Is low-vibe thinking hurting your relationship, job, or life?

Jeanne Nangle will teach you high-vibe thinking™, so that the pressures of life don’t hurt what matters to you most.


You’re a successful, high-achiever who intends to live at a higher level.

And yet, you worry, get irritable, and your energy gets zapped by feeling the pressures of the day.

Not to mention what negative thinking can be doing to you physically.

You want to think positively… You’ve tried affirmations, self-help books, meditation, mantras, long walks in nature, you name it… but your thinking still goes to what will go wrong.

I did the same thing. Lots of what I call low-vibe thinking.

I’ve been in your shoes… and as a successful life coach, executive coach, and self-help author, I can help you flip the script.

My course will help you think with less negativity, less stress, less pressure.

Instead, you’ll think with greater support, security, calm, and ease throughout the day.

If you have negative thinking, which we all do, then it’s definetly creating low vibes for you and those who love you. 

There is a better way!

high-vibe thinking™

What will your life look like with high-vibe thinking™?


Jeanne Nangle teaches her proprietary method in healthcare and schools.

Uses the energy of thoughts

Choose high-vibe thoughts that love you, empower you, and remind you that you have something essential to do with your life.

Practice and repetition

Brain plasticity tells us that the more we think about something, the bigger the neural pathway in the brain! So, repetition is key!

Holistic in its approach

High-vibe thinking™ is holistic in its approach to positive thinking to help you allow the wide range of your totally valid emotions.

You’re human, not a robot.

From the author of The Thought Store

Jeanne is bringing the concepts from The Thought Store to this online course to help you think high vibration and take charge of your thinking.

Repeating thoughts restructures the brain


1. Course Videos

In Jeanne’s high-vibe thinking course consists of 10 training modules. The modules are short and easy to consume. You can move at your own pace. Each week you’ll learn a new skill so you’re practicing your thinking over time.

metamorphosis course

2. Self-talk


$300 Value

In addition, self-loving self-talk will help you be more loving, accepting, and supportive of yourself in the High-Vibe Thinking™ Course. We judge ourselves constantly, and it’s a thinking habit we can change and must change to be happy.

affirmations for self love

3. Emotional techniques


$200 value

Furthermore, manage emotional energy. You are meant to be happy and free! This bonus gives you skills to be free of emotional energy from the past as you work on your thinking.

metamorphosis course: Step into your Destiny, emotions, energy

4. E-book Quick guide

Immediate access to over 100 high-vibe thoughts.

$10 value

positive thinking quick guide

Don’t let negative thinking drag you down


While its specific origins may not be pinpointed to a particular date or event, Niksen can be traced to Dutch culture where the importance of a balanced lifestyle and “stepping back to rejuvenate and refocus” are emphasized, Jeanne Nangle, a well-being expert and life/executive coach, told Newsweek.

“In a world where being busy is often glorified, Niksen offers a refreshing counter-narrative,” said Nangle, author of The Thought Store: 8 Simple Thinking Habits for Work and Life.

newsweek magazine
Jeanne Nangle, an emotional well-being coach agrees that changing careers can be very unsettling.

“Even a voluntary change can evoke a sense of loss for the familiar. Human beings are drawn to what’s familiar.” She recommends allowing yourself time to appreciate the past, and then turning your attention to the growth potential ahead.
forbes magazine


What else do ya wanna know?

How long is the High-vibe Thinking™ Course?

The Course has 10 VIDEO modules. I recommend doing one module every week at the most… so that you’re processing the ideas that are presented. This is deeper learning, you need time and repetition. Modules 6 thru 10 are coming soon!

Can I move at my own pace in the course?

Absolutely! The Course modules are designed for you to pace yourself.  The lessons are short and easy to consume.  Also, since the course is videos only, you can watch them at your leisure.

How does the course work?

This an online course with 10 short, easy to consume videos.  You’ll be journaling your thinking. You’ll be practicing the high-vibe thoughts in the lessons. In addition, you’ll have access to the student-only audio program that will model for you emotional freedom and positive thinking. Plus, there’s over 100 high-vibe thoughts in the quick guide.

Don’t let negative thinking hurt your relationships, job, or life. You deserve more!