3 Best Positive Thinking Skills For A High Vibe Life

positive thinking skills

If negative thinking, ongoing stress, and overwhelm are driving your life, then it’s time to learn positive thinking skills.

For a high-vibe life.

As a positive thinking expert, I’ve coined the term high-vibe thinking to help people take a holistic approach to positive thinking.

You’re here because you want to not only cope in life, but thrive through positive thinking.

Here are my 3 top high-vibe thinking skills that will empower you to have the life you desire.

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3 Positive Thinking Skills

These three positive thinking skills will dramatically help you tune into what you’re thinking about!

Awareness is the first step in changing negative thinking.

  • Ask: What was I just thinking about?
  • Feel the emotion directly, don’t jump to the story!
  • Choose thoughts that lift your energy.

And, send positive thoughts to someone you love today, since thoughts are energy!

Positive Thinking Skills

The Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale was one of the most popular positive thinking books from the 1960’s thru 80’s.

The Power of Positive Thinking is a great book.

However, seventy years later, (it was originally published in 1952) the world is very different.

While that groundbreaking book taught us valuable thinking, unfortunately, a lot of people use positive thinking to avoid how they feel.

It’s called toxic positivity.

Instead, we need positive thinking skills that helps us think positively while allowing us to FEEL, be flawed, imperfect, and human.

And there’s scientific evidence to back up that positive energy affects us physically.

Here are my 3 top positive thinking habits. Although I teach 8 positive thinking exercises from The Thought Store in businesses and hospitals, you can begin with these 3 skills:

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High-Vibe Thinking™ Definition

High-Vibe Thinking™ supports you emotionally, mentally, and spiritually with thinking habits that help you live positively and authentically.

1. Ask: What was I JUST thinking about?

Pay attention to the quality of your thoughts.

And what’s the best way to notice them??? When you have a feeling… Ask yourself, what was I just thinking about?

When you feel afraid, overwhelmed, angry, etc… ask that question!

You’ll quickly see that your thinking created an emotion within you.

This is a great way to begin seeing the connection between your thinking and feeling.

Plus, you can journal your thoughts or at the end of each day take a few moments to reflect on how your thinking went throughout the day.

Ask: Was I negative today? Was my mind clear today? Did I respect any negative emotions that came up for me? Was I particularly positive? Did I feel good throughout the day?

Awareness of how you think is critical.

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Positive thinking helps you change the neural pathways in the brain.

2. Don’t jump into the story, feel the emotion directly

Next, when you have an uncomfortable or negative emotion like anxiety, anger, shame, guilt, etc…

don’t jump into the story of why you feel that way!!

Instead, feel the emotion directly.

Here’s how that will look…

  1. State how you feel. ie: I feel BLANK.
  2. Allow the feeling to swim around in there and just be. Breathe as you are allowing it. Notice where you feel it in the body. ie: in your stomach, throat, chest? All over? Is your temperature raised?
  3. BREATHE some more.

When you live in the moment, you’re less likely to tell and retell yourself stories about your emotions.

The negative thinking habit of feeling an emotion and jumping to the negative story about why you feel that way, keeps you from feeling what you need to feel.

3. Choose thoughts that lift your energy

Choose thoughts that lift your energy. These are thoughts that empower you, support you, and remind you that you are worthy of love.

Notice the connection between your thoughts and energy.

Go to The Thought Store (in your mind)… and choose a thought that lifts you up and reminds you how remarkable, lovable, and strong you are.

We’ve all been hurt and need to heal the heart… so we need to soothe the soul!

For example, Although I’ve been hurt, I am healing my heart. I can handle this. I am giving myself the time and space I need. I deserve love, etc.

And if you’re visiting someone who is ill in the hospital or at home, here is how to have good vibes with them.

high-vibe thinking™

Why is Positive Thinking Important?

Positive thinking lifts your energy and empowers you. Think positive so that you’ll…

Fulfill your destiny

You have places to go and you need high-vibe thinking™ to get there.

If you’re thinking: I’ll fail. I don’t have time. I don’t have the energy, I’ll be alone if I do this.

Thinking like this will tell you: Don’t do anything new!  Stay in your house and lock the door!

OK, that might be extreme, but this kind of thinking will keep you from trying new things.

Certainly, it will keep you from what you’re meant to do.

You need positivity of mind to fulfill your destiny.

So you won’t think…

The thing that I’ve wanted forever, it’s not gonna happen.

Man, this is a sad thought!  Not to mention, it keeps you from your destiny.

Positive thinking or High-vibe thinking™ supports your purpose or purposes in this life.

You’re stronger than you think!

The universe has given you ALL that your need to fulfill your destiny.

Create positive emotions

You want to use the positive thinking to create positive emotions.

When you think:  It’s too hard.  It probably won’t work out.  I’m not good enough. 

These thoughts lead to feeling discouraged, blah, and doubting yourself. And often you may feel beneath the surface anger and resentment.

Thoughts lead to emotions.

For example, if you think on some level: I have to work for love, this leads to feeling: tired, unhappy, insecure.

Thoughts > emotions.

A positive attitude, in the holistic sense, is important because positive thoughts raise your vibration and they you’re vibing! The main warning is that your thinking must allow and encourage you to FEEL.

Think: I choose to think this way.

Take positive action

Every action you take begins with a thought.

In The Thought Store: 8 Simple Thinking Habits for Work and Life, I illustrate thinking habits to help you lower stress, improve overall well-being, and peace of mind.

Positivity of mind is important because how you think determines what you’ll do.

What. You’ll. Do.

Or, won’t do.

Because thoughts create actions, as I talked about in The Thought Store.

Thoughts > Actions!

Your outlook on life can clearly be a positive outlook or negative and your thoughts will reflect that.

So, practice exercises for positive thinking and learn positive thinking skills that embrace what it’s like to be human.

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Become who you’re meant to be

Thoughts are the foundation of what happens in your life.

And yet, we don’t learn how to think correctly.

It’s NOT natural to be positive all the time!

We are walking, breathing containers of thoughts and emotional baggage.

Create positive emotions

So, we need to think in ways that honor and respect how we feel.

As you express how you feel, you’re caring for and loving yourself.

Here’s a positive emotions list to help you identify the emotions you wish to create for a positive outlook and happier feelings!

What are positive affirmations?

Positive affirmations are statements, spoken in the first person, that empower you to fulfill your potential, and grow self-love and self empowerment.

The Berkeley Wellbeing Institute defines positive affirmations as positive phrases or statements that we repeat to ourselves. Generally they are used to manifest goals, dreams, or experiences we desire. 

Examples of thoughts with good energy

The following thoughts are affirmations with good vibes or good energy.

I can do this.

I will do this.

I am committed to doing my best.

I am willing to feel what’s true for me.

I am a work in progress.

I deeply and completely love and accept myself.

Each day I do better.

My life is about learning and growth.

I believe in myself.

Although I’m afraid, I will do this anyway.

I can handle this.

I’ve been through worse and I came out ok.

When I face by fear and walk through it, I come out the other side stronger.

My life is about more than pain and suffering.

I am committed to healing my life.

I deeply and completely love and accept myself so that I will learn and grow.

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Each thought has an energy frequency!

How to feel better about yourself

I’ve written an entire article on how to feel better about yourself, but the main point to remember in regard to positive thinking is to stop the negative self-talk and reinforce positive self talk.

What you tell yourself each day, you believe!

Tell yourself supportive self talk so you’ll pursue your dreams!

So, when you catch yourself down the rabbit hole of negative self talk, please catch yourself and practice positive self talk instead.

Catching yourself is the hard part, but with practice you begin to restructure your brain.

According to The National Institute of Health Library of Medicine, Neuroplasticity is defined as the ability of the nervous system to change its activity in response to intrinsic or extrinsic stimuli by reorganizing its structure, functions, or connections after injuries, such as a stroke or traumatic brain injury (TBI).

What to do with negative feelings

One of the benefits of positive thinking is that it improves mental health and physical health.

According to Eckhart Tolle in A New Earth, negative emotions are toxic to the body and interferes with balance and harmonious functioning.

So, when you feel uncomfortable emotions like fear, anxiety, shame, guilt, rage, etc, try something new…

Negative Thinking…

Negative thinking or what I call, Low-Vibe Thinking lowers your energy and makes you feel less than… in some way.

You might feel powerless, inadequate, anxious, afraid, and the list goes on.

So, we must catch ourselves when our thinking takes a dive, deep dive into the crevasses of low-vibe thinking.

We need reminders to think high-vibe when we’re visiting someone who is healing and Think.Art™ does exactly that!

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Ask: Which thought will I choose? High-vibe or low-vibe??

As you think new thoughts more and more each day, news neural pathways are formed in the brain!

Again, Neuroplasticity tells us that the brain continues growing and evolving in response to life experiences.

Don’t give up on your brain and take good care of the brain each day says psychiatrist and healthy brain expert, Dr. Daniel Amen, who is a big proponent of positive thinking that’s supportive of wholeness.

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Final Thoughts

As a life coach, I help people think high vibration to help them be soulful.

Helping people be true to themselves is a passion of mine, and we need positive thinking to do so!

Hopefully, one soul at a time, one thought at a time, we will slowly heal this ailing planet.

Choose high-vibe thoughts… it’s a big part of walking your spiritual path.

For my high-vibe thinking™ course go here.

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