Stay True To Yourself Now With These 6 Strategies

stay true to yourself

Staying true to yourself is not just a phrase; it’s a courageous act of self-respect and authenticity.

It’s about not diluting yourself for the sake of others!

External pressures, societal expectations, and personal fears can lead you to diminish your true self, and that’s no OK.

My approach combines deep understanding, practical wisdom, and proven strategies to guide you in staying true to your inner voice.

You desire to live authentically, express yourself fully, and not lose your essence in the chaos of everyday life.

These strategies are more than just advice; they are pathways to deeper self-awareness and authenticity.

6 Strategies to Stay True To Yourself

  • A regular spiritual routine
  • Be real with yourself
  • Show up for your authentic self
  • Be soulful
  • Build self-esteem and happiness
  • Continue loving yourself

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how to stay true to yourself, own self,

It’s the things we do each day, the rituals and routines that help us anchor new ways of being.

Here are 6 things to help you stay your true self each day.

1. Regular spiritual routine

A regular spiritual routine anchors you in the deeper aspects of life, like who are you!!

What are your beliefs? Do you believe that you have one life or that you continue to return to a physical body for many lives?

What religious or spiritual beliefs do you have? What parts of those challenge you?

How do you practice your spiritual beliefs to have a meaningful life?

Our sense of spirit is important since life is wrought with pain and challenges.

Your own happiness comes from being deeply connected to yourself, your soul, and something bigger than you, so you don’t feel alone in life.

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2. Being real with yourself

Self-reflect and when you do… Be real with yourself.

Self reflection is positive for a happy life. My only warning here is that too much self reflection can have the opposite effect.

Overthinking can be a real problem, whether you’re overthinking a relationship, or in general.

Instead, make time for problem solving and setting goals. Be sure that in situations where you’re upset or lack of confidence that you reflect on what’s going on.

Self-discovery is an essential part of life and it’s good to make it an ongoing part of your life.

3. Show up for your true self

Sometimes an identity crisis can be the catalyst for you going deeper and uncovering your true self.

The main bullet points are, 1. Let your soul or inner voice be your guide, 2. Do your life your way, 3. Don’t ignore your true self, 4. Practice self-compassion always, and 5. It’s OK to have an identity crisis.

As you have a closer relationship with yourself, you’ll feel more confident.

4. Be a soulful person

Being soulful is about living with depth, truth, and purpose… with the needs of the soul at the center of life.

It’s easier to stay true when you’re a soulful person, because your commitment to soulfulness is important to you.

The soul is a topic that’s a passion of mine and you can read more about the meaning of the soul if it interests you.

stay true
This gorgeous flower comes from a friend’s garden! An example of staying true!
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5. Build self confidence and happiness

As you build self confidence, you’ll remain true to yourself.

And often, people with higher self respect and self esteem tend to be happier.

So, support yourself with high vibration affirmations, journaling, and surrounding yourself with good people.

Unless you’re some kind of personal power guru who constantly tells yourself really positive things about you, your beliefs about yourself will be challenged.

To live your life where you act from your values, it’s important to keep reminding yourself what matters to you.

6. Continue on the self love path

Being able to love yourself is an essential part of your own happiness, a fulfilling life, and reaching your destiny.

This includes self respect, self compassion, and practicing forgiveness of yourself. In my work as a life coach, I’ve found that self love is challenging for a lot of us.

It’s a journey, and can be a challenge, so here are self love exercises to help you.

Also, here are over 200 affirmations that will you love yourself each day.

And to help you avoid all self-rejection, including rejection of your body.

Here are affirmations for being body positive.

Affirmations help you reprogram the brain from self-rejection and criticism to a kinder tone.

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Garbage in, garbage out!

To continue being your true self, read, watch and listen to material that reflects your core values, personal growth, and challenges you to live authentically.

So, choose to subject to yourself to high-quality, high-vibration content that supports you in life and contributes to mental health.

Here are examples of content that keeps your vibes high

Self help books

Inspirational books

Positive thinking books

Religious texts that resonate with you

Responsible News Sources

There are dozens of ways to be well informed without watching overly biased news that FEEDS on your fear and is excessively repetitive.

Avoid news that’s irresponsible and is biased in a way that is intolerant of certain ethnic groups.

This is not about putting your head in the sand!

Forbes magazine offers 10 Journalism Brands Where you Find Real Facts.

Listed are: The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, BBC, The Economist, The New Yorker, Wire Services like: Associated Press, Reuters, Bloomberg News, Foreign Affairs, and The Atlantic.

Tell family members how you feel

Be your authentic self with family members because it feels horrible to have the people you’re related to not know who you are!

If you don’t feel safe in sharing yourself honestly with them, then don’t do it.

Part of being your true self is respecting what you need. First and foremost, you’re a person who needs safety. So, take this into consideration.

If you’re a people pleaser, so you hide yourself to please others, offers suggestions on how to stop people pleasing.

Be your true self

Being your true self is the focus of my work as a life coach and entrepreneur for over 25 years.

Your mental health, self respect, and true happiness depend on your ability to be true to yourself.

Your true self is the place of truth and clarity within you. Being our true selves is when our words and actions match up with our core beliefs and deepest truths.

I teach women and men how to find themselves, especially after a loss of any kind and I offer four steps. For a deep dive read How to Find Yourself Again

The four steps are: 1. Commit to yourself, 2. Discover yourself, 3. Tools to love yourself, and 4. Be who you’re meant to be.

In addition I teach an online course called Metamorphosis to help people go from self doubt and fear to being their true self and fulfilling their destiny.

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Final thoughts

True to yourself means that your choices, words, and actions align with your values and beliefs.

Finding your true self is a huge accomplishment in and of itself and is the first step.

However, staying true to yourself as life changes, your feelings are hurt, your truth is challenged, and your friends don’t get it…. that’s when we have to dig in deeper to stay true.

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