI’ve written a book about it and taught positive thinking in hospitals and schools, I’m obsessed with it.

Your thinking is an amazing tool you have to create what you desire.

Although it’s some work to improve our thinking, all you have to do is practice each day and stick with it.

Beliefs are Deeply Held Thoughts

Beliefs are simply deeply held thoughts.

We not only think them, consciously and unconsciously, but we in our bones believe them to be true.

That’s belief.

And it can be positive or negative.

Positive belief in yourself is when you believe you have what it takes to accomplish something important to you. You believe in your abilities.

Believe in yourself quote

Quotes are always handy when you need a quick boost of self belief or self confidence.

Here are some of my favorites:

“Whatever you want in life, other people are going to want it too. Believe in yourself enough to accept the idea that you have an equal right to it.” ~ Diane Sawyer

Tony Robbins Quotes on Self-Belief

My husband and I walked on hot coals with Tony Robbins in the 1990’s.

It was amazing… walking on fire can change your life:)

Here are some of my favorite Tony Robbins quotes on self-belief.

“Your past does not equal your future.” This belief is a game changer! If you want to believe in yourself, don’t repeat the past, but, don’t let it tell you that you can’t do more.

“The path to success is to take massive, determined action.” I LOVE this quote because it’s so true.

Once you believe in yourself, you must take repeated action. So that means you have to hold the faith right?

Some days you may believe in yourself and some days you’re buried in self doubt. So, taking regular action while building belief in yourself is a great strategy.

“If you can’t, you must. If you must, you can.” This is my favorite Tony quote. I heard it the first time at his fire walk event.

Quite honestly, I didn’t understand it at first.

My husband, my brother in law and I were walking around saying to one another, “If we can’t, we must!” But, we truly didn’t get it!

Now, years later I see how this will help you believe in yourself.

And it’s more in the second half of that quote: If you must, you can.

If there is something you feel you MUST do, and you sit quietly, go within, you ask your source of guidance and you determine that this is what you must do.

If I can’t, I must.

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Why is it important to believe in yourself?

When you believe in yourself, you unlock your innate potential… this paves the way for building confidence and determination.

Without self-belief, you’ll quit at the first sign of resistance.

I know… because early in my career, I wanted to quit every week!

But belief in yourself gives you motivation. There’s a voice inside of you that says: Not only can I do this… I MUST do this.

Have you had that feeling… that there are some things within you that are non-negotiable?

Parts of you that you must complete, express, finish!

Not to mention that believing in yourself influences how others perceive you.

People are thirsty for authenticity… and if you don’t believe in what you’re doing, others won’t either.

Final thoughts

Self-belief or believe in yourself is necessary for fulfilling your destiny.

Yet… there are bumps along the way.

Self-doubt is part of your path to who you’re meant to be, so don’t let it derail you.

Intuitively we know we have more to do in our life! We have some blurry outline of what we’re meant to do. Or some of us do.

To believe in yourself, you must commit to fulfilling your potential.

To believe in yourself, you’ll want to connect deeper, to as far down as the soul.

The soul holds the blueprint for your life and to believe in yourself, you’ll want to know what the blueprint holds for you.

It takes time and patience, so give yourself that.

More great articles to help you on my blog, Jeanne Nangle Soul Coach and my home page.

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