How To Find Your Soul… And Feel Its Presence

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To find your soul, you don’t have to look very far.

Your soul is within you… waiting for you to notice its presence and include it in your decisions

You’re seeking an experience of your own soul… feeling its presence in your life.

As a soul coach… I live, sleep, and breathe this part of human life. Not sure why!

But, it’s part of my soul purpose to do so.

This article will help you find your soul by noticing it, knowing it, and connecting with this deep and true aspect of you, so that you will feel its presence each day.

7 ways to find your soul

  • Be open minded about who you are
  • Push past resistance
  • Try on this deeper identity
  • Talk to your soul
  • Shrink your ego
  • Create quiet time to hear your soul
  • Don’t expect your soul purpose to jump out of a cake

Your soul has already found you.

It chose your body, your personality, your challenges, your situation… it’s not random. 

It’s sitting there in the wings, walking through life with you, then something happens that causes you to go deeper within yourself. 

Often, a loss of some kind. 

Loss of love, health, or a dream.

Or, something is missing from your life and you want to find it. So, you’re seeking. 

But, you need more. 

So, now you’re open. Now you can hear the soul’s call because you want to. 

Here’s how to find your soul and feel its presence.

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1. Be open-minded about who you are

Be open minded about your spiritual identity.

Your soul is trying to get your attention.

Your soul is hoping to get your attention so you’ll make choices that evolve the soul.

You’ll be stumbling along, confused, seeking answers, or both and your soul wants your attention. 

For me, it was finding Thomas Moore’s Care of the Soul: A Guide For Cultivating Depth and Sacredness In Everyday Life when I was 37. 

I was walking through a bookstore, not even thinking about the soul. I was looking for something on self-improvement.

Again, I was seeking, so I was open.

It’s almost as if this book fell off the shelf in front of me in the bookstore. With thousands of books to choose from, this one stood out like a beacon. 

I took it off the shelf and started reading in the store… 

It was what I needed and it was step one of my soul getting my attention. 

I needed nourishment, and what Thomas Moore was selling, I bought 100%

He wrote about self-acceptance. 

He wrote about the shadow and the parts of me I didn’t like.

He wrote about leaning into emotions with imagination. 

I was drooling. 

With what I know now about our spirit team and how they help us along our soul’s path, I believe I was guide to the bookstore to find that book.

Yea, this universe is that wild. 

Be open, soul vibes connect you to the deeper aspects of life.

Go here to help you see how we make choices on a soul level.

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2. Push past resistance

Then, as you’re leaning into this new way of seeing yourself, you may become afraid.

It’s called resistance.

What happens in our evolution, when we’re challenged, our first reaction is to resist.

We’re thinking… No way. This is too much. I can’t do it.

This kind of discernment is healthy! Because you don’t want to be so open to any idea that’s thrown your way…

You might join a cult… and that’s a problem:(

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3. Try on this deeper identity

Try on this deeper identity and see how it expands you.

Meaning… Ask yourself, does this soul path help me grow self love?

Does this path help me be my true self?

Does this soul path help you accept yourself? 

Does it motivate you to overcome your fear?

Does it make you a better person?

Does it motivate you to have the discipline to change what within you that wants to be changed? 

Your inner self

Also, ask your higher self if something you’re leaning towards is good for you.

I describe the higher self versus the soul in my article: What Does Soul Mean?

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4. Talk to your soul

That’s right, have a conversation with this part of you that’s been here long before your body and exists long after. 

So, have a relationship. Talk. Pray. Ask questions. 

It’s like talking to yourself… but it’s this deeper aspect of you

As I discuss on my article about what does soul mean… I write about who you are versus your soul. 

You are your soul, body, personality, temperament, roles you play, … all of these elements make up you

While the soul is the essence of you that’s eternal, and so much more. 

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5. Shrink your ego

The authority on the ego, in my humble opinion, is Eckhart Tolle. He gives excellent advice on how to shrink the ego in his best selling book, A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose.

Eckhart says that the ego is form.  It is your thoughts and emotions. 

And he talks about the pain body. He defines the pain body as …

In my post: Ego: The Big Reason You Don’t Live In The Moment, I give the ego’s mantra and the soul’s mantra.

The ego’s mantra is basically, It’s us against them. Separation. Duality. 

The soul on the other hand says, I want to learn and growAll that happens is necessary for my soul’s evolution. 

Your soul knows it struggles, but it’s OK with it. It doesn’t have an ego… so it’s not judging itself! 

To shrink the ego, don’t buy into your thoughts and emotions. 

Does this seem nearly impossible? I know…

However, it’s possible, it just takes some mindfulness.

When you feel “taken over” by negative thinking or negative emotion, gently tell yourself, This is my ego. 

Let yourself feel without the negative story, which I discuss at length in my article about the ego and how the ego tells negative stories.

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6. Create quiet time to hear your soul

How will your soul speak to you? 

Every soul is different just like every person is different.

I’m not an expert on how the 7 billion souls in this world communicate, but, I can share my experience.

And when I need more guidance, I ask my spirit guides.

Believe your soul is there

First, and this is the most important thing to remember along your soul path in all of this: Believe your soul is there.

This is essential, because if you don’t believe it, then all of your efforts will feel forced and fake. 

If you don’t believe it right away, don’t worry. 

Like ANY soul connection, your relationship with your own soul will build over time.

Trust that you’ll feel a stronger sense of your own soul as you do the work of connecting with it.

Feel drawn toward your soul purpose

Basically, the soul’s purpose is to learn and grow…

But, soul purpose is more than that.

As you lean into soul purpose and act from that place, you feel closer to your soul path.

Ask yourself: Is this coming from my soul purpose or ego? That question will help you discern what is the soul or not.

You’ll feel a gentle nudge to do something out of nowhere that’s unusual and good for you.

Through your emotions

Part of your soul purpose is to lean into how you feel.

Lean into your emotions and do work to feel them, process them, and release them

Your emotions are telling you what’s going on with you. As you honor them, you honor your soul purpose because the soul wants you to evolve, and one way we do that is through emotion. 

I’ll feel I must do something and I know it’s not of the ego because of the close relationship I’ve built with my soul. 

7. Don’t expect your soul purpose to jump out of cake

Your soul purpose or destiny may not be obvious to you.

It is to some people, but not usually.

So, set your expectations that you may have to have a relationship with your soul, getting to know this deeper aspect of you, before you’re clear on your soul purpose.

Or, you can seek feedback from a professional like myself.

But, the soul can be subtle… a quiet voice, a subtle interest, a chance meeting, a book that is given to you, an opportunity that comes your way. 

As as for soul purpose, we have multiple purposes in different areas of life. As parents, partners, professionally, and as a human being on earth.

One aspect of Soul Care, is to uncover your purposes and determine how you will use your life.

Your soul is working with your spirit guides (or whatever form you have for the sacred otherness of life) to help you evolve. So, it’ll use many different ways to get your attention. 

Then again, the soul can be loud, like a major illness to learn something from that experience. 

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You soul’s not going to jump out of this cake or any cake! It’s within you.

What’s your soul’s purpose?

You grow in self-knowledge as you understand how you will use your life to evolve the soul.

And, you evolve the soul as you grow in self love.

We tend to ask this question very loudly after we turn 40.

A lot of people like to talk about… what is their purpose.

Yet, this question can have a negative effect because people get hyper-focused on some grand, drum roll please, way they are supposed to serve mankind.

It’s too much pressure.

So instead, ask:

How will I use my life?

How do I want to share my gifts in the world?

What do I love? What comes naturally?

These are questions that can shed light on how you can use your life.

It’s important to stay connected to your soul through this process.

Here are a number of other ways to define the soul.

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Examples of how you’ll use your life

Maybe you have a purpose in your work life, in your career, and you may have a very specific purpose in your home life.

At work, we may do something that has a ripple effect that will affect dozens, hundreds, or millions of people.

Or, you may do something that appears small in the eyes of the world, but it’s actually a big deal in the eyes of the universe.

At home, what you give can be raising children, teaching teenagers something, or impacting a specific child, in a specific way.

In my work as a life coach and soul coach, I’ve seen “purposes” ranging from impacting one person to many people.

You never know the magical residual effect of something you do in the world.

Final thoughts

To find your soul purpose, follow the advice I’ve given here.

Your soul path is not a straight or linear line.

You’ll fail forward, and you’ll get stuck.

Your spiritual journey is about helping your soul evolve by learning specific lessons and growing after self reflection, self love, and self honesty.

In your own time you will figure this out. Resisting the process does more harm than good, so don’t fight your soul purpose.

Continue crawling your soul path during everyday life, one leg after another.

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