Soulfulness: Meaning and 4 Reasons to Lean Into the Soul


Picture a serene morning, birds chirping, the sun rising, and a sense of peace filling your soul.

Adding soulfulness to your life means bringing the depth of soul into all aspect of your life.

The soulfulness of paying attention brings us into beautiful moment.

We live in a fast-paced world where it’s easy to get caught up in the frantic pace, losing sight of our connection to life.

As someone who’s walked the path of rediscovering soulfulness firsthand, I’ve learned how to infuse it back into everyday life. This is my passion.

If you’re craving more meaning, depth and soul connection in your life, then you’re in the right place.

I’m here to motivate you on your journey to choosing soulfulness.

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What is soulfulness?

We can find soulfulness anywhere the soul is present, where there’s depth, meaning, authenticity, true emotion… and then some.

Soulfulness is the quality of being soulful: being authentic, having genuine depth, emotional expressiveness, and expressing what’s in the soul in everyday life.

According to Cambridge Dictionary, soulfulness is a noun, which identifies any of a class of people, places, or things.

But, to make it more tangible… soulfulness is the experience of depth, truth, warmth, and honest expression.

Living on a soul level.

It’s the opposite of surface level.

It’s the opposite of faking it!

Pretending, posting, posturing… not soulful.

Soulfulness is one of the mindfulness practices because you’re present as things happen.

It’s soulful… experiencing life as it’s unfolding.

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Pay attention to when you’re not being true

Have you ever pretended to be someone you’re not?

Or, have you acted in a certain way to please others and be accepted, and inside you’re pissed off?

Sadly, I sure have.

And when I leave these kinds of encounters I feel robbed… and the saddest part is that I did it voluntarily!?

We do this to get along… we pretend. We wear masks.

So, just notice without judgment.

Once we make the choice to be our authentic selves and we decide that we will be true to a deeper understanding of who we are.

There’s no going back.

Choosing soulfulness is the beginning of a journey to yourself.

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Soulfulness in a sentence

Here are some ways you can use soulfulness in a sentence.

The soulfulness of the music moved me.

The soulfulness of their speech, touched my heart.

The soulfulness in his eyes told me he meant it.

The soulfulness of the experiment brought us closer together.

Choosing soulfulness in the moment

At the heart of soulfulness is seeing deeply.

It’s tuning in on another frequency… the frequency of your soul.

My posts on soul care, the soul and soulful have extensive ideas for tuning into the soul.

For the purposes of this post, I want to describe the quality of soulfulness and here are some ways to bring it through your senses.

1. Look closer and really see the world

Look at the world you live in.

Do it as much as you can.

You’re not looking at a computer screen or phone ( I hope!). You’re looking all around you. You see the sky, the mountains in the distance, the birds overhead, and the contrast of colors.

You notice the tan color of what looks like wheat, but it’s probably weeds. You see the old oak tree that’s been there for over a century.

You see clouds or a clear sky.

As you’re looking at all of this, really look.

Look deeper.

Looking with this kind of depth creates soulfulness as you’re seeing what’s around you from a spiritual perspective.

Pause, breathe, and look with astonishment at what’s been created to view.

When you’re in the present moment, experiencing life through your senses, you feel alive.

You feel closer to the soul.

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Contemplative practices

Some of the contemplative practices like meditation, mindfulness, Tai Chi/Qigong, yoga, and prayer help us quiet the mind and connect with the soul, deep feelings, and spirit.

This is essential for a soulful life.

Having a regular meditation practice, prayer if that feels good to you, or just being quiet all serve the desire for soulfulness as it shuts off the mind and accesses soulful connection.

2. Listening with depth

As you’re listening to the world around you, really listening, you’re connecting, you’re clued in, and you’re aware of your surroundings.

You’re walking along listening to the birds chirping, hearing the wind rustle through the trees… you’re in heaven with these soulful sounds. (not only music is soulful!)

This is a beautiful spiritual self care practice: as you’re turning off your thinking brain and just being there.

Turn these moments into a spiritual practice by bringing your attention to the present moment over and over.

This is life.

Spirituality and soulfulness is about having a human experience as a spiritual being.

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3. Soulfulness embodies deep feeling

Anything that helps us go within and connect with this earth, yourself, and what’s happening is soulful.

And those are just the external things you might feel.

What about internal feelings??

All kinds of inner emotions get stirred up all day long.

But, while you’re focusing on being present… this can mess with your feeling of Presence!

For me, the feeling of Presence describes the connection to a power far greater than I am that runs through me.

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4. There’s soulfulness in smells

The smell of pizza or warm bread or soup that’s been cooking… it’s soulful to connect with what the smells remind you of.

Soulfulness is all about depth and connection… and the sense of smell is one of our oldest senses!

According to the National Library of Medicine (NLM), “Smell is arguably the most ancient sense.”

Enjoying the connection to things old and new through your senses can give you a deep feeling of soulfulness.

The smell of cut grass, of wet leaves, of flowers blooming, of society’s garlic, of a hot day, of an eminent rain… these smells of nature always feel soulful to me.

Smell connects us to memories we hold dear.

When you smell cut grass, does it remind you of your dad mowing the lawn?

Or the smell of certain locations in nature have their own smell.

For example, lakes smell like sitting water, old trees, and boat exhaust.

Being aware of smell connects you to THE MOMENT.

And anything that connects you to the moment, helps you be present, is soulful.

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Final thoughts

Soulfulness is anywhere the soul is present, where there’s depth, meaning, and true emotion.

When you’re acknowledging that your soul is taking you on a journey life after life

Mindfulness practice is an act of soulfulness because we’re paying attention moment by moment.

Soul vibes connect us to the deeper parts of being human.

We can be in nature, in a church, at a concert, at a friend’s house, cooking, talking at a coffee shop… the central ingredients are authenticity, depth, honest emotion, and feeling connecting to the soul.

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