Happy new year!

The hope in the phrase: Happy New Year is because each year we get to start fresh.
We get only so many years in one life … and each calendar year marks what we’ve learned, what we saw, and what we did.
A lot is packed into one year.

Consider this

So, in the spirit of starting the year with a clean slate, consider this:  You deserve love, you deserve success, you deserve to be happy.
Sure, you have some work to do to get there … but that’s not so bad right?
What better thing is there to do?
Anew (definition): in a new or different and typically more positive way.
No matter what we’ve done that we wish we hadn’t … we get to begin anew.

Some road under my shoes

While I say this to you in a lighthearted way … I’m saying it with some road under my shoes.
I, like many of you, have said and done things I’d love to redo.
If only …
I’ve made mistakes, struggled, and looked like a fool.  And after all of that … no surprise here, I’ll doubt myself.
When we stumble … we doubt ourselves.
I understand … like Ph. D. level understanding, how it feels to truly doubt yourself in some area of life.
Yet NOW …  I help others overcome self-doubt, self-judgment, self-rejection and love themselves.
Because I believe in it.
But, only after I’ve learned to love myself.

We make a message of our mess

Have you heard the saying:  We make a message of our mess?
Well, it’s true.
Whatever mess you’ve made, you get to clean it up and then, possibly, help others clean up the messes of their lives.
None of us are getting out of this unscathed right?
We all get to stumble and make a message of our mess.
Happy new year to YOU and may you begin anew.
May you love yourself enough to begin anew.

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