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How to Know You Feel Vibes: 9 Things To Notice

These days, a lot of people are talking about how they feel vibes.

On a recent episode of Bachelor in Paradise, the cast members talked about feeling vibes so often that the producer did a vibe count.

Yea, that’s right!

But, what are they actually feeling?

They’re feeling energy vibrations.

Both good and bad, positive and negative.

Feel Vibes Meaning

Feel vibes is a slang term that describes feeling energy vibrations in the body.

Here are nine things to know about feeling vibes…

1. Are they good or bad vibes?

Good and bad vibes are energy vibrations felt in the body. The good ones elevate your energy, while the bad ones lower your energy.

The concept that the universe is energy is no longer out there

It’s in here!

Your thoughts, emotions, body, the chair you’re sitting on, the computer you’re typing into… all have an energy frequency.

It’s hard to imagine since these things are either solid matter or you can’t picture them at all. But, the field of quantum theory tells us that we live in an energy based universe.

You can check out Power vs. Force: Hidden Determinants of Human Behavior by David Hawkins, MD., Ph.D. if you’re interested in going deeper on this subject.

Btw, sending positive thoughts and positive vibes to someone you love is a simple as thinking about them.

2. Harvard says most energy is unobservable

However, Harvard University’s Center for Astrophysics says, “Matter and energy are the two basic components of the entire Universe. An enormous challenge for scientists is that most of the matter in the Universe is invisible and the source of most of the energy is not understood. How can we study the Universe if we can’t see most of it?”

So, Harvard says that most energy is not understood?!?

I suppose we’re in mind expanding territory when it comes to the idea that the universe is energy, since it’s very hard to measure.

Regardless, we humans feel vibes and we don’t need Harvard to tell us if that’s real.

3. What are bad vibes?

In my book, The Thought Store, I coined the term low-vibes, to describe thoughts with a low vibration.

Both emotions and thoughts can be low vibration.

Low-vibes make you tired, sad, angry, and depressed – all kinds of human emotions that feel uncomfortable.

Bad vibes refers to feeling a drop in your energy.

Bad vibes leave an emotional residue… like slime on the floor.

Beware of when bad vibes have entered your physical space.

Picture Pig Pen from Charlie Brown, walking around with a dust cloud around him.

That’s what energy might look like swarming around your body…

Ironically, Pig Pen is a happy camper and doesn’t mind the dust, so maybe he’s in a happy state in happy dust!

If you feel vibes all day long, which you do, and you’re carrying them from place to place, which you are, you’ll want to be in an environment that supports you.

To lift those vibes UP!

Choose who and where to put your energy!

This is important…

You have every right to decide who you’ll be with (unless it’s in your job or you’re a kid and they live in your house!).

And you get to choose where you will go (again, unless it’s in your job/career or you’re a kid…)

So, in your personal life, avoid low vibration people and situations.

Low vibration people and situations are negative and will zap your life force! It’s not worth it!

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4. Good vibes feel good

I talk extensively about good vibes in my on article: Good Vibes Meaning and How To Put Positive Vibes into Daily Life: 3 Ways

Good vibrations make you feel warm, comforted, safe, lighter, and happier.

They create a sense of well being.

That’s why we like them so much!

And here is How to Raise Your Vibration, that will give you more information about how to positively affect your personal energy.

And here’s how to have good vibes when you’re visiting someone either in the hospital or at home who doesn’t feel good!

5. Watch out for fearful facial expressions

Facial expressions often reveal low-vibes lurking within!

Facial cues give you away. When you look repulsed… people can see it!

When I feel repulsed I can feel my face giving me away. Maybe that’s a good thing so that the other person stops talking!

Or, maybe I’m repulsed too easily…

That’s possible.

Happiness, actually most of our feelings, and our ability to sense people’s energy are all shown in our facial expressions, whether we’re consciously aware of it or not.

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6. Disgusted facial expressions

This also applies to disgusted facial expressions.

Disgust is one of those feelings that arises so quickly, we don’t realize it.

If I’m in a restaurant and someone orders pork or veal, my disgust is so immediate that I cannot hide it.

And actually, I don’t want to.

Pigs are intelligent animals and veal is disgusting in how it’s born and thrown into a crate for it’s short life so it won’t build any muscle.

That’s disgusting… and a different topic altogether.

If you don’t want bad vibes, don’t eat animals who’ve suffered their entire lives. The negative energy enters your body when you ingest them🙁

7. Is it possible to feel vibes?

Absolutely. 100%.

Try this. Walk into a hospital and ask yourself how you feel.

You might feel afraid, anxious, nervous, uptight, or like you want to leave?

Or, maybe you feel comforted and safe?

You’re feeling vibrations like these because of your association with hospitals.

Or, be around someone who is very negative.

What do you feel?

Depending on how negative you are, you might feel uncomfortable, depressed, worried, etc… or you feel camaraderie because misery loves company!

Your nervous system is picking up on all kinds of energies that you may not realize.

how to raise your vibration

8. What is it called when you can feel vibes?

You can call it feeling vibes or feeling energy. They’re the same thing.

To refer to feeling vibes, most people say or think…

I feel her energy.

His energy makes me uncomfortable.

Their energy is negative.

I feel their energy.

I’m feeling the vibes here.

There are great vibes here.

9. Is it feeling vibes or getting vibes?

Both. Since emotions have vibes, you will feel them.

Getting them refers to the very real and natural way that you feel the emotional residue of another person or a place.

You are getting energy vibrations when you walk into any room or place. It’s the nature of the universe.

To help you attract positive energy, here is Are you Vibing with the Universe? Attract Positive Energy Now!.

And what is the meaning of vibing? It’s become a common slang term that’s widely use to describe feeling comfortable and enjoying yourself with a person or in a place.

Final thoughts

It’s such great news for our world that people are tuning into their emotions, vibrations, their thinking, and what they say and do.

This leads to greater self-awareness and will hopefully motivate all of us to choose what vibes we are around with greater skill.

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