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First, be lost.

First, be lost, then you can be found.

Either a little lost or very lost.

In one area of life or in every facet of your life.

And, like every other person who helps people, I solve this problem, because this was my problem.

It takes one to know one.

Except that I never used the word lost.

And, forgive me if you don’t identify with that word either.

But I didn’t know who I was… really.

And I didn’t know where I was going… at all.

Plus, there was something deeper, an inner hunger I didn’t understand.

But, so what.

Having all of the answers is way overrated.

It’s kind of beautiful, not knowing all the answers.

It’s a relief actually.

Just kick back and say: I don’t know.

I’m lost on this one.

I’m lost on this one.

What a great jumping off point.

If you feel a longing in your belly.

And a drive for something you don’t understand.

Plus, a deep desire for expression and leadership.

Then lean in.

Go walk on coals with Tony Robbins.

If he does that anymore.

Or go to every denomination of church or synagogue in your city.

And read everything you can find to shed some light on what’s true for you.

Go for it.

Then, what transformation occurs?

You go from confusion to knowing who you are and what you need.

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