Jeanne Nangle, MA. OD.

Soul Coaching

Discover self-love and your place in the world.


When we are doing what we love and are gifted at, life is more fulfilling. 


We want our relationships to add to the bliss of life.  When we share our lives with the right person, life is better!


Part of self-love is trusting in the bigness of life, the unlimitedness of this experience.


We all have many sides of us that want our attention and sometimes we need help prioritizing how to do this.

Feel Like It’s Time to Love Yourself, But Can’t Seem to Find a Way?

We’ve all been there.  We want to make a change, but the timing seems off, or the resources aren’t there or we are afraid of having one more thing to do!  Well, at the risk of using a cliche, there is no time like right NOW.  When is the right time for loving yourself?  Right now.

What Is Soul Coaching?

Understanding who you are at the core.

Knowing what you need to express your purpose.

Allowing yourself to feel your emotions without judgment.

Living in the space of letting go.

How Do I know if Soul Coaching is Right for Me?

You want to be aware of any limited thinking.

Thoughts are energy, meaning our thoughts have an energy vibration that can be felt in the body and in the world around us. When we are feeling low energy, stressed, worried, etc. our thoughts can quickly shift our energy. The good news is: if we THINK we aren’t good enough, this can be relearned.

What you focus on expands.

If we think about what scares us, we feel more afraid.  If we worry about what can go wrong … we will see all that can go wrong. If we focus on what we don’t have, we will feel like we don’t have enough. We will feel deprived and lacking.  What we focus on gets bigger in our lives. 

Balance Positive Thinking with Feeling What is Real.

While thinking high quality, high vibration is key to self-love, the biggest mistake we can make is to use positive thinking to ignore what we FEEL!  When we allow our emotions, we honor ourselves. 

Changing our Lives takes Focus.

As soon as you start something new, you will get resistance from somewhere. This is why coaching works so well, when you feel resistence, you have someone to walk you through it. 

Connecting to Your Higher Self is Key.

Connecting to your higher self is a major part of the process of growing in self love and stepping into your power.  When we really own that part of us has ALL the answers, it’s incredibly empowering. 

My Approach

I work with you one on one, because this is the best way to get transformative results. Your unique challenges are best discussed with someone who has walked this path of self-doubt and lack of belief in what is possible … and knows this path intimately.

We work virtually or over the phone for 8 weeks. I will teach you self-love habits that will transform the way you think about yourself and the way you experience your life.

How It Works

Schedule a Free 1:1

Let’s talk about your particular situation.  While I have a basic framework for the coaching program, it is tailored to your unique and individual needs. This is a fluid process where we are both committed to you growing in self-love and everyone moves at a different pace.

We talk once a week.

We work virtually or over the phone. I focus on teaching you 3 self-love habits that I have developed because THEY WORK. As you go through the week and life is happening, we will practice these habits in REAL LIFE terms, meaning we focus on how you can meet the challenges of your life with more self-love!

Begin Your Journey.

Ultimately in life we must search our individual and completely unique soul. Because it is in the soul searching and applying what we learn that we ultimately evolve.  So while the struggles may seem like a pain in the rear, they force us to look within, go deeper, and learn what we are here to learn, so we can love ourselves more.

Still Have Questions?