how to find yourself spiritually

How to Find Yourself Spiritually… 3 Essential Life Questions

It’s exciting and comforting to know there’s a magical, mystical, unseen part of life that’s available to us.

This aspect of life is helping us along… urging us to take one step after another to fulfill our potential and lighten this world.

You may feel disconnected. You’re struggling to find your spiritual identity in a frenzied world.

Through my passion for the soul, the innermost place within, I’ve helped others walk this path.

You’re searching for a spiritual connection that feels authentic to you.

Here are three profound questions to help you find yourself spiritually, cultivating a deep and personal awakening.

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3 Life Questions to Find Yourself Spiritually

Before you jump into your day… or during a pause in the day, ask yourself these questions to help you find your spiritual compass.

We need spirituality because as humans we crave clarity, a feeling of home, and peace.

How to find yourself spiritually begins with deciding… Am I a spiritual being?

If the answer is YES… your spiritual beliefs are the basis for everything else in your life.

Is there a plan for my life before I arrive here?

Are my problems and challenges helping me grow spiritually?

Is there more to me… than my mind, body, personality, and interests, etc?

Your soul will guide you on your spiritual journey.

Your inner compass can be the soul, your higher self, your intuition, etc.

Believe it or not, your unique soul will guide you spiritually… and this is NOT from a religious perspective.

We’re each different…

Are you drawn to a belief system that tells you right from wrong?

Or, would you prefer a belief system where you figure it out as you go? Where your compass is… what’s best for more love and tolerance on the planet?

I fall into the second category… and I say that, not because one is better than the other, but I’d like you to know where I’m coming from if you’re reading this blog.

Spirituality is the part of you that reaches for the stars. While, much of the time, your soul is in a body doing the work here on the ground.

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How to find yourself spiritually

Here are three questions to ask as you embark on your spiritual journey.

Finding yourself spiritually begins with getting clear on whether you see yourself, first and foremost, as a spiritual being.

1. Is there a plan for my life?

There is a plan for your life that’s put in place before you are born.

My work and research about the soul for over 25 years reveals this time and time again.

Before you arrive in this life, there is a plan for you in place.

And because of free will, with the choices you make along the way, you choose whether or not you’ll fulfill your potential.

I write more about that in my post: The Soul: The Beautiful Blueprint for your life. I hope you’ll read about the blueprint for your life when you’re done here!

What do you believe about your plan?

You play a role in this universe.

How will the universe use your specific and unique talents and gifts?

For help, ask God, Source, Universe, nature, Buddha, and there are many others… what would you have me do here?

What is the plan for my life?

Or, what would you have me do in this situation?

Get specific about it!

On your spiritual journey, these questions immediately connect you to greater intelligence.

This openness tells the universe that your clear intention is to co-create your life.

Also, I have to put in a plug for calling in your spirit guides since it’s such an important aspect of my spiritual practice.

Ask your guides for clarity and guidance!

Again, in The Soul: The Beautiful Blueprint for your Life, I write that there IS a plan for your life.

Don’t have low self esteem about that!

And Soul Meaning: What is the unique soul? 10 Things has more about information about spirituality from a soul perspective.

Belief systems

There are many paths to take… spiritually.

Your soul will be drawn to the belief system that is meant for you in this life.

Does that surprise you?

I know that some religions say that it’s their way or the highway… but, I couldn’t disagree more.

Your beliefs are personal to you.

The only measure is if the beliefs are benevolent, supportive of human life, and support the greater good.

Your soul holds great wisdom for you.

2. Are my problems helping me grow spiritually?

From a spiritual standpoint, our struggles and challenges teach us things we need to know.

Remain open to what you’re here to learn. What are your challenges teaching you so that you’ll grow and evolve?

Ask a greater power: Please tell me, what do I need to pay attention to? What do I need to learn? Help me know! 

When you ask, you may not receive soul guidance right away, but keep asking, keep showing up for yourself, and eventually you will get answers.

Here’s an example from my own life to help you.

I have a strong drive for authentic expression. And has often happens, AT FIRST we struggle most with what we’re meant to do.

If you’re meant to express yourself, public speaking might be harder for you than others.


So that you’ll have a greater understanding of the journey.

In my case, I had a deep desire to express myself.

I was drawn to books, authors, people, and places that respected my unique soul and individual authentic expression.

The way to know which way to go is to have a loving relationship with yourselfand trust where that takes you.

As I listened to the still, quiet voice within my soul, this became clear to me.

You are a co-creator of your life.

And your authentic self MUST be expressed in this life…. so you’ll often need to face your challenges, your fear.

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3. Is there more to me?

There is more to you than your body, personality, mind and interests.

YES! Of course!

There’s the part you can’t see but it’s with you 24/7… your soul.

Since the soul holds the outline of what’s possible for you... it’s very important.

However, figuring out what the outline is… can take awhile.

That’s OK! That’s part of the spiritual quest!

Bottom line: You are here to share your talents and gifts with the world.

So ask… What can I give here… what does it look like? 

What you need to learn and grow is already within you. As you deepen your relationship with yourself and a higher power, the answers unfold.

Also, part of the spiritual journey is self discovery. And self-knowledge is part of a soulful life.

We are a work in progress

The ego gets in the way of our spiritual nature because the ego is disconnected from God/Source/universe.

The ego is the part of you that needs to be superior, compares yourself, wants to be right… and most of us are attached to our ego’s to varying degrees.

As we grow along the spiritual path, we identify ourselves as spiritual beings… and therefore, less and less from the ego’s very limited point of view.

The spiritual teacher on this subject is Eckhart Tolle and I highly recommend reading, A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose.

The spiritual path is about being OK with being a work in progress!

Keep your energy strong with good vibes while being true to your emotions.

Think… I am a work in progress:)

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Where do you fit into the cosmos?

You play specific roles in this life that have a ripple effect on everyone and everything around you.

It’s important that you live with this awareness.

However, there will be times you feel stuck.

It’s like you’re stuck in traffic when your child is at school waiting for you, or your dog is at home and needs to be let out. 

It makes you crazy. 

You’re ready to drive on the shoulder, go down the center median, and you’re already preparing your story for the police officer who stops you. 

Spiritual practices

There are many spiritual practices, depending on your beliefs. Here are some spiritual practices to try.

Spiritual self care

Self care that’s focused on caring for your sense of spirit, your spiritual nature, and your soul are forms of spiritual self-care.

This kind of self-care is vital because we need to connect regularly with the soul. I use the acronym ABC: Always Be Connected.

Ground yourself spiritually

One way to ground yourself spiritually is a weekly practice I love.

Walk barefooted on moist grass at a park or in your yard. With each step affirm: I am implanting the earth with my clear intention.

And with each step think of what you are creating! Loving relationships, success in your job, a new book, freedom from worry, etc.

Remember, intention is everything!

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Connect with oneness

If you feel lost or confused at any time, connect with the layer where you feel at one with the universe and directly connected to a higher power.

Oneness and unity consciousness are terms to describe that sense of feeling close to the ultimate power of the universe. This is a wide-open subject, but for me, it’s setting my intention to be one with God. It’s not more complicated than that.

Recite in meditation: Please help me connect with oneness. Make your intention known and clear.


There are many forms of meditation: TM, mantra meditation, and focused breath meditation are just a few.

The objective in each is to calm the mind.

When the mind is calm, many wonderful things can happen, including developing inner peace, the ability to live in the moment, connection to God/Source/Universe, receiving guidance, and much more.

As the mind quiets, meditation helps you connect with your true self, which is spiritual.

According to Eckhart Tolle in A New Earth, the ego is the part of us that’s thinking all of the time, comparing, feeling superior, and a long list of other not so appealing qualities.

As we quiet the mind, we’re pushing the ego aside so that we can feel closer to our true nature.

Prayers and mantras

Prayers are mantras are a great way to occupy the mind with hope, light, goodness, optimism, and peace.

Use prayers and mantras all day long to quiet the mind and bring in spiritual support.

Spend time in nature or the natural world

Spend time in nature! There are many advantages of nature: greater well-being, connection to yourself, connection to something bigger, etc.

I go into that in more detail in my blog post: Advantages of Nature: How to Create Well being.

Spiritual teachings

I offer roughly ten spiritual teachers and websites I recommend on my spiritual blog to help you on your spiritual journey.

And you’ll have your own as well.

We all resonate with different authors, leaders, and teachers.

In particular, if you’re interested in the soulful material, I highly suggest reading Thomas Moore’s Care of the Soul: A Guide for Cultivating Depth and Sacredness in Everyday Life.

In addition, Rebecca Rosen, a well-known spiritual medium has a lot of very enlightening information about the physical and non-physical worlds.

Self-forgiveness and self-love

Self-love is part of the spiritual journey… absolutely, 100%.

Part of self-love is forgiving ourselves for not being perfect, for not being ready to let go, to move on, to forgive, whatever it is.

For a number of reasons, you’re not ready to make a change internally or externally. 

Often, when you’re not ready, it’s an internal job. Meaning, you have emotional work to do or personal work.

No one can make you be ready to face yourself.

Somedays you see yourself clearly, see others more clearly, face fear, face the music, confront your insecurity, or learn to love yourself. Internal changes are good for the soul.

Believe in yourself, that feeds the soul.

External changes when life isn’t working

Sometimes, when your life isn’t working as is, external changes need to be made.

For example: You have to leave a relationship. Or, a job or career. Then again, you have to move to a new place.

Or you need to make changes to any of the above so that you are continuing to grow. To help you stay true to yourself, go to: How To Stay True To Yourself: Don’t Dumb yourself Down

Those feelings that stay with you and those ideas that won’t go away that you know on a gut or soul level are for your highest good and greatest healing… those are things your soul wants to express, explore, and understand. 

Final thoughts

The spiritual journey is different for each of us, depending on the life you’re meant to live.

Depending on where you are in your soul’s evolution.

Whether you’re feeling lost, confused, or just curious, the spiritual journey is for uncovering answers about your spiritual side and where you fit into the cosmos.

Finding great joy comes from finding yourself spiritually. There’s great joy in knowing your role in the universe.

It’s not as though it solves all of your problems, and it’s not meant to! But, it makes it more fun.

However, when problems are viewed from a spiritual perspective, you at least have a higher vantage point to see from.

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