High-vibe thinking.

If there’s something you want from life or you have this feeling you’re meant for more, you’ll want high-vibe thinking.™

High-vibe thinking™ connects you to your mission in life, helps you heal, and lightens your life.

When you think:  It’s too hard.  It probably won’t work out.  I’m not good enough. 

These thoughts will lead to feeling: discouraged, blah, doubting yourself.  And often, beneath the surface anger and resentment.

Thoughts > emotions. 

Just as, if you think on some level:  I have to work for love, this leads to feeling: tired, unhappy, insecure.


Also, how you think determines what you’ll do.

What. You’ll. Do.

Or, won’t do.

Because thoughts create actions, as I talked about in The Thought Store.

Thoughts > Actions

If you’re thinking: I’ll fail. I don’t have time. I don’t have the energy, I’ll be alone if I do this.

Thinking like this will tell you: Don’t do anything new!  Stay in your house and lock the door!

OK, that might be extreme, but this kind of thinking will keep you from trying new things.

Certainly, it will keep you from what you’re meant to do.

Then, there’s the thought that breaks hearts and hurts most:

The thing that I’ve wanted forever, it’s not gonna happen.

Man, this is a sad thought!  Not to mention, it keeps you from having the life you desire.


Thoughts are the foundation of what happens in your life.

And yet, we don’t learn how to think correctly.

Not really.

Because most positive thinking is basically toxic positivity.

And, it’s NOT natural to be positive all the time!

We are walking, breathing containers of emotional baggage.

Plus, we think 24/7.  

The problem becomes quite serious when thinking keeps you from BEING who you’re meant to be.

Or, when thinking keeps you stuck and confused.

Then, it’s time to go at it differently, and think about yourself and your life in a way that supports your path. 

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