Jeanne Nangle Soul Coach

This challenge is for anyone who’s experienced loss… and wants the most from life.

Join me for the FREE Challenge, 5 Self-love Skills in 5 Days!  

Jeanne Nangle Soul Coach

Because self-love heals.

And your destiny awaits you.

In 5 short days you’re going to learn…


5 SELF-LOVE skills in 5 days.


Effective techniques for easing heartache.


How to grow in self-acceptance.


How to say YES to your destiny.

Jeanne Nangle Soul Coach

When your heart hurts you might…


Fear people leaving you.


Avoid failure of any kind, so you don’t try new things.


Attract the wrong people.


Find yourself in dramatic sitations.


Feel isolated or alone.


Feel misunderstood.


Overreact with people you love.

Jeanne Nangle Soul Coach

Who is Jeanne?

As a coach, author, mom, and entrepreneur, I help creative, non-joiner, 40+ moms who’ve experienced loss, move through their grief and heartache, so they’ll say YES to their destiny.

I’ve helped thousands of people around the world love themselves and say YES to their destiny. ❤️

In addition, I’m known for my extensive contribution to the personal empowerment, self-love, and spirituality fields.

After a major loss in my life, I wrote The Butterfly Silhouette, A Parable in Verse and The Thought Store, 8 Simple Thinking Habits for Work and Life, to empower others towards what’s possible for them.

She laid on the stone and started to cry, overcome by the fear that she’d possibly die. 

“I love you,” she heard herself say.

She leaned into the stone and the stone moved its way.

The Butterfly Silhouette by Jeanne Nangle


Jeanne Nangle

“The Butterfly Silhouette is full of awe and wonder and a child’s sensibility mixed with that of a sage.”

~ Phil Cousineau ~  

Author of The Hero’s Journey: Joseph Campbell on his life and work;  Screenwriter, award winning poet. 

Join this FREE 5 day challenge and learn 5 self-love skills in 5 days.

Learn skills for self-love.

FREE LIVE in the private Facebook for an hour a day, for 5 days.

Do all of this from the comfort of your cozy couch or kitchen!

Clear, micro steps each day.

And, Jeanne understands your need for space!

What are people saying about Jeanne?

NOTE: These clients did general life coaching, not related to grief/loss.

Jeanne, thank you so much for your support. 💝 ~ A. P.

Jeanne is a gifted teacher who cares. ~ J. A.

Jeanne, I really enjoyed our conversations and the reflection and ideas you offered me to support my growth. ~ B. M. 

Jeanne is a great coach! She helped me deep dive into my own insecurities and barriers. This allowed me to think about things differently and truly increased my self confidence. ~ S. J.

The best way I can describe it is like getting your new prescription for glasses….you were seeing fine before, but all of a sudden things get so much clearer when you put on the new pair and realize what you had been missing ~ N. P.

Frequently Asked Questions: 


Who should sign up for the Good Grief Challenge?

This challenge is for anyone who’s experienced loss and wants to love themselves through it.  Whether the loss happened recently or decades ago, this challenge is for you.

What if I can't be there live?

No problem! I will keep the challenge replays in the Facebook group for a few days so you can catch up on the trainings! 

How do I get access to the challenge?

After you register you’ll be taken to a page that has a link to the Facebook Group. We will also send it to you via email.

Use your primary email so you’ll be sure to see it!

You’ll receive your confirmation email within 1 hour of enrolling. If you haven’t received it, be sure to check your spam folder or contact

If you have grief and heartache… this challenge is for you. 

Don’t miss this opportunity! 


Jeanne Nangle Soul Coach

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