Your place in the world.

I’ve been re-reading my book, The Butterfly Silhouette lately … and feeling touched by my confused and lost … and very brave caterpillar.
The richness of this metaphor STAYS with me all the time.
Because a caterpillar is destined to be a butterfly.  It’s written in the stars.
This weepy looking insect turns into a magnificent, flying example of transformation.
Of emerging into something new.
And finding your place in the world.
Or your next place. 
Yet, the road getting there is a winding one at that.
My earnest, afraid caterpillar is terrified of the unknown.
And doesn’t want to fail.
Yet, the caterpillar goes on this journey outside of the garden.
And takes that giant leap of faith … or that giant crawl of perseverance.
All sixteen legs are in.
My caterpillar knows something more is out there and she must know what that is.
This time fear of the unknown doesn’t matter.
The caterpillar finds her courage …
Then, leaves what is comfortable to go out into the world.
Where the caterpillar discovers self-love and her place in it all.

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There was a fine day …

There was a fine day.
A beautiful day.
So glad to be in it
And feeling this way.

Then right out of nowhere
I feel a bit blue.
It doesn’t belong here!
Which feeling is true?

I suddenly feel sadder, not gladder,
just madder.
I’m left feeling something
SOME say doesn’t matter.

Some say it won’t stay,
just focus on the day.
They say I should make
my sad heart go away.

So I turn my attention
to a bold and bright story,
so I can move on
from the sad and the gory.

I like this idea
and it works for a minute.
But then later on
my heart’s right back in it.

What is the answer?
I yell when I’m mad.
Which should I do
Be sad or think glad?

I hear in a whisper
a very loud voice.
It’s right in my head
so I don’t have a choice!

Be sad AND think glad!
Not just for a minute!
You need to feel sad,
while your heart is still in it!

But there’s a mistake
many sad folks might make.
They hold to their sadness,
They plant a deep stake.

This kind of sad thinkin’
will end in your ruin,
You’ll never escape
from the sadness you’re brewin’.

What do you mean?
You said to be sad!
You said it’s OK!
You said I’d be glad.

Go there, yes go there!
But keep in your thoughts:
The best of ideas,
the highest of watts!

While you are sad,
and listening to your heart,
Think of what’s good,
That’s a really good start.

Your heart must be felt,
there can be little doubt.
While your head needs to help,
your heart find it’s way out.

Be sad till you’re finished,
even though it’s not fun.
Your sadness won’t leave
if you’re tempted to run.

Your heart is your heart,
it has all the clout!
Your heart doesn’t care
what your head is about.

So feel what is real
and trust in the day.
And keep your thoughts bright
till the clouds move away.

Is it OK to be sad?

Does this question sound ridiculous to you?

Please read further because … it’s not so ridiculous!

While being happy rocks, let’s not be too quick to avoid sadness.

It’s part of being a whole person.

If you’re sad about something, anything … your plant died, you miss an old friend, you miss your old body, your favorite TV show you’re serial watching is over … shoot man!

That’s flipping sad!

Sometimes sadness is painful. No doubt about it:(

And sometimes it isn’t.

Ignoring it or being unaware of it can build up inside.

Being available for whatever range of emotion is within you is part of being emotionally AWARE.

Are you making time for feelings that come up?

Please don’t use positive thinking to repress emotion.

That’s the road to future pain and heartache and body pain and your body breaking down.

The body and mind are intimately connected.

So if you’re feeling sad … it’s ok. Please make room for it.

Let it be.

Let it be.

Being human involves many emotions and when we make room for both, the body, mind and spirit thank us.

#self-love, #purpose

Who is on your team?

I have a team I like to call Team Jeanne.

You have a team like this too. Your team is called: Team YOUR NAME.

My team consists of anyone and everyone who supports me on my path.

Both here AND … not here. You get the picture.

Your team reminds you of your place in a much larger context.

I love thinking about Team Jeanne because it reminds me of the vast
resources at my disposal.

If you may find this a bit … self-involved? Let me assure you, it’s the opposite.

It is surrendering to my place in a much larger context.

And reminding myself that I’m not alone.

It reminds me that I am loved.

It reminds me that the support I need to fulfill my potential is right in front of my face!

Right in front of my face!

I am so happy to know this Team exists. Thank you is all I can say.

I invite you to BUILD your team. They are right in front of YOUR face waiting to be called in!

They are ready with a good idea, a helping hand, a good hug, a loving word, a warm feeling, a great memory … you name it.

The support, the resources, the ideas at the exact right moment, it’s ALL right here.

Our job is to notice it.

And receive it. Receive it. Receive it … with gratitude.

And here’s the best part:

Your team loves you … even if some members wouldn’t necessarily use those words:)

That’s ok.

Not all of us go around saying I love you all the time:)

Your team are people who help you: love yourself, respect yourself, have compassion for yourself, and forgive yourself.

Anyone else, kick them off the team!!

Send them to right field, no better yet, send them to the dugout! Good-bye!

We all have a team, thank goodness. My humble suggestion is this:

Invite them into your daily life.

All of the help you need is right here.

Yet another piece of proof … you are worth it.

#self-love, #purpose

Sometimes life is about choosing more.

It is about turning away from what is popular and easy and what other’s think … and choosing what you know in your heart is right for you.

That is the ultimate in self-love.

When is it time to step up and love ourselves … and love our soul?

Each of us will have our own answer.

Is it ok to dial ourselves down because what we need doesn’t make sense to some people?

I want to speak for a moment to the people who have lived a few decades …

You’ve been around the track and know yourself by now.

You know what you’re good at and not so good at.

Are you showing up for that?

How many more years will go by?

We all have things to let go of.

And it ain’t easy.

I’m the first to admit that.

Letting go is a constant process and sometimes it feels horrible.

Actually, usually it feels horrible.

However, please don’t let the past stop you. Let it fuel you.

Don’t let the pain be in vain.

Let it strengthen you.

I KNOW we are each capable of this.

#self-love, #purpose

Are you feeling judged?

Are you feeling judged?

The 1,000 pound gorilla in the room … how we judge ourselves.

Did we say the right thing?

Were we too sensitive?

Did we do enough?

When we judge ourselves … we FEEL judged by others.

Maybe they are. Maybe they aren’t.

But we feel judged.

However, when you begin talking to yourself with less judgment, you will feel less judgement. Period.

As you judge yourself less … you won’t feel or even notice others judging you.

It’s true.

Because your judgment radar gets turned WAY down. The knee jerk reaction of feeling judgment slowly lessens.

We can be self-aware with a TONE and attitude that is NOT judgmental, but self-loving.

Good old fashioned self-love.

And what will you do with all of this extra energy that is NOT being wasted on feeling judged?

I guess you could take up surfing or basket weaving or writing the next great novel or eating a hot fudge sundae.

All of these options sound better to me:)

#self-love, #purpose