Giving yourself what you need.

So, how do you give yourself and your soul what you need in a topsy-turvey world?
And what does that even mean??
Care of the soul assumes that life is topsy-turvey.
So, don’t let it disappoint you or cause you to become too discouraged.
Because as you know, life is a roller coaster of things we don’t expect.
And so instead, we care for the soul.
We make sure our soul is doin’ alright down here…
For example:
We pause throughout the day. We take deep breaths. We do work that feeds the soul. We avoid negative people and negative thinking. We put ourselves in situations that lift us up.  We feel what we feel.  We BELIEVE in ourselves.  We believe in an unlimited universe that will survive. We don’t give up on ourselves.  We’re GOOD to ourselves daily…
I feel better just writing that:)
And as you care for yourself in this deeper, life affirming way, you’re experiencing connection and aliveness.
You experience the part of life that can’t be explained
It wasn’t until I stumbled upon caring for my soul… that a glimmer of something true, something deeper, and something eternally satisfying emerged within me.
Why does the soul offer so much?
Because this part of you knows the truth about you and your specific place in the world.
AND because… this part of you is connected to the unlimited.
And, this part of you has the power to overcome any self-doubt you have.
You can lean into your soul 100%.
And THAT feels really good, since leaning into something solid in 2020… is extremely comforting. ?
Be well and safe.

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