It is my passion to write books that inspire and motivate… in creative and unseen ways.

The thought Store
Books by Jeanne Nangle

The Thought Store

Can you change the way you think?  The Thought Store: 8 Simple Thinking Habits for Work and Life, is a compelling, thought provoking story that will challenge negative thinking and teach you high-vibe thinking™ for a better life.


books, The Butterfly Silhouette
Books by Jeanne Nangle

The Butterfly Silhouette

Award-winning author, Jeanne Nangle wrote this inspiring, uplifting allegory about finding yourself, especially after experiencing a loss of love, health, or dreams. 

The richly woven metaphor is about a wistful caterpillar who doesn’t believe that she can be a butterfly. Her journey toward transformation is a lyrical ride through a strange and unpredictable garden with challenges every step of the way. As she continues deeper on her quest, the caterpillar discovers the truth that lies within her – a deeply planted truth that we all carry within ourselves.

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Books by Jeanne Nangle

12 Principles Of Being More

12 Principles to transform your life and be something more.

What are people saying?

Jeanne has won multiple awards for her innovative and inspiring books on personal transformation: The Butterfly Silhouette, A Parable in Verse and The Thought Store, 8 Simple Thinking Habits for Work and Life. 

A child’s sensibility mixed with that of a sage.

The Butterfly Silhouette is full of awe and wonder and a child’s sensibility mixed with that of a sage.”
Phil Cousineau
PHIL COUSINEAU is an award-winning writer and filmmaker, story consultant and editor, travel leader and inspirational speaker on myth in the modern world.
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