A Great Soul Connection: Soulmates And What You Need To Know

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I remember telling my therapist a few years back… he’s my soulmate.

That’s a very romantic way to describe the relationship… she said.

I thought… OK, but I’m not being dramatic… he really is my soulmate!

I was wrong…. btw.

You’re here because you want to know when someone is a soulmate or soul connection?

As a soul coach and lover of a deep soul connection, I can help you have a deeper understanding of who your person is… or people are.

Let’s get started…

What are soulmates?

What is a soul connection?

A soulmate connection is a profound bond transcending time and space with someone you resonate with at a deep level.

You have an intuitive understanding of one another.

This connection enables growth, healing, and enlightenment, often feeling like a destined reunion.

Soulmates complement each other, reflecting strengths and vulnerabilities, encouraging mutual evolution.

The bond is marked by an unshakable sense of belonging and purpose together.

We can’t quite describe it other than to say… we’re connected on a soul level.

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Types of Soul Connections

A soul connection comes in various forms, each with its unique essence and purpose.

Soulmate connection

Soulmates are the people we will spend much of life with. We’re meant to travel through life with them for a reason, a season, or a lifetime

A soulmate connection is a special kind of soul connection we have with a limited number of people.

There’s no magic number.

These relationships are no accident.

Your souls have lived together before and you know each other on a deeper, soul level

These relationships typically feel familiar, comforting much of the time, and like we’ve known them before. 

The person fits who we are at the time

We don’t have to work our you know what’s off to get along with them… there’s work, but it doesn’t feel like labor!

It feels like we want to be in the boat of life with them.

We want to be holed up in a bunker with them

They get us. They see us. 

We feel like we belong with them. 

Soulmate spiritual connection

A soulmate spiritual connection is a bond that happens on a spiritual level.

You follow the same beat.

You have the same beliefs about the universe, its’ creator, and other spiritual principles.

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Can you have more than one soulmate?

Yes, we can have multiple soulmates throughout life

Again, there’s no magic number. For you, it could be one person… or five people throughout life.

Soulmate is a term so commonly used that maybe it’s lost some of its meaning. He’s my soulmate… until you meet the next soulmate?

In fact, we choose our soulmates before we come into this life.

In SoulMates: Honouring the Mysteries of Love and Relationship,  Thomas Moore describes soulmates in this way:

“Someone to whom we feel profoundly connected, as though the communicating and communing that takes place between us were not the product of intentional efforts but rather a divine grace.” 

You will be a similar vibration 

You will be a similar vibration frequency as your soul mate.

That’s how the universe works. Like attracts like… vibrationally. 

This is why, if you’re doing the work to raise your vibration, you may no longer resonate with your soul mate after you’ve done the work… if they haven’t.


Karmic Relationships

Karmic relationships are contracts we make with certain souls to help us resolve past life conflicts and learn important lessons

These relationships have a push pull feel to them and you may feel like you’re losing yourself in the relationship.

Honestly, these can be quite painful.

It is typically an intense connection.

You feel inexplicably drawn to the person at times, then repelled away from them at others. 

This kind of on/off dynamic is confusing and can be very hurtful because you’re thinking: How can they treat me this way?  

Or you’re thinking… How can I treat another person this way? What’s wrong with me? 

This is a sign to do the work

We must do the work of healing your mind, body, and soul. 


Not all soul connections are equal

So karmic contracts are soul connections that are not always harmonious… or even close!

These are soul contracts we created to help us learn.

Your boyfriend who you fight with a lot may be a soul connection, not a soul mate.

No relationships are perfect, but this relationship is not a smooth one and may be rocky!

It feels like a constant challenge. The relationship is rarely easy. 

You love them. You’re drawn to them… but it’s more painful than love needs to be!

It’s a soul connection where you can learn something, but that doesn’t mean you need to stay in it.

As you evolve, the relationship no longer fits you.

Thank goodness.

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Twin Flame Connection

Twin flames are described as two halves of the same soul

The soul connection with a twin flame is intense and often marked by periods of separation and reunion. The twin flame comes into your life, leaves and returns. 

The subject of twin flames has gotten increasing attention over the years… maybe because we love the idea of sharing the same soul?

Personally… I’m not drawn to that idea at all.

I love having my own soul:)

Also, I haven’t had any experience with this, but this kind of soul connection exists.

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Characteristics of Soulmates

Since soulmates are those lovely souls that we’re in the boat with for awhile, depending on YOU… and them, let’s look at other qualities that mark the soul mate relationship.

Soulful eyes

If the eyes are the window to the soul, it’s no surprise that you may always remember the first time you looked into a soul mate’s eyes or a deep soul connection’s eyes.

It’s wild.

It’s as though you see their soul as you look at their eyes.

You see things others may miss.

You know them instantly.

Yea, it’s mind expanding for sure.

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Ideally, soulmates embrace each other exactly as they are, flaws and all, without judgment or criticism.

If only!

On a soul level… this is actually true because there’s such a deep connection that transcends the human experience.

However, on a human level the acceptance part may be something you continue working on as the relationship evolves and the souls evolve.

Connected Souls 

A sense of connection, the thing we all long for, goes deep with soul mates.

They’re kindred spirits.

That’s why we hold on for dear life.

It’s the kind of connection we live for and it feeds us. We can’t imagine life without it once we’ve had it.

There’s an instant sense of recognition and familiarity as if we’ve known them for lifetimes.

Soulmate Synchronicity 

Synchronicity is a meaningful coincidence.

These kinds of meaningful experiences are a theme in soul mate relationships.

It’s absolutely remarkable and proof of how intelligent this universe is.

In my own life, in my soul mate relationships, there is one synchronicity after another to show me spirit’s hand in the relationship.

The turning left instead of right.

The person you meet in the strangest way… who just happens to introduce you to your soulmate.

Types of soul connections

Soul connections and soul mates can manifest in different forms… thankfully, we get to have them in different areas of life.

Here are examples of types of soul connections.

Romantic relationship

These are the soul mates we typically think of – romantic partners who share a deep love that transcends the ordinary.

We want to be close physically, spiritually, emotionally… we need to be close to this person!

We want to be seen by this person… we feel like we need them in our life.

As a soul evolves, we realize that while we want someone in our life because we love them, we don’t actually need them… we have everything we need within ourselves.

As we feel this way, it’s makes the relationship even more satisfying because we choose to be there.


Our children can be soul teachers for us.

Just as we can be for our parents. And vise versa, except that I’ve heard more about children being soul teachers.

A soul teacher is someone who is helping your learn certain lessons.

Do you feel like you’re learning something profound and over time with someone in your family?

Does it feel like you’re traveling this path as more than a parent/child kind of thing… but something more?

There’s no science to this. You’ll just feel this deeper kind of connection.

And I know some who don’t really feel that kind of soul mate connection with their children. That’s perfectly fine, there are many kinds of connections in life.

They don’t all have to be soul mates. It’s OK.

A parent can be a soul mate too. Again, I’m lucky in this category🙂

It goes both ways…

We feel soul vibes with our soul mates.

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Platonic: For a reason, season or lifetime

Platonic soul mates are friends or family members with whom we share an exceptionally deep and meaningful bond, similar to that of a romantic relationship.

However, there’s not a physical draw… typically.

Which is convenient…

It’s that friend or associate that you just know on a deep level you’re supposed to walk this path for a reason, a season, or a lifetime.

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These soulmates can be fellow creators, collaborators, or mentors who ignite our creativity and inspire us to pursue our passions.

I’ve had many along my path and cannot imagine my life without these deep soul connections.


Spiritual soulmates are kindred spirits who share our spiritual beliefs and practices.

They offer guidance, support, and companionship on our spiritual journey.

They helps us with spiritual growth.

Thank goodness for this kind of soul connection.

Some connected souls

Most connected souls have a similar lifetrap.

A lifetrap is a pattern of behavior from what’s happened to us and we tend to choose people based on our lifetrap!

Sorry, that’s not romantic, but it’s true.

The lifetrap skews your reality and it takes time and awareness to not let that happen.

However… they’re still a soul connection.

They have similar work they are doing in the world that we have. We learn from one other or we’re comforted by them.

For example, if I need to heal or let go of victim consciousness, my soulmate may have the same lesson or something close to it.

Or if I need to find my voice and use it in the world, they may have that same thing to learn. 

Check out my article, Are Souls Real? How To Know It’s Totally Real to help you understand more about this essential part of you.

Final thoughts

A soul connection is a profound relationship that we’ve prearranged before coming into this life.

Soul mates and connections are those people who help us feel like we belong and help us grow.

Some soul connections are karmic, and therefore extremely challenging and we need to be aware of the pitfalls.

Walking through life along our soul’s path with a soul mate is a beautiful experience… and one of the things that makes life worth living.

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