High-vibe thinking™ helps people lower stress and enjoy life.

For less stress, burnout, and overwhelm. For physicians, staff, patients, and loved ones.

Because much of what you think about… stresses you out.

Fear-based or low-vibe thinking makes stressful situations worse… and that’s the last thing you need when you’re overwhelmed.

What you think about, you bring about.

High-vibe thinking™ gives people the skills to lower stress and enjoy life.

Years ago, when my husband was dealing with a health challenge, we were painfully aware of the fear-based thinking in us and everyone around us.

I coined the term high-vibe thinking™ to help people lower stress and enjoy life.

In addition, I created Think.Art™ which is posters, stickers, and prints promoting high-vibe thinking™ in doctor’s offices and hospitals for a helpful, healing environment and headspace.

high-vibe thinking
Thought Pathways become thought highways
High-vibe thinking™ is repetition of quality thoughts over time.

Brain plasticity tells us that the more we think about something, the bigger the neural pathway in the brain! So, we want to think high-vibe!

LOW-VIBE THOUGHTS take away energy
High-vibe thinking™ uses the energy of thoughts to raise your energy.

Be careful that you don’t slip on other people’s low-vibe thoughts!

high-vibe thinking™
high-vibe thinking
your thoughts must honor how you feel.
High-vibe thinking™ is choosing thoughts that allow you to feel and ultimately, let go.

Your thoughts must support that you are a walking, feeling human being with a past. As we process our feelings and let go with our thoughts, we heal.

high-vibe thinking

The Thought Store by Jeanne Nangle.

Rave review by a high-vibe thinker!

For me, the book provides a framework on how easy it is to move your feelings, actions, and life into a positive direction. It comes down to recognizing the types of thoughts you have throughout the day, choosing to think good thoughts, and practicing the skills outlined throughout the book. I realize now that I am building habits that are changing the depth and direction of my life. I strongly recommend this book for any individual and I will be using it home and work environments as I go forward in my personal life and career.” ~ Don H.

Low-vibe thinking

Fear based thinking is very low-vibe!

When you’re working through a challenging time, whether it be a health challenge, relationship, career, etc, your thinking is likely to be fear-based or what I call low-vibe.

Unfortunately, low-vibe thinking lowers your energy, and that’s the last thing you need right now. So the rule of thumb is… Feel the wide range of your emotions, FEEL them so that you’re being true to yourself and your experience, then choose thoughts that are high-vibe.

High-Vibe Thinking™ helps you lower your stress and fear.

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