I grew up feeling largely afraid. Being a child of an alcoholic parent, I never knew what was going to happen.
As an adult, I did what I could to heal this, but a lot of the work I did was only a band-aid.
Then over ten years ago, I lost my husband and soulmate of 23 years.
The bottom fell out so to speak, leading to my feeling tremendous fear and insecurity.
But an inner voice wouldn’t leave me alone and I refused to live in fear any longerI needed to live the life I knew was out there for me.
This lead me to a wonderful and winding inner journey towards self-love.
And at the end of my journey, I discovered what truly sustains us: our ability to love ourselves … and ultimately others.
We can love ourselves through our losses, the regrets, the survivor’s guilt … the fear, and the inadequacy.
This is self-love … loving ourselves in our actual pain, our joy, and our very own personal experiences.

As I loved myself, I began feeling very secure … and that feels incredible.

After a lifetime tiptoeing my way through every possible rejection, and watching my every word, and holding back on what I knew I wanted, I now feel completely secure in who I am and I did this with self-love.
I took a holistic approach to self-love: I changed my thinking, how I experience my emotions, my spiritual commitment, daily practices … and much more.
Now, I’ve created an online course that teaches the exact steps I took and have taught to others.