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Build self-love and confidence.

Do you need a boost in self-love or more confidence in some area of your life?

If you doubt you can have the life you want.

The love you want, things you want, or peace of mind you want.

Or, if you doubt you’ll fulfill the dreams you’ve carried since you were a tiny kid.

Doesn’t doubt stink?

I’ve watched myself waste time doubting one thing or another many times.

And it kind of pisses me off.

Because the time spent doubting, worrying, questioning…

Can be put to better use.

Instead, that time can be used for creating something new and exciting and worthy of you.

Use self-love to create your future.

Not just the obvious creative things like writing or decorating or cooking a new meal, even though those are all fun.

But, creating your future thrill ride!

Something you can put your personal stamp on.

Where you say to the universe:  I was here.

I was me.

The thing I was most afraid of… I did it anyway.

Although there’s a finite amount of roadway in front of you…

It’s never too late.

Your best book, idea, experiences… might still be in front of you.

Instead of thinking…

This won’t work.

It’s too late.

I can’t because I’ll fail…

Too many people are doing it already.

People won’t like me.

I’ll suck at it.

I’m too tired.

Or, I’m not good enough.

A big but!

BUT, and this is a BIG BUT:

What if you’re meant to do it?


What if you’ve been designed to do the VERY thing you’re doubting?

Think about it for a minute.

The elves are putting you together to send you to earth. 

And as they’re assembling you, they put in a dash of this and a mix of that…

For a specific reason.

This isn’t necessarily how it goes, but some version of a creating YOU happens.

So the elves put you together, and send you down to earth to accomplish something.

Something specific to YOU.

And then… you DOUBT IT??


It could be something big or not big at all that you’re meant to do.

But, without a doubt, it’s meant for you.

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