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Body Positive Affirmations: Feel Better About Your Body Now

Imagine standing in front of a mirror, not with self-doubt or criticism, but with unconditional love and acceptance. That’s the power of body positive affirmations.

In a world obsessed with insulting beauty standards, these affirmations are not just words, but a rebellion against self-rejection and a journey towards self-love.

Every day, people struggle with body image issues, influenced by media and societal pressures. These struggles often lead to a harmful cycle of self-criticism and low self-esteem, leaving many feeling disconnected from their own bodies.

As a soul coach, I’ve discovered that the body we’re given is the one our soul chooses, odd as that may sound.

As a high-vibe thinking™ expert, I help people dismantle negative beliefs and grow in self love.

You’re here because you’re seeking a way to embrace your body and find peace and self-acceptance.

I promise to guide you through understanding the power of body positive affirmations, how to effectively use them in your daily life, and how high-vibe thoughts can be a catalyst for a lasting change in your relationship with your body.

What you say to yourself MATTERS a lot…

high-vibe thinking™, self compassion, self-love

Positive body image affirmations

Here are body positive affirmations to help you relax your body so it can operate more efficiently.

High-vibe thoughts create good vibes that reverberate through the body.

  • My body is at ease.
  • My body is relaxed.
  • I am calm and relaxed.
  • I can handle this.
  • I’ve handled much more before.
  • I have a positive relationship with my body.
  • I am that I am.
  • I deeply and completely love and respect myself.
  • I deeply and completely love and accept myself.
  • I deserve soulmate love.

What is body positivity?

Psychology Today defines body positivity, “Body positivity is a movement to accept bodies of all sizes and types, rather than those that conform to societal ideals of beauty. It emphasizes self-acceptance, inner worth, and appreciation for a body’s abilities.”

Self-acceptance, inner worth and appreciation…

I exhale just reading those words.

Thank goodness that we live in a world where we’re moving in a different direction… but only if we each take a stand beginning with ourselves.

Growing up feeling guilty for eating Cheetos was just one small example of many of how messed up my mind was about food!

We can change perceptions as we fight back… beginning with ourselves.

high-vibe thinking™, self compassion, self-love

Body image affirmations because there’s more to you

Let’s begin with body positive affirmations designed to connect you with your innermost self, the soul. These affirmations will hopefully help you overcome negative body image and negative thoughts about your body.

Self-confidence, self-love and self-acceptance live close to the soul.

I am here for a reason.

I take care of my body to help me fulfill that reason.

I have a healthy body.

I am comfortable in my own skin.

I have the body I was given and I am focusing on good health and fitness.

I am growing in self-love, including my body.

I am caring for my soul each day.

Some of these affirmations may feel untrue to you and your first thought will be to reject them. But, high-vibe thoughts help you transform the way you look at things, and having a healthy body image is one of them.

Positive affirmations to be comfortable in your own skin

I am positive about my body.

I am setting an example for others of striving to love my body.

I am helping my daughter love her body by loving my own.

I focus on being fit and healthy, not perfect.

I don’t hyper-focus on imperfections, wrinkles, or weight stigma.

Instead, I feel confident that I can have a healthy relationship with my body.

high-vibe thinking™, self compassion, self-love
body positive

Self love my body positive affirmations

Here are affirmations to help you have a relationship with your body that is self-loving.

I am moving into a state of being comfortable in my own skin.

I deeply and completely love and accept myself.

I am doing the personal work to grow in self love.

As I am on a self love journey, I am more accepting of myself.

As I am on a self love journey, I am more accepting of my body.

high-vibe thinking™, self compassion, self-love

Gratitude and positive affirmations about the body

As you state the affirmations below, remember that you don’t NEED to believe them right away. You are cultivating belief!

Rome wasn’t built in a day!! Either was our love of our bodies!

I am grateful to be alive.

I am grateful to have a body that works.

I am grateful for my brain.

I am grateful for what I’m learning about my body.

I am grateful that I see how society has it all wrong.

I am grateful that I am becoming healthier each day.

I value kindness and compassion in others.

I value kindness and compassion in myself.

Why positive body image affirmations?

Sadly, according to an article in, “Negative body image can begin at a surprisingly early age. According to a 2020 research review, 40 to 50 percent of first- and second-graders already don’t like some aspect of their body.”

It’s a complex topic and a number of factors contribute to eating disorders, negative feelings about the body, and a lack of body acceptance.

If your negative body image goes very deep, possibly seek the help of a qualified therapist or counselor to help you grow in body positivity.

However, while doing the personal work, positive body affirmations can help you.

The idea behind positive affirmations is they can reprogram the brain through practice and repetition and changing limiting beliefs.

Brain Plasticity

The brain’s ability to restructure itself is the subject of neural plasticity.

According to the National Library of Medicine, “‘Neural plasticity’ refers to the capacity of the nervous system to modify itself, functionally and structurally, in response to experience and injury”.

One way the brain “modifies itself”, has to do with how we think.

With the repetition of positive thoughts, we’re using the brain differently and we create new neural pathways in the brain.

Final thoughts

Life is a journey.

Every last one of us has things we’re working on in ourselves… or at least we should be!

There’s so much pressure to look a certain way and it’s horrible!

Don’t stand for it… fight back and commit to love yourself, inside and out.

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