How To Have Good Vibes When Visiting Someone Who’s Healing

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Visiting someone in the hospital or sick at home can be a delicate endeavor.

How do you maintain good vibes without seeming insincere or dismissive of their struggles?

As someone who’s navigated these waters, I understand the required difficult balance.

You’re likely seeking ways to uplift not just the person you’re visiting, but also to preserve your own positive energy.

You’ll discover how to be a source of positivity, without ignoring the validity of their feelings, so that your visit is a source of comfort and genuine good vibes for both of you.

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Bring positive vibes into the space

How do you spread good vibes when you’re visiting someone who is dealing with a health challenge?

Because it’s not just what you say, it’s the energy you bring into the room they pick up on.

And there is science behind positive vibes.

It takes a certain level of self-awareness to check yourself before entering a space.

Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor, a Harvard-trained neuroanatomist whose research specialized in understanding how our brain creates our perception of reality, knows something about the energy you bring.

Stroke of Insight

In My Stroke of Insight, Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor writes about her experience as a doctor who had a stroke and was in the hospital.

She talked about it on the Oprah Winfrey Show Finale.

She said she could feel the energy people brought into the room.

She could feel their energy…

“She couldn’t speak or remember her own mother, but when doctors and nurses walked into her room, she knew from the right brain who was on her side. She could feel their energy.” writes, “Dr. Taylor sent me a sign that I have hanging in my makeup room. It says, ‘Please take responsibility for the energy you bring into this space.‘”

Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor adds: “Don’t accept timetables for recovery, have hope in the brain’s plasticity and ability to be repaired, and appreciate the value of sleep in the healing process.”

Have good vibes while visiting

Your energy follows you wherever you go.

Picture Pigpen, the sweet character from Charlie Brown. A dirt cloud follows him around, everywhere he goes.

That’s how your energy works. It’s following you wherever you go…. positive or negative.  

have good vibes, pig pen

Here are 3 things to do to have good vibes before visiting someone who is dealing with a health issue.

Good vibes #1 – Set your intention

A great starting point for creating good vibes is to 1. Set your intention on having positive energy, 2. Choose positive words, and 3. Listen to them.

The trifecta of good vibes!

Your clear intention is to bring healing energy, good vibes, and calm to the person.

Affirmations to set your intention

I’m bringing healing energy into this situation.

I’m wishing for the best outcome.

I can push past my fear at this moment.

My body language is relaxed and at ease.

Please help me move past fear at this moment.

I release ALL lack of confidence I’m carrying about your ability to heal and be strong. (or my, if it’s you)

I am here for them.

I feel empathy for what they’re going through without projecting fear and anxiety.

Listen to them

If they have something to say or express, or they need to unburden themselves, genuinely listen.

You don’t have to fix the situation, and listening will go a long way.

A great approach when someone who doesn’t feel well is talking openly about how they feel is to empathize without trying to fix.

(Unless something needs fixing and it’s within your area of control, like I need a new pillow…)

For example you can say.. That must be so frustrating.

I can’t imagine how annoying that would be.

I’m here for you.

What can I get for you? What can I do to help?

It’s also helpful if the conversation is lagging to tell light humorous, anecdotal stories to lighten the mood.

Something that’s not stressful.

Good vibes #2 – Allow your fear and think high vibe

In a stressful or even life-threatening situation, even though you’re unavoidably afraid, it is possible to dial down your fear, if only temporarily.

First, ask yourself what you’re afraid of, nervous about, or dreading. Allow it. Then, gently and slowly breathe.

Next, choose high-vibe thoughts.

High-vibe thinking™ allows all emotion and empowers you.

Choose positive thoughts that support you and the situation. Because although you’re stressed or afraid, your thoughts will shift your energy.

Honor how you feel, then help to heal

It’s important, both emotionally and physically, to feel negative emotions.

Then, choose thoughts that are supportive, healing, and helpful.

Because toxic positivity is not what we want here.

Obviously, when someone you love is ill, or you’re struggling in some area, you’re going to feel worried and afraid.

So, feel what is real for you and them.

Honor it first.

Then, be responsible for the energy you bring into the room by shifting your thoughts.

Your clear intention is this: Do all that we can to bring into the room optimism, love, peace, surrender, trust, healing and life.

Trust, at least your intentions are pure.

And even if the result is devastating, as it was in our case, bring that energy into the space the best you can.

Create the space within yourself for the person to express whatever is true for them.

Say silently to yourself…

I am listening.

I am holding the space for them.

I have the space within me to hold another’s pain without taking it on.

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Good vibes #3 – Check your fear at the door

When my husband was in the hospital we needed each visitor who entered the room to check their fearful, anxious, and worried energy at the door of the hospital room and be positive.

Check your negative energy at the door.

Leave it like a coat on a rack.

Fear is low vibration, meaning it carries negative vibes, which have no place in a healing space.

Negative thoughts affect the body

Years after my husband passed away, I wrote a book called The Thought Store. It’s about a retail store in the future that sells thoughts in physical form.

The store manager is a negative guy.

He doesn’t care about positive vibes.

Plus, people in the story die from negative thinking… it’s obviously a futuristic idea, but it illustrates that: Negative thinking affects the body.

Intuitively, I’ve always known this.

Long before I wrote the book I knew that thoughts create energy and people’s negative thinking is a serious problem.

So, when my husband sadly got cancer and was in the hospital, I did everything I could to bring good vibes into his space.

In particular, I created something called Think.Art to ask all who entered the room to think high vibration and bring in only good vibes.

This included me, nurses and staff (who were saints and the most positive of all), and all visitors.

Toxic positivity is not the right energy

I pinned up posters with pictures and the word: THINK… with positive healing thoughts afterward.

And I’m not talking about fake positivity, toxic positivity, and fake, fake, fake.

My intention was this: Do all that you can to bring into the room optimism, love, peace, surrender, trust, and healing.

That’s it. These qualities and emotions are all very high vibration.

And even if the result is going to be devastating, as it was in our case, you bring that energy into the space.

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A positive attitude helps them and you

Since patients and worried friends or family can feel your worried energy, a positive attitude will go a long way.

They can feel your energy!

So keeping a positive attitude, that you do your best to believe, will serve the situation.

A positive attitude that comes from optimism and caring will create good vibes, so give it all you got.

While negative emotions and negative thoughts will come easily and naturally when you’re concerned, do your best to follow the instructions in this post for creating good vibes.

Negative thoughts have a ripple effect

Each negative thought you have can have a ripple effect in the room.

Thoughts create energy and negative thinking creates bad vibes.

Tragically, when my husband got cancer and was in the hospital, we needed good vibes in his room.

I created positive energy posters for his hospital room to empower us in a situation where we felt powerless. I used tacks to place them all over the walls.

I called it Think.Art™, to ask all who entered the room to think high vibration and bring in only healing energy.

We asked all who entered the room to bring in positive thoughts.

Creating positive energy

Since the universe is based on the laws of energy, when we enter a room where healing, education, or communication is happening, we want to bring good vibes or positive vibes.

Same thing.

You don’t want to be the one that sucks the energy from the room right?

Hey, I’ve been that person, and it’s a horrible feeling.

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Good vibes are life-affirming

A high-vibe life is one that’s high frequency.

Dr. David R. Hawkins, MD, Ph.D., author of Power Versus Force, Hidden Determinants of Human Behavior, says…

“After all, living things react positively to what is life-supportive and negatively to what is not.”

Dr. David Hawkins says that loving thoughts have more energy than negative ones.

“Even a few loving thoughts during the course of the day more than counterbalance all of our negative thoughts.”

Finally, your point of view is created by your unique level of consciousness. And consciousness is energy! Dr. Hawkins says…

“In fact, this is a holographic universe. Each point of view reflects a position that’s defined by the viewer’s unique level of consciousness.”

What about negative emotions?

As a soul coach, who is passionate about the needs of the soul, and at the top of that list is authenticity, should you ignore your paralyzing fear and bring in good vibes?

You don’t want to ignore any emotion, including fear! However, using the techniques in this article will generally produce better results in the situation. Or, at least it’s better than negative energy when trying to heal, educate, and communicate.

To help you create positive emotions go here

Positive emotions are calm and open, and you’re in the present moment. You’re not worrying about the worst scenario, which is a very negative vibe.

Final thoughts

When visiting someone worried about their health, a family member, or a friend, it’s important to be aware of your energy.

When we recognize that we’re bringing negative thoughts and energy into a situation, we can choose otherwise.

Good vibes lift your energy and make you feel good, which will helps radiate positivity to those who need it.

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