Transform your life with self-love and purpose.

I M A G I N E …

Knowing your place in the world … 

Where you feel valued and purposeful.

You’re fulfilled.

And deeply connected to your spirit.

And you LOVE yourself through it all.

Feeling a bit lost, in between, or stuck?

Jeanne Nangle, MA. OD., Soul Coach

Who is Jeanne Nangle?

Jeanne Nangle, MA. OD. is a Soul Coach, certified executive coach, and author of the critically acclaimed The Butterfly Silhouette, about personal transformation; and The Thought Store about the power of thought.

“I’ve walked this path.  When my husband of 23 years passed away, I was completely lost.  I didn’t know who I was at the time or what to do next.  I embarked on an inward journey and discovered a loving,  accepting relationship with myself.  Lack of self-love is largely what creates the obstacles in our way.  So, once we move that out of the way, we emerge into who we are meant to be.”

Now, it is Jeanne’s passion and mission to help others transform their lives with self-love and purpose.

Because lack of self-love stands in the way of … everything else!!

This course is for you if you:

Feel stuck …  lost, or confused in your life.

Fear failure or the unknown.

Are not that comfortable in the world.

Are unfulfilled.

Fear you’re not enough, not doing enough, not enough talent, etc.

“I love you,”

she heard herself say.

She leaned into the stone,

and the stone moved its way.

The Butterfly Silhouette by Jeanne Nangle.

What is covered in this course?  



Module One - Commit all 16 legs.

Who you really are.

Why do you need this?  Because self-love begins with a commitment to ourselves and our purpose.

Module Two - Ask for help, the garden is always listening.

A strong sense of your spirit.

Why do you need this?  Because when we  connect to the part of us that is directly connected to Source, universal intelligence, a higher power … we discover our place in the world.

Module Three - Notice what's beautiful.

Thinking for self-love and purpose.

Why do you need this?  Because your thoughts literally lay the FOUNDATION of your ability to love yourself.

Module Four - You need to look closer, then don't stray too far.

Self-knowledge, acceptance, and belief in yourself.

Why do you need this?  Because deep down inside you know who you are and staying there requires believing in yourself and your purpose.

Module Five - Wish yourself compassion for everything you are.


Why do you need this?  Because you grow self-love from self-compassion … by having compassion for everything you’ve been through. 

Module Six - Your time is quite short, regardless of your endeavor.

Your eternal nature.

Why do you need this?  Because we stay focused on self-love by not ignoring our true nature.

Module Seven - Enter a well of all healing and be willing to go below.

Emotional intelligence and release.

Why do you need this?  Because when you let go of the past, you free yourself.  And there are skills you NEED to do this!

Module Eight - Leave your logic on the shore.

Emotion is not logical.

Why do you need this?  Because we move on by not analyzing our lives!  Instead, being with what is and allowing ourselves to feel what we feel.

Module Nine - Let your sadness run through you.

Letting go.

Why do you need this?  Because loss is a constant … and we need to love ourselves through it. 

STAGE FOUR: Butterfly


Module Ten - You may get stuck beneath a stone.

Uncovering life lessons.  Forgiveness.

Why do you need this?  Because we tend to make the SAME mistakes until we learn from them.  Once we learn from the past, we can stop repeating it.  And forgiveness is part of this process.

Module Eleven - Love yourself.

Arriving at self-love

Why do you need this?  Because it’s a journey to arrive at self-love … and each step is essential for finding self-love and your place in the world.

Module Twelve - Fill your silhouette out.

Your place in the world

Why do you need this?  Because you’re meant to step into that place where you’re alive, fulfilled, it feels natural to you, and you WANT to share something and give something.

“Inside the beautiful garden,

for those of us who crawl,

metamorphosis is possible,

when we step up to our call.”

Jeanne Nangle, MA. OD.

Jeanne Nangle is a soul coach, certified executive coach, successful author, speaker, and teacher.  It is Jeanne’s passion and mission to help others transform their lives through self-love and purpose.


“I’ve been practicing what Jeanne has taught me for over 6 months and my life is completely different than before.  This week, after teaching my meditation class, I felt euphoric.  I felt I was expressing my exact purpose.” 

AnnaMaria P.

“Jeanne is a great coach! She helped me deep dive into my own insecurities and barriers. This allowed me to think about things differently and truly increased my self confidence.”

Shelley J.

“The best way I can describe it is like getting your new prescription for glasses….you were seeing fine before, but all of a sudden things get so much clearer when you put on the new pair and realize what you had been missing.”

Niki P.

“Jeanne Nangle’s message is powerful beyond words. She delivers an entirely new take on an essential truth.  I highly recommend Jeanne Nangle.”

Desiree A.

“I am on a continual journey to be the best possible leader, and crave books by authors like Covey and Abrashoff.  With Jeanne, I have implemented habits that are changing the depth and direction of my life.”

Don H.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I move at my own pace?

Absolutely!  You can move at the pace that feels right for you.  One module becomes available per month to help you pace yourself; however,  you can take as long as you want!

Can I purchase now and start in January?

Definetly!  You’ll want to take advantage of this introductory price now, since it is only available for a  limited time.  Go ahead and enroll and purchase the course to lock in this lower price … and then start in the new year!  


What if the course is not what I expected?

If this course is not what you expected, for any reason, just email us within 14 days of purchase and we’ll refund you, no questions asked. 

14 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you purchase this course and don’t feel it delivers the value you were expecting for ANY reason – just email us within 14 days of purchase and we’ll refund you, no questions asked.

Self-love and purpose at an incredible value!

Online courses as extensive as this are usually priced above $2,000.00

College courses range from $1,000 to $4,000. 

My 1 : 1 coaching program is above $2,700 for 8 weeks.

In this program you’ll receive 12 modules, over 50 lessons with videos, PDF’s, and exercises.  At the $300/hour I charge for my 1 : 1 coaching, it makes the value of this program well over $3,600!!   And while I’m not working with you 1 : 1 … I am AVAILABLE to answer any and all of your questions!   I am here to guide you to self-love and your place in the world.

What is included in the course?

12 modules

More than 50 lessons

Over 50 videos

Dozens of exercises

PDF Downloads

PLUS … Jeanne Nangle’s audio library of high-vibe thinking.

One module is released each month.