Creative Expression… Why it’s So Important For Well-being

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Do you want to unlock the power of creative expression and elevate your well-being?

Many of us struggle with stress, burnout, and a sense of disconnect from our true selves.

We might forget about the remarkable therapeutic and transformative power of creative expression.

As a life coach for over 25 years, I’ve personally relied on creative expression and helped my clients tap into their creative sides, to help them access emotions and let them go.

Whether you’re an aspiring artist looking to find your unique voice, a stressed-out professional seeking an outlet, or simply curious about the therapeutic benefits of creative expression, this article will help you.

Let’s explore the profound impact of creative expression and its impact on wellbeing.

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What is creative expression?

Creative expression is using your imagination to create something from nothing

Something from nothing.

There’s just you and nothing… and FROM you emanates a unique form of expression that’s self-fulfilling.

Whether it’s art, painting, dancing, writing, decorating, play, music… there are many forms of creative expression.

Again, it’s you doing something from nothing.

Empty room, empty canvas.

Empty page, empty canvas.

Even if the creative work has been done by millions before you, no one will do it with your unique voice, perspective, ideas, way of doing things, etc.

Creative expression can be a way to express oneself, communicate with others, or enjoy the act of creating for creation’s sake. 

The latter is my favorite… for creativity’s sake.

It’s important to express yourself in a number of ways: creatively, emotionally, spiritually, and mentally.

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Tips for creative expression

Here are some tips for creative expression…

  • Find a form of expression that you enjoy and that you are good at.
  • Experiment with different techniques and styles.
  • Be yourself.
  • Repeat affirmations for creativity daily.
  • Share your work only if you feel like it.
  • Have fun!

Creative expression is fun and brings joy and self-fulfillment!

Please don’t put pressure on yourself to be good at it!

Here’s Mary Oliver’s poem, The Wild Geese… it’s a beautiful way of telling us to lighten up and not worry about being good at something.

It’s about creative expression, not being good!

Artistic expression creates well-being

Here are some potential benefits of creative or artistic expression that I’ve personally experienced and so have many others I’ve worked with.

Relax and de-stress

Creating something can be a way to get your mind off of other things that are stressful for you. says that specific art therapy exercises can help you cope with anxiety symptoms.

I know a bit about strategies for de-stressing…

I’m quoted in Forbes magazine in regard to stress during a job transition, “‘Human beings are drawn to what’s familiar.’ She recommends allowing yourself time to appreciate the past, and then turning your attention to the growth potential ahead.”

De-stressing is a lot about mindset and creative expression is a great vehicle for putting your headspace in a place that’s relaxing.

Step into your destiny

Develop your problem-solving skills

Problem solving can use your creativity!

When you stand back and look at a problem with your imagination, you see different solutions. The ability to be creative when solving problems is a talent to be honed.

Build self-confidence and self-esteem

Creativity has this remarkable way of nurturing confidence.

When we engage in creative pursuits, we get a deeper understanding of another part of the brain.

There are no strict rules or judgments, only the freedom to explore and express ourselves.

As we create, whether it’s through art, writing, photography, or any other medium, we tap into our inner well of imagination and ideas, which brings joy and a happy heart.

Cope with difficult emotions

Creative expression provides an outlet to release and process feelings, relieving emotional tension.

Through art, writing, or other creative forms, individuals can gain insight into the origins of their emotions, fostering self-awareness and emotional growth.

It’s vitally important that we don’t bury our feelings.

When I was grieving my husbands death, I wrote poetry on many days. My therapist recommended it as a way to process my grief, anger, and desire to express myself.

Poetry saved me during that time.

And it didn’t have to be good! It just had to be honest.

Step into your destiny


We learn a lot about ourselves through creative expression.

We transform our lives by expressing what’s within us!

As we explore different sides of our being, we uncover deeper truths. Being authentic is such a big part of healing, emotional wellness, and happiness.

This self-discovery is good for the soul!

Self-discovery is an important part of self-love and soulfulness… which are both essential to well-being.

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Mental health benefits

According to Forbes magazine, creativity improves mental health.

“Repetitive creative motions like knitting, drawing, or writing help activate flow, and are all tasks that create a result. And when you succeed at creating a result, no matter what it is, your brain is flooded with dopamine, that feel-good chemical that actually helps motivate you.”

But, we don’t need science to believe that creative expression is good for our mental health. We feel that intuitively.

As we are in the flow of a creative idea, be it with music, writing, art, etc., we feel almost taken away by the process.

The book Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience talks about the concept of flow and how it affects us physically and emotionally.

Flow the book,

The creative process has many forms

Creative expression can take many forms like the following…

  1. Visual Art: This includes painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, and other art forms where artists use colors, shapes, and textures to communicate their ideas and emotions.
  2. Literature: Creative writers use words to craft stories, poems, essays, and novels that reflect their thoughts, experiences, and imagination.
  3. Music: Musicians create melodies, rhythms, and lyrics to evoke emotions, tell stories, or convey moods. Music is a powerful form of creative expression that can connect with people on a deep emotional level.
  4. Dance: Dancers use their bodies as a way to express emotions and stories through movement and choreography.
  5. Film and Theater: Filmmakers and actors use visual and performing arts to bring stories to life.
  6. Crafts and DIY: Crafting, woodworking, and do-it-yourself (DIY) projects provide opportunities for hands-on creative expression.
  7. Design: Graphic designers, fashion designers, and architects use their creativity to design visual elements, products, and spaces that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional.
  8. Cooking and Culinary Arts: Chefs and home cooks can express their creativity through cooking and culinary arts by combining ingredients, flavors, and presentation to create delicious and visually appealing dishes.
  9. Digital Media: With the rise of the internet and social media, individuals can express themselves creatively through a variety of mediums: blogs (like this one!!), videos, podcasts, and other digital formats.

Final Thoughts

Creative expression allows us to connect with our inner thoughts and emotions, and explore our true selves.

Whether it’s through a painting, a favorite song, art, a poem, or any other form of artistic or personal expression, creative expression is a powerful part of the human experience.

Creative expression helps you to express feelings and connect with others and this is helpful for your well-being.

When you creatively express yourself you’re in your heart more than your head, and this goes a long way toward healing the heart.

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