How To Find Self Fulfillment When You’re Dissatisfied With Life

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Have you ever looked in the mirror and wondered… Is this the life I really wanted?

The problem is in the disconnect between daily life and our authentic self. That inner voice, our true desires and passions, often gets muffled by life’s demands, leaving us feeling lost and unfulfilled.

I’ve walked the path of self-doubt and come out the other side with a clear sense of purpose. Now I help others do the same… find that deep sense of self fulfillment by reconnecting with your true self.

You’re seeking that alignment too. You want to break free from dissatisfaction and step into a life that resonates with who you truly are.

This article will get you started on a path to self fulfillment. For a deeper dive into how to live soulfully and be your true self, you will find that information as well.

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3 Steps For Self fulfillment

Self-fulfillment comes from living soulfully.

What does that look like?

I write quite a bit about this in my post: 7 Amazing Ways to Define Soulful and Live With Depth.

A very quick brief summary of that post is:

Building a close relationship with yourself.

Beware of losing yourself.

Seeing the world with soulful eyes, being self-honest, loving your soul, asking for regular guidance, surrendering, and thinking high-vibration.

how to raise your vibration, self fulfillment

To get you rolling, here are 3 steps I recommend for moving toward greater self fulfillment:

1. Reconnect with your true self

Know yourself by going within and connecting with your true self. And it’s important to have a regular routine of spiritual self care.

This is the soulful journey and where my expertise lies.

I write extensively about 5 Powerful ways to be your true self for a deeper dive.

My advice here is to make it a priority to know this deeper aspect of you. It’s NOT a back burner kind of thing.

We end up feeling deeply dissatisfied when we put ourselves on a back burner. In my post on authenticity, I reference Elton John’s song that goes… “Look in the mirror and stare at my self, and wonder if that’s really me on the shelf.”

Sir Elton John’s lyric gets me every time:(

No lie… I played it just now while writing and started crying. Geez Elton. I love you.

2. Your must haves

Find out what you must have in your life. Not nice to have… must have.

There’s a difference.

The qualities, values, experiences, and the opportunities for self expression and/or creative expression.

For me it was authentic self expression and the opportunity to inspire others that was a must have.

The way to determine must have versus nice to have is this: What part of life, if I didn’t experience it, it would feel like my life wasn’t fully lived?

The soul holds the blueprint for your life. Those things that are non-negotiable are written in the soul.

3. Stepping stones are OK too

Recognize that stepping stones are part of the process of moving toward fulfillment.

Those jobs that aren’t feeding the soul… but you’re learning something valuable, those jobs are important too!

Just like the relationships that feel like a waste of time (and sometimes they are!), you’re learning something there too!

Life is about learning and growth, and many stepping stones will line your path, so be aware of them.

self fulfillment

Self fulfillment definition

Self-fulfillment is often referred to as self-actualization or personal fulfillment.

It’s a concept that relates to realizing and achieving one’s potential, desires, or aspirations.

It’s about personal growth, self-discovery, and finding soulful satisfaction and meaning in your endeavors.

Self-fulfillment example

At the beginning of my career I worked for IBM selling large computers.

I was a poem writing, sensitive woman with zero interest in technology, but I wanted to work for the best managed company, and at the time, that was IBM.

However, selling computers was boring to me. I learned a lot and know that the job, which lasted 11 years, was a stepping stone for what I’d do later, but it wasn’t fulfilling.

So, I talked with my manager about transiting from the sales part of the organization to human resources.

I got my masters in human resources at night… and worked in IBM recruiting.

I loved going to the college campuses and talking with students who were about to graduate about their dream and goals.

Some jobs offer deep fulfillment

It was fulfilling for me to interact personally, have more meaningful moments of connection, and feel fulfilled and accomplished.

That job dipped into my core values because I needed relationships where I could focus on more personal, soulful conversations over subjects I had little interest in.

I felt like I was the best version of myself in that job because I’m a good listener and curious about what people love.

My level of happiness and fulfillment skyrocketed because I was successful at something that came very naturally to me.

Self fulfillment in personal or professional life

While self fulfillment in your personal life often revolves around internal satisfaction and personal relationships, fulfillment in your professional life usually involves external achievements and/or contributions.

However, there are more similarities than you might think.

Fulfillment in personal life can positively influence professional performance and vice versa. When you’re happy at home, you’re likely to be more satisfied at work.

And when you’re professional life is going smoothly, you’ll be less stressed and not bringing home added stress!

Professional achievements can boost self-confidence and overall life satisfaction.

And, it’s essential to have a strong self-concept.

self fulfillment, creative expression
Sometimes self fulfillment comes from creative expression

Achieving self fulfillment

Achieving self-fulfillment can look different for each person, as it depends on your values, goals, and definitions of success and happiness.

However, there are some common themes of what achieving self fulfillment looks like:

Sense of purpose

Each soul has multiple purposes in life.

Feeling that one’s life has meaning and is guided by clear personal goals or a sense of calling. This often involves engaging in activities that align with one’s values and passions.

Self expression

Living in a way that is true to oneself, where there is alignment between your actions, values, and what your soul needs.

This often means not being afraid to show one’s self and making choices that resonate with one’s inner beliefs. Showing people who you really are.

Inner peace

Being at peace with yourself and the world is often associated with practices that encourage mindfulness and present-moment awareness.

I couldn’t imagine my life without my practice of bringing myself into the present moment as many times as I remember to do so!

Ultimately, inner peace… while it’s a process, is achieved by living close to the needs of the soul.

Final thoughts

You can achieve self fulfillment in your life and not only that, it’s your soul’s purpose to do so!

We are put here on earth to express ourselves fully. We have more fulfillment as we express what’s within us.

Follow the steps above to get you started on your path to lasting self fulfillment.

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