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  • self love exercises

    9 Proven Self love Exercises Because You’re Worth It

    In this fast-paced world, it’s easy to forget the most crucial aspect of our existence… self-love. The problem is clear: in our daily hustle,…

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  • sending positive thoughts

    Sending Positive Thoughts and Good Vibes to Help Those You Love

    You are worried about someone, close or far away. You want so badly to help them… yet, you feel helpless. I’ve been teaching people…

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  • surround yourself with good people, positive energy

    7 Great Ways to Surround Yourself with Good People

    You want to surround yourself with good people, but how do you do that? You want to be around people who you feel good…

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  • how to express yourself

    How To Express Yourself: 8 Soulful Ways

    Self-expression is essential to the self, yet many of us struggle with it. We can’t find the right words, we hide our true selves,…

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  • positive affirmations that work, being present

    A Quick Soulful Skill For Being Present In The Moment

    Have you ever felt like life is passing you by, while you’re caught up in the endless cycle of routine and distractions? In today’s…

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  • emotional release, sending positive enegy

    32 Emotional Release Methods: Be Free and Enjoy Life

    It’s not easy being human. While life can be joy filled, most of us carry old emotional energy around like a dirt cloud. We…

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  • spirit guides, spirit guide, self love questions

    7 Amazing Things To Know About Your Spirit Guides

    The presence of spirit guides is one of the most amazing gifts of life. Many of us seek this personal form of guidance because…

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  • focusing on the good

    5 Great Ways Of Focusing on the Good

    As you go through your day, are you hyper-focused on what’s going wrong? If you focus on what’s bad, you’re going to be unhappy.…

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  • how to be honest with yourself

    How to Be Honest With Yourself: 6 Things That Work!

    Let’s face it, being brutally honest with ourselves isn’t always easy. It’s like looking in a mirror, not just to admire our reflection, but…

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