how to find happiness within yourself

Unlocking Inner Joy: How To Find Happiness Within Yourself

Ever wondered why happiness sometimes feels like a puzzle? It’s a question many of us ponder in our quest for deeper fulfillment.

Too often, we look for happiness in external places, neglecting the vast reservoir of joy within us.

Through my journey and extensive research into the art of happiness, I’ve discovered 10 Ways to find happiness within yourself.

You’re not just seeking temporary pleasures, you want a happiness that comes from within.

Happiness is within you… here are 10 things you can do, as well as doing deeper, personal work to find happiness within.

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Here are 11 things you can do that will boost your long term happiness and well being and help with finding happiness in daily life.

You deserve happiness… and you’ll bring more happiness into the world when you’re happy.

Finding happiness within yourself is possible with the help of the following…

how to find happiness within yourself
My son’s girlfriend carved an avocado for our tacos! This made her happy… and us:)

1. Finding Happiness Within

Happiness must come from within… because happiness that comes from outside of yourself can be easily taken away.

Finding happiness within yourself is your end game.

You don’t want to live in fear of the outside world changing!

Because it will!

There’s a great book on the art of happiness, The Art of Happiness, by the Dalai Lama.

Find happiness by making time

Sometimes it seems like we have enough time in the day. Between family, career, home life, social life, and personal challenges, you feel like you can’t pay attention to it all.

So, it helps to prioritize doing what helps you achieve happiness. The list you created from the prompts above are things that make for a happy life where you’re vibing with people.

Make time to do those things!

Give yourself permission to carve out time for doing what makes you happy.

2. Feel your emotions

First and foremost, allow yourself all the emotions you feel.

Even so-called negative feelings.

You’re reading an article about how to find happiness within yourself and you probably don’t want to be told to feel uncomfortable emotions.

Why would you want to feel negative emotions like fear, anger, anxiety, rage, overwhelm, or sadness?

You wouldn’t!

However, being true to your feelings allows you to let go of emotional energy that is standing in the way of your happiness!

For life satisfaction we must heal our lives and not hide from our emotions!

The only way to do so is to express your authentic emotions WHILE keeping your thoughts high-vibration.

3. Focus on what’s good

Finding happiness includes focusing on the good things in your life.

By focusing on the good, you see MORE good in your life. You’ll find more joy.

Pay attention to people who are happy. You’ll notice that they focus on what’s working and what’s good.

However, they’re able to be real without jumping into despair. They know how to feel emotions without letting them control their lives.

Overall, projecting good vibes into situations is always helpful.

4. Grow self love

Self love is the cornerstone of happiness.

Here are 9 self-love exercises to help you grow self love.

As you grow self love and self esteem in your life, you’ll be happier.

Feeling happy and self love go hand in hand. Here are self-love affirmations to help.

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5. Live in a state of gratitude  

Take time each day to think about what you’re grateful for. List them even!

Create an attitude of gratitude.

Personally, I begin each day with a gratitude prayer, so that my mindset at the start of the day is set for joy and well being.

This practice can also help you not dwell on the past.

Gratitude shifts the energy of fear and lack faster than you can say: thank you!

6. Spend time with loved ones

According to happiness experts in this article for Time Magazine, “Spending time with family outside of the house and with friends in a non-professional setting,” contributes to happiness within.

So, even though life is busy, making time for people you love will make you happier.

If you can’t be with loved ones, you can send them positive thoughts instead. Thoughts travel!

9. Help others from power, clarity, and alignment

A service mindset can give you life satisfaction. Find yourself and how you can share your talents and gifts with the world!

However, serve others from a place of power, clarity and alignment.

Meaning, you’re giving from a full cup.

You’ll find happiness as you make the world better with your particular, unique set of gifts.

The soul is here to do exactly that…

To give from power, clarity, and alignment, stay in tune with your soul by being soulful.

It helps to connect regularly with something bigger than yourself.

Make this connection by finding yourself spiritually and lean into your spiritual side.

When you’re lost, you can be found

When you’re unhappy, you may not be feeling power, clarity or alignment.

This is a heads-up to reconnect with yourself. Being lost can be a prelude to great things to come, so try to keep your head up.

I was very lost at one point in my life, and if it weren’t for that very important time, I would not have dug deeper into my life and found the deep satisfaction and fulfillment I have now.

So, let yourself be lost, so you can find yourself again.

How to find yourself includes asking for spiritual guidance.

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8. Don’t forget to practice self-care

Taking care of yourself physically and mentally is important for your overall well-being.

It’s important for you to take care of yourself by doing things that make you feel good like the things you list on your happy list! .

This can include reading, meditation, exercise, plenty of rest, listening to music, grounding yourself, and doing what brings you joy.

Most importantly, it’s paying attention to how you feel and what you need and responding to that.

Here are self care activities to help you take care of yourself. And spiritual self-care are activities that connect you to your spiritual nature.

The Dutch lifestyle trend of doing nothing, called Niksen, is taking root. And for good reason! I was recently quoted in a Newsweek magazine about the importance of sometimes doing nothing for self-care and well-being.

9. Practice self compassion

Self-compassion does not mean you’re making excuses or being complacent about your actions.

No way!

Self compassion says that you’re taking responsibility for your actions, but instead of criticizing yourself, you learn and let go.

You can have a patient and understanding view of yourself. And, you can have greater self-acceptance.

Next time you find yourself struggling, take a breath and choose to be kind to yourself.

Give yourself the same understanding and patience you would give to a good friend. Self-compassion is the foundation of finding happiness. 

Positive self-talk is also important so that you’re not criticizing yourself without realizing it! You’ll definitely want to check out my blog post on positive self-talk.

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10. Live in the present moment. 

As we’re able to be present, life gets easier.

Way easier.

You can make this part of your regular spiritual practice. It’s obvious that when we’re present, we aren’t stuck in the past or worrying about the future.

We already know that.

But how do we do it?

Practice. Daily mindfulness of living in the moment.

Set your intention each day to be in the moment as much as you can.

Be out in nature and practice being totally alert. As you do this, it becomes easier.

But, I won’t sugar coat… this takes some practice over time.

How to find happiness within yourself

Make time for activities that you enjoy and that make you feel good… Plus, soul searching is a way to continue growing personally and spiritually.

To find happiness, the happiness experts recommend, “Pursuing hobbies, such as art, music, cooking, or reading, was also universally important. Most respondents carved out space for these interests five to six times a week.”

Ultimately, happiness comes from within while doing things that bring you joy!

Mental health and finding happiness

The Happiness Alliance writes about the link between mental health and happiness, “Those who are mentally stable are generally in control of their personal thoughts and actions, are able to care for themselves and others, and can stay consistent and present in their work, family, and social lives.”

Anne Hart goes on to say that those who struggle with mental health might begin “pulling away from people and their usual activities, eating or sleeping irregularly, struggling with alcohol or various kinds of addictions, or feeling hopeless about life.”

Feeling hopeless about life is a horrible place to be.

Where mental health is an issue, finding happiness within might be more difficult. However, mental health is a commonly used term with a wide range of issues involved.

Therefore, I would encourage people to focus on well being as a part of a mental health program.

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Final thoughts

When life isn’t giving you what you want… It’s time to find your own internal happiness.

Because while we can’t control the outside world, we can learn to manage our inner world.

Internal happiness includes doing the inner work.. And, there are techniques you can do at the same time that will help you find happiness in the moment.

Well being comes from healing your life, prioritizing self-care, growing in self-love, and creating joy filled moments that feel happy.

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